Cops Are Prohibition Pushers

The Vancouver Police department is working overtime – not fighting crime, unfortunately – but doing their best to make sure Bill C-15 becomes Canadian law.

Mandatory minimum sentences for marijuana “crimes” means BIG money for the police/prison-industrial complex and these guys are really working hard for their next paycheques:

Vancouver police fear watering down of pot growing law
By Gerry Bellett, Vancouver Sun

A Senate amendment that would soften a bill designed to impose mandatory sentences on people illegally growing marijuana will likely result in the proliferation of smaller growing operations, says the head of the Vancouver police department’s anti-gang and drug section.

Insp. Brad Desmarais said the department opposes an amendment of Bill C-15 by the Senate’s committee on legal and constitutional affairs that removed the section imposing a minimum sentence of nine months on anyone found guilty of growing fewer than 200 plants. […]

Desmarais said the motive behind all illegal marijuana growing operations is profit.

“If they remove the minimum sentencing for grow ops under 200 plants then they will, without a doubt, create a huge industry where we will see a proliferation of grows with 199 plants because there will be less penalty,” he said.

“Criminals constantly operate on a cost/benefit analysis — 199 plants will still constitute a viable commercial option. I suspect if this amendment passes we will see even more manifestly unsafe grows occurring.

But it is not just the one article, it’s a Media Blitz! Here’s a similar piece published in the Globe & Mail yesterday. And check out this video from Global News.

Police departments and the RCMP have been using PR teams to shape public drug policy to their benefit for years – sending out press releases, holding news conferences and doing interviews with reporters who are too happy to publish their comments with little criticism or alternative viewpoint.

I like what Pot-TV’s Marijuana Man said his video Cops Selling Prohibition:

A bunch of C-grade students who couldn’t do anything but become a cop are telling us how we’re supposed to live our lives and what is right and wrong here. Totally insane, and completely beyond their scope.

Of course they want prohibition – they want the gang violence, they have to have this to expand their ranks, to get more big trucks, to get more big guns, more smashing machines.

Jeremiah Vandermeer
Jeremiah Vandermeer

Jeremiah Vandermeer is Cannabis Culture Chief of Operations and Editor of Cannabis Culture Magazine & Pot TV.



  1. From the 70s on

    KNOCK KNOCK. Who’s there ? ITS THE RCMP (The Political Police). WE would like to TALK to YOU …

    The RCMP being VERY POLITICAL believe they are suppose to be “conducting editorial boards with outlets that are UNINFORMED or have a PRO-LEGALIZATION SLANT;”

    Is this really the job of the RCMP ? I guess it works better in the smaller towns with their local paper. One sentence and it proves the RCMP are VERY VERY POLITICAL. Who thinks the RCMP should be doing this in a free and democratic society ? The RCMP have subverted the public debate for years. They steal OUR RIGHTS to public debate by intimidation.

    OR while they do their “Ongoing monitoring and informal analysis of both the media and internal publications” they will “quickly identify REPORTERS or news agencies who could BENEFIT from further EDUCATION”.

    Educating reporters (and COLUMNISTS I guess like Jon Ferry), is this really the job of the RCMP (this doesn’t sound a bit fascist, it sounds A LOT FASCIST to me) ? Again I guess this works better with the small town reporters arriving at the newspaper wearing their guns.

    Of course they want the reporters to help in “eliminating the public perception that marijuana is a ‘harmless drug””.

    Well, when you take a POLITICAL side, you have to sell it.

    And the RCMP motto is “Legalization/decriminalization and harm reduction theories, although seductive at first, are completely inconsistent with the RCMP’s vision for a drug-free society.”

    Are we really a free and democratic country ? We are paying the RCMP to subvert our public debates. The Police are suppose to enforce the law (not subvert public debate or claim to have some vision as if its the ultimate accuse for corruption) AND THE PEOPLE are suppose to make them.

    All that according to the RCMP document “MARIJUANA: LEGALIZATION, DECRIMINALIZATION, SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC COSTS A NATIONAL COMMUNICATION STRATEGY” May 1999, – A How do start a War on Pot document or so it seems …

    It even contains the famous RCMP LIE “B.C. bud is trading pound-for-pound in the U.S. for cocaine.” that they used to start THEIR WAR ON POT about a decade ago (perhaps the reason for the current situation of increased gangs and violence, it may even have created the BC Bud market in the USA as its about the best advertising you could buy from a marijuana user perspective, for sure the RCMP have DELAYED THE HONEST and FACTUAL debate on the LEGALIZATION OF MARIJUANA).

    The RCMP DECIDED for ALL of us and then went out to corrupt the public debate with so-called MISINFORMATION. THEY have NO RIGHT to DO THIS.

  2. Anonymous on

    holy fuck they said that about WA?

    BLACK AND WHITE… could not be FARTHER from the truth, the only states that I would imagine grow more are california, oregon and maybe NY simply due to population…

    maybe a couple warmer states but that, takes the fucking CAKE

  3. From the 70s on

    Do we let our Generals choose our wars ?

    This is outrageous.

    The Police are NOT THE EXPERTS on sentencing or criminal justice systems (or on addiction either which they run in Canada, a failure of course since they are NOT the EXPERTS, they are the addicts too, they have higher rate of substance abuse than civilians). What they say is meaningless in these issues.

    So who is this VPD cop Inspector Brad Desmarais to say anything on sentencing or on our criminal justice system or on mandatory minimum sentences ? Does he have any expertise in this field ? Maybe he should go advise the US Government since their criminal justice system is clearly a FAILURE compared to Canada’s.

    Unfortunately, people believe what our authorities (like the Police) say even when they talk outside their expertise with their easy access to our media (media should know, its a fallacy too allow this). That is why political police are such a violation of a democracy (not to mention how them just being political itself, intimidates CITIZENS from participating in the debate futhur subverting it). It subverts public debate and NOW is subverting the laws we make.

    So what exactly are the qualifications of VPD Inspector Brad Desmarais ?

    I bet none. What he says would be meaningless (since he is NOT an EXPERT) in a court of law yet MILLIONS of Canadians will believe him. Damage done.

    Its the difference between what is an article and what is an advertisement. Its a fallacy. Media should know better.

    As for BILL C-15, the REAL EXPERTS said it will be a DISASTER for Canada just like in the USA. Only the RCMP criminologist testified that BILL C-15 was good yet not tough enough (don’t worry, we get to increase that mandatory minimum sentences every 4 years at election time). He testified also that Washington State has no pot grows (the state’s #1 or TOP CASH CROP is US domestic grown marijuana worth by some estimates US $8 billion yet the RCMP claim they have no pot grows, is this CONTEMPT of the SENATE by OMISSION ? I guess we could call it another RCMP LIE, perhaps the Washington State LIE).

    Making drugs illegal as our VPD cops want, gives up ALL control. How hard is that to understand ?

    PS Its weird, how these same Political Police on issues that IS THEIR EXPERTISE (i.e. the drug trade itself, they can testify in a court of law as experts, ) where they could add to the debate, they tell us LIES to scare us and mislead us (and that is real bad, they control the evidence if they had any like with the Marijuana traded POUND for POUND with cocaine LIE or the Marijuana LACED with Meth/Chemical LIE or Canada #1 pot supplier to the USA surpassing Mexico LIE, they don’t, they make it up and I think that is criminal activity, its their expertise and they LIE to us ALL). There are a lot more LIES too.

    The Police have no right to do this (they STEAL ALL OUR RIGHTS doing this), no LEGAL right to be out in OUR media promoting issues that they are NOT the EXPERTS on.

  4. Anonymous on

    …and their voices rang with that Aryan twang

    (The Tragically Hip, Bobcaygeon)

  5. Anonymous on

    the changes were cosmetic, if you live in a city with a school, a park, or a church (cry) you’re still going to jail for 1 plant no matter what the judge thinks.

  6. Anonymous on

    Thank you to all the senators in the Senate who have voted to bring amendments to bill C-15.Once again the extreme rightist view and fascist politics of the conservative government has been defeated. Harper’s agenda was made very clear with this bill: Step up the war on drugs and build more prisons.It is only a matter of time for the conservative government to elect new senators in the senate who will share the views of the conservative(yes senator Jacques Demers is one example )so as to outnumber the senators (liberals in majority)who dont and impose bill c-15 upon the canadian people.We live very dangerous times with the conservative government and these are dark times of the canadian politics…as dark as the Alberta tar sands…

  7. Anonymous on

    Hitlerism rules in neo-Nazi Canada, eh!

    Let’s all put on marijuana-leaf armbands, eh!

  8. Anonymous on

    the tree of liberty is getting thirsty

  9. Anonymous on

    If the police want to be politicians, then they should quit their jobs and run for public office. Why are taxpayers paying the salaries of these political lobbyists? It’s time to change the Police Act and RCMP Act to prohibit police officers from taking part in political activities. This is disgusting, immoral, dishonest behaviour.

    But wait a minute… Why aren’t they lobbying for tougher laws against drinking drivers? My wife and child were nearly killed by a drinking driver, but these bastards aren’t on the side of victims of violent crime. Instead they promote alcohol use and violence. I can’t think of anyone dying from marijuana.

    Cops who act like politicians and who promote alcoholism and violence should be given a one way ticket to jail!

  10. Anonymous on

    Fuckin cops