Ask Ed: Grow Tip – The PotNog Experiment

It is the time of year again when people like to drink eggnog. Now, I always wondered, since the Christmas colors are red and green, why a thick fluid with a sort of pastel yellow hue was chosen as the beverage. I just don’t think it’s right. It should be green!

I have a method that will certainly brighten your holiday spirits, make you jolly, and color your drink to match your holiday cheer!– well, I thought I did.

I began my experiments on making egg nog green using some leaf and trim that I had lying around.

First I ground it up in a coffee grinder until it was a very fine consistency.

I added a teaspoon of this to a cup of egg nog in a blender and let it rev.

To my disappointment, the egg nog barely changed color. Fail.

Next, we took a teaspoon of the ground pot and heated it in a microwave with butter to make pot butter.

We added this to the egg nog thinking that this would make it turn more green.

To our disappointment, it was subjectively either no greener or slightly greener, or just slightly greener than the original.

By this time, I had had four cups of the PotNog. And even though it might be off white or yellow– not green –it certainly makes the holidays jollier! It is because of all of the cream in the eggnog, it is very effective and comes on very quickly.



  1. Doc Johnson on

    I make a tincture out of my trimmings with white rum. Add a shot to your fave nog recipe. Also excellent in mojitos

  2. Dan-o on

    Yes it’ll be nice when cannabis is legal. No it wouldn’t be nice to see Ed “fade into the background” which is unlikely in any event. His columns have been a favorite of mine since his time at “High Times” magazine in the 80’s. I don’t believe that will happen because when cannabis is legal, EVEN MORE PEOPLE will need grow advice which is what he does best…

  3. Anonymous on

    Duh. Won’t it be nice when cannabis is legal? People like Ed are going to fade into the background under the flood of brilliant suggestions like this food coloring one. The reign of 1960s California pot heads, hippies, and Deadheads will be over.

  4. Anonymous on

    no…I use 91% all the time and have had to make do with 70% also a time or two…it just takes longer to evap completely.

  5. Anonymous on

    b.t.w. 99% isoproponol is the only thing that works properly.

  6. Anonymous on

    just leave it out in the open until all alcohol evapourates, it’s no good for anything.. it’s whats left behind that rocks your world.

  7. Anonymous on

    The method I use: No. The method described in “Cannabis Alchemy ” by D. Gold :Yes

  8. Anonymous on

    Can you drain off the alcohol, save it for other purposes?

  9. Dan-o on

    ***WARNING*** alcohol vapors in the air are extremely flammable. Keep in mind that 100% alcohol should be used, it will evaporate completely leaving nothing but the goodies behind. Read the CC forums or CC issue# 62(i think it was 62…) regarding this process completely before attempting if you’ve never done it before. It details the safety measures you should take. I really should have thought that thru before posting.

    Another method mentioned was green food coloring…a great idea! Much safer and cheaper too!

  10. Anonymous on

    Some use iso but it is more toxic than ethanol (everclear) so unless you plan to sublimate all of the iso out use everclear. Do not use methanol or denatured alcohol which is super toxic and can lead to blindness / death.

  11. Dougie on

    add a few drops of green food colouring and your potnog will be green!

  12. Anonymous on

    alcohol like isopropyl or everclear?

  13. dan-o on

    I have used the alcohol extraction method for some time now, and the oil from that turns EVERYTHING green.Some day I’ll explain the pea green mashed POTatoes!
    Just soak your leaf in 100% alcohol(anywhere from 6-24 hours depending on how green you want), strain and let the alcohol evaporate. You’ll be left with green hash oil that can be used for cooking or in this case dying.Gauging potentcy can be tricky. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays or w/e you prefer.