The Countdown Has Begun! Legal Pot In California: 320 Days Away

Richard Lee, the proprietor of a cannabis dispensary and Oaksterdam University spent a million dollars to put his tax and regulate legalization program on the ballot in California. It will be voted on November 2, 2010.

At 12:01, November 3, marijuana will be legal in California. Cultivation of a small garden will be legal. When the cop stops you and you have an ounce in your pocket, the most he can say is “looks like good dope,” because you will have every legal right to possess it.

Here on my blog you can see exactly how many days, hours, minutes and seconds there are until marijuana is legal here. It is very exciting.

It is hard to believe, but this campaign really began in 1965, it has taken 45 years to grow a simple weed.

When this campaign started, people didn’t think of it as a civil rights or a human rights issue, and the criminal justice system hadn’t yet decided to use this as the issue for creating the police state. When the movement started, only a third of Americans thought marijuana should be legalized. Pundits and politicians said that legalization wasn’t even to be discussed; the question was how to control marijuana.

Now, it has been very difficult for them, year after year they saw their majority fade, and now they are the minority. They are a big bunch of sore losers too! However, I understand their distress. I have had some varieties of sativas that I found very hard to control. It was exasperating! You want them to stay small, but they just keep growing and growing! Then you look around and you realize that you are surrounded by sativas that are taller than you are. What a feeling of hopelessness!

Then I look around at what is going on in the United States today and I guess those same people must have that feeling of being surrounded. The country’s firmly anti-war, anti-financial speculator, pro-environment and tired of the same old crap! They want government single payer health care, they want their children educated, they want decent housing secure from bank seizure, and the tea-baggers look around and they see America marching on, they see themselves redundant, left behind, no long relevant—and everything seems reversed, because when those pot-smoking anti-war marchers started, they seemed like a little rag tag, insignificant, minority. There is a difference between the two. The tea-baggers are the tail (you could call them the colon baggers being that they are the tail of the march). Those young people who drove the movement 45 years ago have aged but have brought every new generation into the fight. The tea baggers are the residue left behind.

If Obama was in his right mind (which he isn’t because he is suffering from Marijuana Deficiency Syndrome (MDS)) he would be celebrating with us and saying “you know, the federal government should legalize it too!”

For the rest of us, it’s a joyous day today, day 319 to legalization! Tomorrow is day 319, and time marches on, and 45 years of work by dedicated activists is about to come true! Second by second, time and legalization are converging and they will meet on November 3.



  1. jersey grower on

    Don’t listen to the nay sayers. I pray this happens, it would be a beautiful day. NJ just became the 14th medical state 1/11/10. I know this is from the ground breaking work you good folks in Cali have been putting in for so many years. I wish you the best and I hope you guys pray for me. I plan on opening NJ’s first dispensary.

  2. Anonymous on

    Not crazy about the premissions of the law- but legal pot is going to be cool- advertizing will go mainstream- just need to keep the corporatistas out..

  3. Zach from Cali on

    the joke is pot is already legal here, but we just want to make it so you don’t have to have a “card” to go to a “dispensery” aka “coffee shop” …….thats all. Its beautiful and harmless, I want nothing more to unwind after work at a coffeeshop, and enjoy cannabis with my fellow citizens, and have fun! I don’t drink, and I don’t smoke tobacco, which in case I view tobacco as gross and disgusting, but I respect a persons right to use it, just like my friends at work who don’t smoke cannabis respect my right and my LEGAL right to smoke. Anyways, Happy Holidays, and TIME MARCHES ON ON ON………. : )

  4. Anonymous on

    ball sack sucka

  5. Anonymous on

    I believe this will pass in California IF the vote count is legitimate. Big IF. This issue has strong bi-partisan support here. Personally, I think medicinal pot should be tax free (like any other prescription. However, I am willing to pay this proposed tax because I believe once the state gets that money, they will never want to give it up and that will open the door for California’s farmers to grow cannabis (industrial and medicinal) without interference from the state or federal government.

  6. Heig "Hike" on

    You seem to take particular glee in the possibility that this measure MAY fail. You are not a pot smoker-No one who is would hope for someone else’s failure. I’d like to engage you in an adult conversation, however it is unlikely that you could hold a competent conversation. Remember “Reality” (too much of a pussy to use your real name, too-surprise surprise)that we have discerned that you really aren’t one of us!!!!

  7. Heig "Hike" on

    This is a step in the right direction, change takes time and the fact that this is even occuring is a great step forward. Some of the comments are saying how Richard Lee has to get real and see reality…he already does, he invested hard earned cash to get this to the ballot box. That is the ultimate reality! It is not uncommon for California to be the hotbed of change & “and how goes California, is how goes the rest of the country”. Cheech and Chong Rock!!!!

  8. Reality on

    “At 12:01, November 3, marijuana will be legal in California.”

    More pipe dreams from Ed. That’s not generally how a referendum works. It won’t be effective at midnight the following day. This is just stupidity. Ed, you’re smoking the wrong strains…or maybe the wrong harvest.

    This vote will not pass on 11/02/2010. Mark my words, Ed. My voice will be nagging you at 12:01, November 3: “TOLD YOU SO!”

    California is close, but the voters will knock this thing back a few more years. Just remember I told you so.

  9. Walt on

    I agree with the two comments above over the inappropriateness of slandering “tea baggers.” Because the Tea Parties were largely organized by libertarians and Ron Paul conservatives. Folks who share your view on the legalization issue and the war but embrace economic freedom as well.

    Throwing them all under the bus is just not cool.

    Other than that, a countdown is pretty awesome. Can’t wait til the vote comes up!

  10. Anonymous on

    Well, okay, you may be right. In California

    “The sale of medicine is not subject to tax if the medicine is prescribed for the treatment of a human being by a licensed physician, surgeon, podiatrist, or dentist. Furthermore, the prescription must be filled by a registered pharmacist. Medicine is subject to tax, however, if it is sold without a prescription or for animals or other pets.”

    I won’t give the source URL because it’s too long, but trust me. Now you have to make sure you have a prescription and you have to hire registered pharmacists for all dispensaries. Otherwise they’ll tax the hell out of you.

  11. Pax on

    I’m a damn tea bagger,and i am always going to be. theres alot of us out here so you might as well get use to it. for your info, tea baggers smoke pot too,I have been smoking since the 60’s. How long you guys been smoking??
    So don’t you even think for a min that TEA BAGGERS are holding you back !!!!
    i hope it passes, and i’m sure it will! It’s the damn gov you need to be down on, not good people.

  12. Anonymous on

    all medicine is taxed you tard!!! you think pharma companies give that out and governments allow to go out without taking something in. WE live in a capitalist society how can you not expect everyone to make profit. All other medicine is taxed, i dont see why cannabis cant be, and if you dont want to buy taxed weed just grow your own.

  13. Jay Dell on

    I be getting a land leave ,i the woman be sensual in sensi-ville and streets filled with gourmet sweet sensi treats .
    The helm was mastered well and the prevailing winds have persited into a port at just the right time .All crew will be enjoying the fruits of there labours.
    The ships of the prohibitionist are taking on more water than they can bail out,I mate they are sinking.

    Hark ,Hark the Dogs do Bark!

  14. Mark on

    I think it should be looked at like a plant. But when did that ever happen?

    I wouldn’t mind paying a don’t-go-to-jail tax.

  15. Anonymous on

    So do you think all medicine should be taxed or is Cannabis the only one to receive that honor?

  16. FelixD on

    Oh, shut up. The fact of the matter is that the federal govt. has no say pertaining to voter referendum issues like this, which alter state law, not federal.

    The last time I looked, taxing gasoline didn’t seem to encourage much of a black market. You don’t only tax things to discourage use. You also tax things which are high-volume commodities such as gasoline, and automobiles.

    Gradualism is the only way any change can be effected within the confines of this system. You can’t have a revolution and get overnight change that way.

    With this government, all that will get you is killed or in jail.

    Keep up the good work, Ed.

  17. Anonymous on

    Uh, don’t you think you might be just a little overoptimistic about this, Ed? I haven’t seen any public announcements that whatever a Cannabis dispensary owner puts on a ballot automatically gets passed into law. It’s a big jump from medical exemptions to flat out legalization. Too big a jump for any one state to be allowed by the feds to make. When Cannabis gets taken out of the CSA THEN it will be legal. Until then, you’re just kidding yourself.

    I actually don’t like the “tax and regulate” idea. Taxing something only encourages a black market. Only give Cannabis user licenses to adults, yes, but don’t tax it and thereby keep it underground. You only tax things you don’t want people to use, like alcohol and tobacco. You don’t tax medicine. You’d like that, wouldn’t you Ed? You’d like medical patients to have to pay an extra fee for their medicine to the government wouldn’t you? Why are you so evil, Ed? Are you working for the government now?

  18. Anonymous on

    My guess is that IF Cali legalizes, the police in neighboring states will have a field day arresting out of staters carrying cannabis.

  19. Anonymous on

    So if Cali legalizes it then does that mean anyone will be able to walk into the dispensiaries and buy a bag? I’ll be planning a road trip to Cali in November if thats the case LOL

  20. Anonymous on

    The beautiful thing about the legalization movement is that liberals and true conservatives can agree on it.Not the talking heads on TV or radio, and certainly not everyone in either group, but enough to make it happen. It’s a start.

  21. Anonymous on

    I hope that Cali legalizes and is the first in a 50 state domino effect!

  22. Anonymous on

    I’m afraid I have to take some offense from what was said. Using the phrase “tea-baggers” very much offends me. I am very much for the legalisation of marijuana, but to use the issue to insut the tea party goers is very low. You are wrong to insist that Americans want a single payer health care system as most polls on the issue show that most Americans, neary 58%, oppose such a change. I’m sure that that number may in fact be smaller in the state of California or wherever you’re writing from, but I can assure you that in the middle of the country most of us want nothing to do with the government trying to dictate our health care choices for us. I can also assure you that you are correct when it comes to marijuana however. Marijuana should be legalized as a means to help out our economy and simply because hurting people and putting them in jail for using a plant is wrong. The two issues, however, are unreleated and should not really be brought up in the same debate. Mr. Rosenthall, I am a “tea-bagger” as you put it and I support marijuana legalisation.

  23. Anonymous on

    Well, I really do hope that MJ is legal in 320 days. There currently is enough of popular support to make it happen, but we will see in 320 days if that actually translates into votes. We all know stranger things have happened.

  24. Anonymous on

    I hope that for some of you this will be a lifelong fight to help the rest of the world after it becomes legal in the USA and Canada. We need to stop executions in asian countries and help our brothers and sisters here.

    And some European countries will be lagging behind. I for one wish you would come to frontier countries such as Norway (my country) that is sandwiched between liberal Denmark and totalitarian Sweden. We could really use some help from some American activists (we’re doing a lot, but if Marc Emery was to visit that would create lots of positive attention)!

    I am *very* excited to see what happens in the next 5-6 years.