No Negotiations With Terrorists

We have been indoctrinated into the philosophy of “Don’t negotiate with terrorists.” I see some value in that approach. But let’s not just apply it to physical terrorists who threaten physical violence, but to political terrorists as well.

Throughout my life I have been involved in civic affairs and have met with and worked with various politicians at various levels of government. It is a very difficult and often disappointing engagement. Just after you have taken three tiny steps forward, you get pushed back two giant steps.

In Los Angeles and all over California there is a pushback, a repression going on. Arrests are up all over the state; dispensaries are under assault by local governments. All of this is coordinated and has been spearheaded by the DEA and/or the California authorities or non-governmental organizations such as the CA. Narcotics Officers Association.

The Berkeley Patients Group (BPG) figured this out years ago when they couldn’t get a permit to relocate. You would think that the Berkeley, California City Council would have been cooperative—and they were in theory—but when it came down to the details, they just wouldn’t and couldn’t agree. According to my calculations, the only place that they would have been able to relocate to is in the middle of Berkeley’s estuary park—that is in the middle of the water.

Debby Goldsberry (A Yippie) and her associates knew the voters supported them, it was just the cops, DA’s, and judges that were pulling the strings of the puppets on the Berkeley City Council.

After trying to negotiate with these terrorists, the folks at BPG knew it was useless. Instead they wrote an initiative. They got on the ballot easily and won. (Their victory was a saga that you can read about elsewhere-the result of which was that Diebold Voting Machines were proved to be faulty and that they could be and were manipulated.)

BPG now has the zoning it wants and a legally binding, self-regulating commission bylaw.

I suggest that all initiatives include the following:

-All medical marijuana, facilities, gardens, homes, and gardeners are to be under the jurisdiction of the Health Department. NOT THE COPS! Cops should have no authority to arrest or even enter a medical garden or facility for the purpose of “enforcing laws”.

-Dispensaries be under the same laws and zoning as other like businesses. Dispensaries should be equated with pharmacies, not bars or liquor stores.

-In addition I suggest a parallel zoning initiative says that prohibits bars or alcohol sales within 1000 feet of any school, college, or park.

A special note to the D.C. folk: According to LEAP, Congress is about to pass a bill which in part will make medical marijuana legal in the capitol. This is a really important measure because it would allow Obama to get a medical card, and he could take care of his medical condition: Marijuana Deficiency Syndrome (MDS).



  1. Dave on

    Hey, it’s nice to see you can operate logically within the parameters set for you. If we could only, grasp the fundamentals as easily as you do; I’m sure we’d be less tormented!

  2. Anonymous on

    It is easy to seperate them… TERRORISM–noun 1. the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, esp. for political purposes.
    2. the state of fear and submission produced by terrorism or terrorization.
    3. a terroristic method of governing or of resisting a government.

    There is the definition. You can argue with the dictionary people if you’d like.People who bomb abortion clinics, people who ram planes into buildings of innocent people to force a govt. out of their country are examples. They kill or maim in the name of political change. Mr. Rosenthal was speaking of the Berkeley, California City Council. If you can show me their demonstrated use of violence to affect political change in any way I will rethink my above answer and conceed that you are indeed correct.

  3. Dave on

    No Adam, I’m not mocking you? Was making a comment about those (Anonymous) who can separate-out official bullies (terrorist) from unofficial ones. I think they make this distinction to frame their bullies (terrorist) as misbehaving rather than bad like the unofficial ones?

    If you feel terror then you’ve been terrorized by terrorists! That’s my “frame”? On the other hand, Adam, I don’t lay truths, I let them hatch! Are you smiling yet;-)

  4. Adam on

    Sorry Dave but am I being mocked….
    I have an open mind, lay some truth on me.

  5. Anonymous on

    I know, I know, that’s not what terrorists really are. But in the former president’s words he describes the police force more than anyone else.

    Can you think of anyone who hates your freedoms more than the police? I yield.

  6. Dave on

    Wow! It must be a gift to be able to separate things out like that. Cut and dried outlook, we don’t see much of that now-a-days!

  7. Anonymous on

    I call them public officials needing removed from their posts.

  8. Anonymous on

    Yeah, now THERE’S a good source of information…

  9. Adam on

    Terrorists. In George W. Bush’s own words, they are people who hate you for your freedoms.

  10. Dave on

    So then what would you call these bullies who will hunt you down, purposely fuck up your life, steal your home and destroy your family?

  11. Anonymous on

    side note… I agree entirely with each of your proposed initiatives. The term terrorist probably does not apply here though.

  12. Anonymous on

    I believe the term terrorist is used to describe those who engage in violence against a general population in order to affect political change. Probably not the text book definition but close enough. The DEA certainly uses force against the general population but do they do it for political change? Ask Marc Emery or Thomas B Kin Chong.