The Countdown Has Begun! Legal Pot In California: 320 Days Away

Richard Lee, the proprietor of a cannabis dispensary and Oaksterdam University spent a million dollars to put his tax and regulate legalization program on the ballot in California. It will be voted on November 2, 2010.

At 12:01, November 3, marijuana will be legal in California. Cultivation of a small garden will be legal. When the cop stops you and you have an ounce in your pocket, the most he can say is “looks like good dope,” because you will have every legal right to possess it.

Here on my blog you can see exactly how many days, hours, minutes and seconds there are until marijuana is legal here. It is very exciting.

It is hard to believe, but this campaign really began in 1965, it has taken 45 years to grow a simple weed.

When this campaign started, people didn’t think of it as a civil rights or a human rights issue, and the criminal justice system hadn’t yet decided to use this as the issue for creating the police state. When the movement started, only a third of Americans thought marijuana should be legalized. Pundits and politicians said that legalization wasn’t even to be discussed; the question was how to control marijuana.

Now, it has been very difficult for them, year after year they saw their majority fade, and now they are the minority. They are a big bunch of sore losers too! However, I understand their distress. I have had some varieties of sativas that I found very hard to control. It was exasperating! You want them to stay small, but they just keep growing and growing! Then you look around and you realize that you are surrounded by sativas that are taller than you are. What a feeling of hopelessness!

Then I look around at what is going on in the United States today and I guess those same people must have that feeling of being surrounded. The country’s firmly anti-war, anti-financial speculator, pro-environment and tired of the same old crap! They want government single payer health care, they want their children educated, they want decent housing secure from bank seizure, and the tea-baggers look around and they see America marching on, they see themselves redundant, left behind, no long relevant—and everything seems reversed, because when those pot-smoking anti-war marchers started, they seemed like a little rag tag, insignificant, minority. There is a difference between the two. The tea-baggers are the tail (you could call them the colon baggers being that they are the tail of the march). Those young people who drove the movement 45 years ago have aged but have brought every new generation into the fight. The tea baggers are the residue left behind.

If Obama was in his right mind (which he isn’t because he is suffering from Marijuana Deficiency Syndrome (MDS)) he would be celebrating with us and saying “you know, the federal government should legalize it too!”

For the rest of us, it’s a joyous day today, day 319 to legalization! Tomorrow is day 319, and time marches on, and 45 years of work by dedicated activists is about to come true! Second by second, time and legalization are converging and they will meet on November 3.