Nicholson Disappointed with Changes to Crime Bill

The Senate has altered a Conservative tough-on-crime bill to remove mandatory minimum sentences for people convicted of growing fewer than 200 pot plants.

The amendments to Bill C-15 by the Senate committee on legal and constitutional affairs were immediately denounced by Justice Minister Rob Nicholson as “very disappointing.”

“The whole bill is about people who are trafficking in illegal drugs,” said Nicholson.

But a news release from the Senate committee stated its amendments are designed to better target “the ‘kingpins’ or major players in the drug trade” while giving judges and prosecutors more discretion for lesser transgressions.

The changes would also avoid triggering long automatic mandatory prison terms for convicts who have minor drug offences in their past, said the committee.

The amendments must still be voted upon by the Senate as a whole.

Bill C-15 was passed in the elected House of Commons, where the current political dynamic has made opposition parties very cautious about critiquing the Harper government’s tough-on-crime mantra.

But the Senate promised to give the legislation a more critical examination. A Senate inquiry headed by Conservative Pierre Claude Nolin recommended in 2002 that marijuana use for adults should be legalized.

The latest Senate committee said it heard testimony from government officials, law enforcement associations, legal groups, public health organizations and academics that convinced it amendments were needed.

Nicholson was among those who testified, and he stated the “proposals represent a tailored approach to mandatory penalties for serious drug offences.” The new law, testified the justice minister, targets “those who profit off the vulnerabilities of those addicted to drugs.”

However the Senate committee says it heard from witnesses who said the new law would actually induce drug kingpins to recruit more low-level and addicted dealers, who in turn would suffer the consequences of the mandatory minimums.

“There is a large body of research that points to both the lack of a deterrent effect for mandatory minimum sentences and the fact that they can lead to significant increases in the prison population, with little or no impact on public safety,” Howard Sapers, the independent ombudsman for federal offenders, told the Senate committee.

Nicholson said Thursday the notion of mandatory minimum sentences is not a Conservative innovation.

“Most of mandatory sentences were not passed by this government, they were by the Liberals,” he told reporters.

“But the bills that we have brought forward have all got proportional sentences and I think they’re very appropriate.”

Debating over the length of sentences for those convicted of growing between five and 200 cannabis plants for the purpose of trafficking is a far cry from the federal political debate of earlier this decade.

At the time of the 2002 Senate report, Nolin, the Conservative committee chairman, stated that: “Scientific evidence overwhelmingly indicates that cannabis is substantially less harmful than alcohol and should be treated not as a criminal issue but as a social and public health issue.”

– Article from The Canadian Press.



  1. Anonymous on

    Yup, i heard that Rob Nicholson was attracted to young boys when he was a younger man as well.. I’m sure it’s this kind of represssion and self-loathing that turns him against us all.

  2. Anonymous on

    I read somewhere Rob Nicholson has pedophile sexual attraction for young boys so that is why he tries so hard to have many of them in chains and 1-piece uniforms in prison, he gets off on it – he’s a real sicko.

  3. Pedro on

    “Nicholson was elected as a trustee for the Niagara Catholic District School Board in 1994.” (Wikipedia) His emphasis on students proves his mentality is that of a Catholic School Trustee (endorsing centuries of self-righteous Persecution & Punishment of non-believers in the name of ‘god’) Alcohol is Good because it’s Legal

  4. Anonymous on

    It becomes very circular. The cops say that they don’t make or change the laws, only enforce them. Then retards like this spout making laws based on info the cops provide such as, “The police say this or that about the dangers of pot or grow-ops”… So indirectly that way the cops do make the laws! And they are going to want laws that ensure their jobs and money!

  5. Anonymous on

    But every time the two headed snake rears its ugly head, the cost is immense! Hitler, Bush, now here in Canada, Harper and the Conservatives!

  6. Anonymous on

    It seems to me that all the leaders of the free world these days have just 3 brain cells! Two of them are fighting for occupancy, the third is the ref…..

  7. Anonymous on

    Does it strike anyone else as it does me, it seems that in Canada/US and other parts of the world, these people are all just puppets, so whos pulling their strings?

    I say this because in light of scientific/medical study that cannabis isnt nearly as bad as alcohol, In the face of the truth , these “puppets” are feeding us a lie and forcing a form of slavery upon all cannabis connosuirs.

    Thats what it is, SLAVERY, It was never ended, just took on different forms, prohibition being one of them. Your pay check being another.

    WAKE UP PEOPLE ! The world is being enslaved right before your eyes! The question is, who are the puppet masters?

  8. Anonymous on

    enjoy your paycheque while you can fucking Nicholson
    because your fucking rethoric does not makes sense.

  9. Anonymous on

    Here’s how stupid Nicholson and government lawmakers are. They base the penalty on the number of plants. Doesn’t even make sense because plants can yield anywhere from 5 grams to over a kilogram each. It should be based on the area of growing space and amount of light being used.

    If Nicholson really wanted to hurt big indoor growers he should increase the penalty for stealing power. All of the Vietnamese steal power for their grows. Why don’t they find a way to quickly pinpoint houses that are stealing power? Pretty bad that it takes them about 3 months to find out about it.

  10. Anonymous on

    Im so sick of this world. maybe I’ll kill myself and finally be able to smoke this beautiful plant in peace when Im with god… the one who created the plant?

    “protect our children”

    keep lying, you fuckin asshole. anyone who got over 2 brain cells know about your ulterior agenda. justice will be served to you one day, and you will reap all that you have done to others. fuckin nicholson ASSHOLE

  11. Kevin on

    What makes me the most angry over all of this is the fact that our taxes pay for this bullshit. Essentially were paying cops to oppress and arrest us. What a fucked up system.

  12. Dave on

    What a piece of shit, using kids to support his evil deeds! Every parent worries for the safety of their children and this piece of shit feeds off of their fears. The only advise he’s taken is from those who are fearful and those who believe in police states as the answer.

    Like did our grandfathers and fathers go to war for nothing? What the hell is up? Are they going to equally disrespect the young men and women who sacrificed for freedoms in Afghanistan? Maybe these brave young men and women will get a chance to enjoy some fine Afghanis hash and wake up?

  13. B on

    Actually, Juicy is a brand of flavored rolling papers – or, as you have noted, the word they are inexplicably printing on the ass of young girls’ pants nowadays. Also, re the post saying how the RCMP pose as experts w/o expertise: I noticed this a couple years ago regarding police testimony down south (I’m from the U.S.). The cops and “experts” that testify at trials never have any experience producing, distributing or using drugs, yet claim to have expert knowledge about drug production, distribution, and use. I’m sorry, but if you have no experience producing, distributing, or using drugs, you are not an expert in those things. I’ve wondered for a while why nobody has tried to have their testimony thrown out as hearsay, because that’s all it is.

  14. Anonymous on

    There is no such drug as Juicy. I looked it up in an online slang dictionary and it said it means sex. Maybe it’s short for Juicy Fruit strain, but I doubt it. Somebody should name a strain Juicy so they can benefit from the advertising. After they see that the government doesn’t want them to use Juicy, they’ll know it must be good and they’ll want some.

  15. Anonymous on

    That’s the only excuse he can think of for putting a 5 plant grower in jail, that they MIGHT have had 200 the day before. Well that’s not how the law works. You’re not punished for something you WEREN’T caught with but might have had the day before. I think Nicholson might have had a dirty nuke bomb in his basement yesterday, GET HIM! Pretty weak excuse for the Justice Minister of a major western nation, and one that goes against the fundamental principles of justice. That sac-o-shit shouldn’t be the Minister of hotdog stands, much less Justice. I guess he doesn’t think a judge can tell whether a person had more than 5 plants the day before the bust by the number of pots and lights also found in the grow. Kind of hard to believe that a guy with a few CFLs and five pots in his closet had 200 plants in there the day before. Well, if Nicholson had his way that guy would be sitting in prison for 9 months, costing taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars to keep 5 plants off the streets. Now that’s value, huh Nicholson?

  16. From the 70s on

    I see Justice Minister Nicholson mentioned the new TV commercials that are on TV. Its unbelievable that they have brought this type of extreme (and illegal I believe) propaganda to Canada.

    Have you seen the new drug ads that TEACHES kids about illicit drugs:

    Juicy, cocaine and marijuana.

    Are you scared now ? That’s the point, isn’t it ?

    These are a total misrepresentation of the truth. Kids that age don’t run around saying “juicy” unless they have seen these ads. These ads are worst than the US ads with their fried eggs for brains since these Canadian ads are actually LYING to us, they are making it up and I think that is ILLEGAL. These ads are disgusting, they show that these type of people care NOTHING about kids, they even LIE to the kids.

    I think these ads also BREAK the law as they are spreading “false messages” to “alarm” us.

    PS I bet the words come from a RCMP list of words I came across once, just an insane list (they must just sit in rooms and make this stuff up), that they say they use in the illicit drug world, just total BS.

    Its like the RCMP insidious and sinister Marijuana is LACED with Meth/Chemical LIE, totally fabricated by the RCMP JUST to spread FEAR. Health Canada DAS (Drug Analysis Services) who test all seized marijuana in Canada have evidence that shows that over 4 1/2 years from 2003 to 2007, 14 samples of pot of 194,454 tested samples contained both pot and meth, cross-contaminated they said. This LIE was used by both the Health and Justice Minister of Canada to promote Bill C-15 (the RCMP told their LIES to them I guess) and the RCMP criminologist that testified at the Senate Committee on Bill C-15 has himself claimed to have the evidence of LACED pot (the one who claims Washington State has no pot grows, they have a US $8 billion pot grow business, the TOP CASH CROP in that state). It has also been used in the House of Commons and the BC Legislature in debates for laws (LIES to make LAWs, we are DOOMED if we allow this to continue). ANYONE who knows anything at all about the black market knows this is preposterous (the RCMP claim to be EXPERTS so they MUST be LYING to us all).

    Non stop CRIMINAL LIES. And they work, BILL C-15 is clearly evidence of this. Listen to the Justice Minister, he says ITS the COPS who tell him everything, they tell him their CRIMINAL LIES. What happen to a democracy that represents the people (not the (political) police) ?

    Political Police = Police State.

  17. Anonymous on

    tsk tsk rob nicholson,

    five plants provides a mandatory minimum sentence in prison. if you are caught with five you are punished as if you were a trafficker and as if you did “maybe” have more the day before the raid???.
    how can he even get away with this type of thinking? there does not need to be proof of trafficking or that you maybe had more before the bust, you grow five and you just the mandatory. as such this law does not seek out only traffickers and organized crime at all.
    what it does is ensure that many will be too scared to grow five and so the organized crime will get more business because they will provide for the demand instead. you can now expect larger grows in your country.
    all causal and experimental users only grow one plant anyway huh?? what planet are you from? that is why the bill is having ammendments, because it is flawed.

  18. Anonymous on

    My life is so screwed up because of this War on Drugs, my family got separated and hateful toward each other, I had to pay fines most of my adult life, under constant surveillance. Can not get a loan, no school, no house no car, no family, no help from the police if I need it, no help from the local and state government, ….

    This is all because I was a passenger in a Car @ Ocean city Maryland when I was 19, the guy sitting next to me had an ounce, 3 of us in the car, I am the only one charged and put on probation that was in that car………I had to call my parents to come and get me out of jail, sat there for almost 24 hours, and the next 2 years I spent going into the Cumberland county court house monthly for pea test and to pay 100 a month, for 2 years @ age 19. Talk about a quick stop to a kids life, the police and courts did more damage to me than any puff of pot smoke has done and I STILL SMOKE TO THIS DAY anyway, so WTF Canada, drive the retards from office now, use force if you must it is imperative.

  19. Cannabis "criminal" on

    The photo is well chosen, because it is only the lowest type of liar that hides behind the idea that he represents the great protector of children, as if this bill c-15 had anything at all to do with that notion.

    Unfortunately this type of political pandering often can work with a supposedly educated voting public, much as the “tough on crime, tough on crime, tough on crime” mantra does.

    So Ron Nicholson the Mad Jailer is disappointed. While on the surface this would seem like good news for anybody concerned with their civil liberties, let’s not forget the Senate could simply toss these recommendations and go with the original. I’m sure the fasc…I mean the naz…I mean the Reform CA…no, no…the Conservatives…yah that’s what they call themselves…are putting the pressure on as we speak for that to happen. We know Wallace will vote for the Prison Nation/Police State.

    It would be hard to imagine a representative body enacting laws affecting hundreds of thousands of their citizens would choose to ignore witnesses, science, models in other countries, logic, rationality, and their own committee reports to simply pass the original legislation intact, but we are sitting at this point with that premise having failed the House of Commons.

    I didn’t watch the video clip, as I cannot stand to hear Nicholson spew the same old rhetoric while ignoring every question put to him with catchphrases like “Canadians want this” and “I’ve been assured we have the funding”, but doesn’t he have himself to blame for even this faint hope for sanity in drug policy, as much as it is still so far away from it?

    After all, he claims to be protecting the kiddies and tackling those big organized crime baddies, but framed his precious Bill in such general language that it couldn’t help but be questioned and amended as being untrue to its stated purpose.

    If I were a political cartoonist, it would definitely be Nicholson drawn as a big baby in a bonnet kicking his legs and wailing “the liberals broke my crime bill mommy!” with tears flying every direction.

    The real rub here is that we have a person with no interest in what we love trying to tell us that if he doesn’t like it, nobody else can have it. I guess if we were to knock down church walls and disrupt Reform/CA fundraising dinners using this same premise we would be targets for execution.

    Capital punishment is surely the next “tough on crime, tough on crime, tough on crime” Bill to come though, so I shouldn’t get sidetracked.

    Organized gangs, construction companies, prison guard unions, peddlers of grade D meat products, and lawyers all celebrate the existence of Bill c-15, because that is who benefits.

    The Liberals are coming! The Liberals are coming! It would be laughable to hear Nicholson spew if he wasn’t in such a dangerous position to cause such harm to so many peaceful people. Of course he thinks the bills are “very appropriate” because he needs to fill his shiny new prisons. Start his mandatory work programs (slavery by another name?). Take the vote away from those that would never vote for his “conservative” party.

    Call me a cynic, but I won’t be shocked at all that despite this amendment it’ll magically turn out the exact way the Canadian Prison Industrial Political Complex wanted it in the first place, though of course I hope otherwise.

    As for the Senate, it is easy to see why they constantly come under attack. Anybody that would dare to stand against this regime is a nuisance that must be eliminated, after all.

    So we depend on the “sober second thought” to do the right thing and toss the whole mess, but the most we can reasonably expect is to get this amendment passed.

    Unfortunately the voting public is still blind to the Reform/Christian Alliance coalition government and as years pass they’ll appoint more Senators to puppet their policies without question, and then *poof* no more complaints about or suggestion of Senate reform.

  20. Bob on

    Seriously, what the fuck is it with guys like Nicholson? He’s a professional lying sack of shit, that’s for sure. I can’t understand how a human being who purports to have a semblance of intellect can sit there with a straight face and spew the rhetorical bullshit guys like him keep spewing.

    And when the fuck are the people of the nation going to wake up to this nonsense and vote these assholes out of office? Come on!!!

    Just when you think humanity is taking a step forward, some fucknugget like Nicholson comes around to prove that humanity is not as far advanced as they think they are. For fuck’s sake!

  21. Dave on

    This is not the US pushing anything. This is what conservative are and do. Glad to see you finally woke-up. Glad to have you back with regular people.

  22. serge joncas on

    i whish all the people smoking pot would go vote this dick would not be there lol please all you pot smoker go vote its time the media get the facts and show the people that pot is not bad legalize pot and control it p.s the minister is a real dick lol 5 plants organized crime come on lol

  23. Anonymous on

    why this law? if you would let me grow my own i would never buy from criminals again this is reefer madness all over again the minister is wrong and as much as i like the conservative i will not be able to vote for them at next election because of bill c-15 the minister says the people growing are criminals but he is wrong i have been working since im 16 years old and also started smoking pot at 16 still working still in good health and im 46 now i dont see myself as a criminal i know im breaking (a) law but this law i cant agree with sorry there is worst drugs out there and its the goverment that is the criminal if people couldnt grow marijuanna and it was a pill i bet it would be legal. the US is controling us not not the goverment of canada

  24. Dave on

    Every time I listen or watch this clown it reinforces how much I think he’s not right in the head!

    The Senate doing the liberals dirty work! We all know it’s a dirty bill; nice to see he’s finally admitting it.

    He looks like the type that was picked on in the school yard and never recovered. His hate-on is so obvious, it causes facial ticks.

  25. Anonymous on

    Then please make these dangerous substances illegal while you are at it: Alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, aspirin, fatty foods…

    I get so tired of the same old garbage retoric declaring cannabis a dangerous drug when they have not one shred of evidence!!! When will they get a clue? Prohibition does not work!!! No wonder we enslaved the black man for 100+ years before figuring out it was wrong!!! We are taking that long to figure out this plant is actually a very good thing…

  26. From the 70s on

    Justice Minister Nicholson states “The new law, testified the justice minister, targets “those who profit off the vulnerabilities of those addicted to drugs.”

    Well most users of illicit drugs like most users of Mr Nicholson’s drug , the drug alcohol are by FAR recreational users, not addicts. And of course, the use of so-called hard drug are but a pittance compared to marijuana.

    In fact in Canada, illicit (hard) drug addicts account for about only 2 to 3% of all of Canada’s addicts with most being alcohol addicts.

    Doesn’t Mr Nicholson know any of this ?

    If he does, then he misleads us, if he doesn’t, he is incompetent by his ignorance. I guess perhaps he has not been told the truth by you know who is you know my posts

  27. Anonymous on

    drug crimes my ass, this bill does nothing but target marijuana users and mom and pop growers, they dont care about the real problems like meth and herion. They need to start spending MY TAX DOLLARS on something important like real drug lords and crack houses. Leave this plant alone once and for all. Nothing will stop me from smoking my Medication, and if im a criminal for using, mothing nature is a criminal for making. SMOKE WEED EVERYDAY!!!

  28. John Dillinger on

    Mr. Nicholson should start looking for a new job now and bet the rush.

  29. Anonymous on

    I can’t understand how so much nonsense can come from one mouth? 5 plants were 200 yesterday? and people producing 5 are definitely in with “organized crimes”?
    its no wonder the liberals were making some changes. As–oles who are supporting this bill want to trample on everybody’s rights. Its plain to see by the wording alone they want to stack up as many charges as they can by the area you are in, etc.. Its clear that anybody supporting this doesn’t have a grip on reality and just pull “facts” out of their as–s