The police arrested a bank robbery suspect. Watch what happens to the hold up note.

The expressions on the suspects face are priceless.



  1. Anonymous on

    8| AMAZING.

    You can see at 0:32 as well, the man just can’t believe how stupid they are.

    He’s like, “…really, guys?”
    The best part never comes; they never frickin’ noticed… just, wow. C students indeed.

  2. Anonymous on


    That one word sums it all up..

    I almost pissed myself laughing.

  3. Anonymous on

    lovely lovely sweet looking eyes just after 0:20

    he sure knew how to tell right from wrong, but wouldn’t anyone else do the same while yu’re at it?

    It,s like taking candy from a baby.



    tnx for posting, it ‘ll do nice on face book 🙂

  4. Anonymous on

    ya but that was on the news a while ago…
    He did get indicted even if he had eaten some evidence

  5. Jomila on

    That’s hilarious! He so relaxed and nonchalant lol.