Canadian Senate Committee Passes Bill C-15

C-15 has been passed by the Senate Committee with minor amendments.

It now proceeds to the Senate for a final vote. After that, the bill only requires a signature by the Governor General to become law.

This unfortunately means we will be unable to delay C-15 any further, and short of rejection by the Senate (highly unlikely), we will face passage of this bill before, or shortly after, the Winter break.

The amendments are as follows:
The Senate Constitutional and Legal Affairs committee today voted to remove under 201 plants from C-15’s mandatory minimum sentencing provisions, so long as the production occurs outside of residential areas and in properties owned by the grower.

Let me be clear:

If you produce 1 plant in a residential neighbourhood, C-15 still prescribes a 9 month sentence.
If you produce 1 plant in a rented property, C-15 still prescribes a 9 month sentence.
If you produce 1 plant in a house that you own, C-15 still prescribes a 9 month sentence.

If you produce 200 plants on a farm that you own, C-15 does not apply.

Unfortunately, the Committee was missing the two most prominent critics of C-15 during the clause-by-clause debate today, and were unable to propose ammendments to remove 1-201 plants in residential or rented properties.

This was a victory today, but a small one, that primarily effects rural areas, leaving urban areas under the thumb of these ridiculous mandatory minimum sentences.

We NEED to organize more people to stop bills like this in the future! Please, contact your friends, family members, coworkers, everyone you know who believes in ending this horrific war on drugs and get them registered on The only way to move forward is together, and the only way to defeat this drug war, is with everyone.


Click here to PHONE JAM the Senate – tell them to vote NO! on Bill C-15.

Senators alter crime bill to go easier on pot growers

by Janice Tibbetts, Canwest News Service

For the second time this fall, a committee of the Liberal-dominated Senate has amended a Conservative law-and-order bill, eliminating an element that would automatically send marijuana growers to jail for at least six months if they’re caught with as few as five plants.

The committee altered the controversial bill Thursday to retain a judge’s discretion when sentencing offenders convicted of growing fewer than 200 plants, putting the upper chamber on a collision course with Justice Minister Rob Nicholson.

Automatic terms for a variety of other drug-related crimes — for the first time in Canada — were kept intact.

Nicholson, however, seized on the committee’s move to highlight divisions between the Liberals in the Senate and the House of Commons.

The drug bill sailed through the Commons earlier this year after the Liberals teamed up with the Conservatives, despite grumbling within Grit ranks that they were being told to support a bad bill so they wouldn’t be accused of being soft on crime.

Nicholson called on Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff Thursday to “lean on these people” in the Senate and urge them to pass the bill in its original form.

The legal and constitutional affairs committee amendments will go to the Senate as a whole, which will begin debating the bill next week and then decide whether to pass the bill in its original or altered form.

The committee has also amended the bill to reaffirm the Criminal Code principle that the special circumstances of aboriginal offenders should be taken into account when sentencing.

A third amendment rewrites a provision that would automatically jail offenders convicted of a second drug offence, stating that the first offence must have been a serious one.

Liberal Senator Serge Joyal described the amendments as minor and he said no reasonable person could say that the committee “gutted” the bill.

Nicholson, who earlier this fall accused the Senate committee of gutting another crime bill, would only say Thursday that he is “disappointed” by the latest move.

The Liberals have accused the Conservatives of revelling in the Senate scrutiny because they can use it as a springboard to reinforce their tough-on-crime message and take aim at their Liberal opponents.

The committee had warned this fall that it would not rubber-stamp the legislation, which has drawn heavy criticism in public hearings in both the Commons and the Senate. Opponents have warned the bill, if passed, would flood jails and imprison drug addicts and young people rather than drug kingpins, who will continue to thrive, while small-time dealers are knocked out of commission.

The same Senate committee voted in October to dramatically alter a Conservative bill to eliminate judicial discretion to give offenders a two-for-one credit for time spent in pre-sentence custody, but the Senate as whole rejected the amendments and the bill was enshrined in law a few weeks later.

– Article from Canwest News Service on December 3, 2009.

Nicholson Disappointed with Changes to Crime Bill

The Canadian Press

The Senate has altered a Conservative tough-on-crime bill to remove mandatory minimum sentences for people convicted of growing fewer than 200 pot plants.

The amendments to Bill C-15 by the Senate committee on legal and constitutional affairs were immediately denounced by Justice Minister Rob Nicholson as “very disappointing.”

“The whole bill is about people who are trafficking in illegal drugs,” said Nicholson.

But a news release from the Senate committee stated its amendments are designed to better target “the ‘kingpins’ or major players in the drug trade” while giving judges and prosecutors more discretion for lesser transgressions.

The changes would also avoid triggering long automatic mandatory prison terms for convicts who have minor drug offences in their past, said the committee.

The amendments must still be voted upon by the Senate as a whole.

Bill C-15 was passed in the elected House of Commons, where the current political dynamic has made opposition parties very cautious about critiquing the Harper government’s tough-on-crime mantra.

But the Senate promised to give the legislation a more critical examination. A Senate inquiry headed by Conservative Pierre Claude Nolin recommended in 2002 that marijuana use for adults should be legalized.

The latest Senate committee said it heard testimony from government officials, law enforcement associations, legal groups, public health organizations and academics that convinced it amendments were needed.

Nicholson was among those who testified, and he stated the “proposals represent a tailored approach to mandatory penalties for serious drug offences.” The new law, testified the justice minister, targets “those who profit off the vulnerabilities of those addicted to drugs.”

However the Senate committee says it heard from witnesses who said the new law would actually induce drug kingpins to recruit more low-level and addicted dealers, who in turn would suffer the consequences of the mandatory minimums.

“There is a large body of research that points to both the lack of a deterrent effect for mandatory minimum sentences and the fact that they can lead to significant increases in the prison population, with little or no impact on public safety,” Howard Sapers, the independent ombudsman for federal offenders, told the Senate committee.

Nicholson said Thursday the notion of mandatory minimum sentences is not a Conservative innovation.

“Most of mandatory sentences were not passed by this government, they were by the Liberals,” he told reporters.

“But the bills that we have brought forward have all got proportional sentences and I think they’re very appropriate.”

Debating over the length of sentences for those convicted of growing between five and 200 cannabis plants for the purpose of trafficking is a far cry from the federal political debate of earlier this decade.

At the time of the 2002 Senate report, Nolin, the Conservative committee chairman, stated that: “Scientific evidence overwhelmingly indicates that cannabis is substantially less harmful than alcohol and should be treated not as a criminal issue but as a social and public health issue.”

– Article from The Canadian Press on December 4, 2009.

Here is the C-15 sentencing schedule as amended by the Senate Committee.



  1. Harry on

    I’m an American also and I beg to differ. Our leaders are not idiots, they are very cunning criminals. They are the very domestic enemies of our constitution that they take an oath against when assuming office. Prohibition and all of its outgrowths are big money makers here in the US and our politicians are owned by corporate interests. If Canadians value their freedoms they should work very hard to crush any political movement towards the same disastrous policies that have ruined America and turned it into a terrorist police state. It’s too late for us down here as the govt. has been completely taken over and there is no way for the good people of our country to take it back. Don’t let it happen to you.

  2. Anonymous on

    C-15 is a Final Solution and a Pogrom. It is built on the Nazi ideology of hatred and intolerance. Is this what Canada stands for? Meanwhile our Fueher in Ottawa has gone mad and none of his cronies dare to oppose him.

    And their voices rang with that Aryan twang.

  3. Anonymous on
  4. Anonymous on

    Rightly so!

    Harper and his cronies are NOT human. They are BEASTS with MEN”S FACES!

    Their true calling ought to have been with the Nazi SS.

    What is the matter with them? They are almost 70 years late upholding an already FAILED ideology.

  5. Anonymous on

    Good news! (well – as good as can be expected in the circumstances)

    The Full Senate has accepted the proposed amendments to Bill C- 15 Vote 49(y)-43(n)

    The bill will now go to Third Reading in the Senate and then will be forwarded back to the House of Commons.

    This one ain’t over yet; the Fat Lady has not yet sung.

    There is the possibility of more delay, a non-confidence vote (remote as can be at this stage) and further amendments in the House of Commons.

  6. J H on

    What is Canada coming too?, least to say our World? Our Monetary system is the grand scheme of all things. I would rather put up a fight against hard alcohol or even worse Cigarettes! Where are the laws for those harmful drugs and chemicals? For all I know I could be doing a way better job that half of those nut case’s making laws for us. They barely and rarely listen to what we have to say! Just look around you. Everyone who voices there opinion on these websites, forums, or just in general all the people who buy from the dealers(Marijuana only). Isn’t that a big enough voice/opinion to be heard? Im ashamed to be Canadian in a way. Call me Illiterate because i don’t even know the word Canadian anymore.

    Does Any of this have to do with the NAU (North American Union)? Im sure we are posing such laws just because of the United States government and the enforcement they use?

  7. Anonymous on

    BOYCOTT!!, Everything British!! How long will it take to bankrupt, an island with no natural resources?? If the limeys cant sell there shit, they will die as a people and not soon enough! Stoners of this world anything british fuck it break it dont even give there junk away just throw it out!!That means there coloniales too! so if your in canada then eat your gold and drink your sand oil! and have a nice trip home.Your weed up there really really sucks!! but them again you clown cant wait for shit and ALL those PHONEY chems you all use no amount of flushing can cover up a suckee growers!!Dont think so any time any place, the european cup?? WHAT A FUCKING JOKE!! Want to win a cup? just have to spent enough money to BUY IT!! yea and what does a bunch of failed people who chould not work at the new york times, know anything about weed? and in new york city?? PLEASE!!! So people of this world lets review he spend millions and has changed NONTHING!! execpt his own address, five years??, nice going there british subject!! Voting in make belive land?? ant happening? why Anything you say can be done away with one pic of paper an one person your true ruler for the queen the Goverenor general?? He can do away with a stroke of a pen ALL YOUR VOTES!! YOUR VOTES DONT MATTER A SHIT!! So if the canadains belive there free? what esle have they been lying about also?? WHY?? listen to a person who follows a form of goverment that WE threw away over 200 years ago as EVIL!! WHY!! listen to anyone that fuck up in the head in the first place beliving he can change any laws when hes just a SUBJECT!! and is OWNED just like cattle no differents at all! you were never free since birth if you think your canadain?? get it yet slaves!!C.C.= probitisionists!! all of them unless you do it there subject way why follow someone who willfullys be a slave under any system and they kept this monachy alive for over 800years for what?? just to waste monies on one inbredd family and they call this government?? fuck anyone who willfully follows a crown and that ALL YOU froztbacks GO HOME!! like south africa…..We will be free.Like the CREE TOLD YOU ALL?, When your world ENDS?? Feed your gold to your children.

  8. The Listener on

    I was just speaking with a friend of mine, who is much smarter than me, genius IQ. He told me that the paradox is that “the actions that need to be undertaken” in order to “effect change” is completely not in the character or nature of the average marijuana toker. Riots and civil unrest aimed directly at the politicians who are repressing and discriminating against the marijuana culture is the only way to effect change. He went further to say that Ghandi was the exception that proves the rule – “look throughout history and you’ll find, even in the last hundred or so years that in order to be taken seriously and effect change, cataclysmic events usually have to take place”. I was left speechless and without a counter argument at the time. I myself have abhorred violence most of my life, even toward the politicians who are repressing our entire culture, but I was left baffled.

    Now that I’ve had some time to think about it though…

    I am left wondering if many of the measures in bill C-15 are a prequel to taxing and distributing marijuana? I know it’s illegal to own a distillation device, but I can go down to the liquor store and buy some vodka (I just can’t make it myself at home). If this is what the politicians are doing I hope they hurry up and let us in on their plans before some splinter group of tokers go postal on their asses. It’s the only thing that makes sense. But we are, of course, dealing with politicians.

    I spoke with a Vancouver detective once and asked him what his favorite arrest was. He answered me right away, “grow=ops”. I asked him why and he replied (roughly) “I never fear for my life raiding grow-ops, usually the people running them are nice, non-violent people – nothing like raiding a meth-lab or a large coke bust where I never know if I’m going home at the end of the day”. That made me shake my head, baffled at yet another paradox.

    I hope things get better for the marijuana culture soon, but the older I get the more cynical I get.

    In general marijuana tokers are nice, peaceful, laid back, karmic sorts of people. Hey, the kind of people I like to hang out with. Lets face it, with drunks you never really know whats going to happen next, violence, confrontation, who knows? With tokers the worst thing that usually happens is your fridge gets emptied of munchies. Not a big deal.

    Anyway, all the best to you and yours this holiday season.

  9. Anonymous on

    Evil exists, it exsits in the governments of the world, people fear government. Time to change that, time to show at everyturn why the world suffers, time to show these elitists for what they are , evil, corrupt greedy slaggers.

  10. Anonymous on

    As an American, I am truly sorry your Canadian government is following the US. Our leaders are all IDIOTS! An d Anyone who follows their lead are also IDIOTS!

    This idea of freedom is dead in its present form.


  11. Anonymous on

    If you think once the D.E.A. has there hands on MARC in there own little prison, that they will let him live?? Boy you are so stuipd to this war on drug thing arent you all? If they get there hands on MARC he,s as good as dead! SO, dont let them get him, you chicken shit!! get it? He did his part!, NOW! stand up you chicken shit limeys for once and hide MARC forever, or until the crown gets on yhe boat for the ride home?If not?your actions proves over anything over the years you all typed here? Ya a bunch of cowards and do NOT!! lead the movement anymore, get it stand up and be counted! Like one of us saided once, “ITS A GOOD DAY TO DIE!” Grow a pair or show your true colors?Damm limeys sent a boy to do a man job? how they ever run a sailing ship anyways??

  12. Anonymous on

    You read my mind — has Canada learned nothing from the ignorant, retarded, racist, backward mistakes of its finally left-leaning but still recovering-addict to prohibition-spawned narco industries, i.e. prison industrial complex, neighbor to its south?

    Does “conservative” mean Nazi-style police state? Apparently.

  13. Anonymous on

    This goverment you typed here already exists? Its called the Six nations of the Haudenosaunee. It is older than ANYTHING!! period than whats in europe. It is older than any goverment in the world. It is the SECOND REPUBLIC TO BE MADE IN THIS WORLD!!(First is NICAN TLACA)But you europeans destroyed it in the 1500s, nice going there slick.Now that the world has grown up enough to see the game the europeans have been playing for the last 500 years and by the world actions are not taken your shit anymore?! You have lost all your asia coloneies, and all your African one also? Now to finish the last four you have in the world. if you fight on these last four, you might loose your homelands over this?, so think hard when the day comes, for all things GOOD will come to pass.The black, Yellow,and Brown people stand with the red people? WHY? They know what it feels like to be mistreaded by you europeans, and they world wide think also its OUR time to be free like the rest of them are now.ENJOY your european cages there, SUBJECT!! You CAN NEVER! be a republic if you are a country of subjects!!! you are by actions just a bunch of COWARDS up there and you get what you made? hell for being a royal subject? another european way of saying ….SLAVE?Oh YEA! fuck your crown!!

  14. Joe on

    It looks like Canada is going in the USA direction of bankruptcy. Remember that Canada has no more surpluses $$$$ we are now in deficit so Canada only has 34 million people in population.
    This new bill will have to bower money to fund it. And as soon as they start to build prisons and ware house a lot of none violent people the Deficit will balloon in no time. And as the population ages and puts a demand on nurses and we have more prison guards on government tax payers pay rolls It will not take as long as the USA to realize that a change in policy will come about and that if a MP supports Prohibition they will have no more seat in the offices they now enjoy. It will be the younger people of Canada that will bring a change and the realization of this change this will take only about 3 years from now even sooner. You have to take into account that in about in less than 7 years half of the Canadians people that is 16 million out of the 34 Million Canadians will retire and be able to draw their government pension. And now add the baby boomers parents which mean out of the 16 million people 7 million of them will need a health care bed. Some temporally and some long term care like nursing homes. The physic is there will be no denying it because the Government will have to bower the money to fund all this and the Tax payers will shrink there will be a great awakening in the next few years.
    Prove me wrong but I know that trillion dollars deficits will be the awakening.

  15. Anonymous on

    This way people can’t say they are soft on crime because drug kingpins will get mandatory prison but they also can’t say that they are cruel to small growers who may be just trying to make a living in tough times growing 200 5 gram plants.

  16. Anonymous on

    Problem with that is that most people are pretty stupid, as shown by the voting in of the Conservatives and their continued popularity with the majority of voters. You can’t have majority rule because the majority are incompetent to rule. Look how many Christians there are, and they all run out to vote every time just to make sure their interests come first. A better approach would be to have a panel of experts decide which laws are passed. All of the scientists would vote for legalization, whereas it’s hard to get even 50% of the general population to. Just have competent people make the laws instead of politicians and their appointees. Those are the worst possible people to be deciding on laws because they have a vested interest, getting more votes from the Christian majority or getting more payoffs from Harper if they were appointed.

  17. Anonymous on

    Hell on earth?Yup thats what they are creating, and when they are done they will swoop in as saviors of the world. They are causing everyone to be dependant upon them so when the time comes we will run to their “protection” ! WAKE THE HELL UP PEOPLE!!

  18. Anonymous on

    The US and Canada can get to being real republics when we as a people stop these elitists from running us. who runs the US and Canada? International banks. So go figure from there what needs done.

  19. Anonymous on

    Canada has just slid backwards into a draconian-style police state run by total morons. I wrote to my senator and appealed to him to vote against this legislation, to no avail. That’s all I was ever prepared to do. I’m not going to picket his office with a sign where people I know could see me and conclude I’m “pro-drugs” or “pro-gangs” or “pro-growops”. My cynicism told me that it wouldn’t change the minds of any senators; and that I would then quite possibly be exposed to their persecution, prosecution or – if some of them got their demonic way – execution.

    You tell me that could never happen in Canada?
    Well, I once thought that one of our citizens could never be stripped of their sovereignty and taken off to jail by some foreign power. So, tell me again how it could ‘never happen’…

  20. keytoothed on

    This is really a sad day for Canadians, for everyone, not just those who enjoy cannabis. Now that the draconian ideology has gotten a foothold, expect privatized prisons and more money piled into the criminalization movement. It’s sickening.

  21. Anonymous on

    Ya wtf? I had to come back here because the first article at the top RUINED MY NIGHT yesterday. Today I found the other two that have been amended onto this page which just say under 200 was changed to judges discretion, but nothing specific about residential/rural zones or property ownership.

  22. Anonymous on

    That’s what Rob Nicholson said in the CC video. The Liberals removed the mandatory sentence for up to 200 plants. That means only serious growers, like the Vietnamese who fill whole houses with plants, will be effected. 200 plants should be enough for any medical or personal use grower. Maybe the Liberals are an improvement over the Conservatives after all. That was a surprisingly sensible thing for them to do. I doubt if Iggy was behind it though.

  23. pcinla on

    Excuse me, but where the hell does this Bill stand? Thursday morning it was basically, “Grow one plant and get a mandatory nine month sentence.” Now it sounds like the mandatory minimum sentence for growing anything under 200 plans has been stripped away. When? By whom? And if that’s the case, shouldn’t we be e-mailing/phoning senators before the final vote to ensure this apparent amendment remains in place?

  24. Anonymous on

    About time someone told the truth about what canada really is? And also what it stole? and what it has become in name only? Well!, There hope for some of you yet! This is really a great sign!

  25. Anonymous on

    So!,Grow always more than 200plants? dip sticks! How can this be Constitional? somone typed Well news flash there subject you dont have one, its all show? The Goverener General will make your choice and you have NO SAY IN THE MATTER! He speaks for the Queen, and does her bidding. This time you ALL are on th SHORT STICK! this time.Prepare to become a number?, And the most outspoken of you will be the first to go?….to their cages of course, But dont worry? They will bring you out daily of course!?! To do their slave labor for them or there buddies? But look on the bright side all your loss of payroll taxes has to hurt someone somewere, right? Maybe they can put in for a new prison to be builed in their hood? enjoy?

  26. Anonymous on

    More work for you! This bill does one thing, though: make lawyers rich.

  27. Anonymous on

    6000 pages and the 45 day request period by NDP MP

    So…how did the Libby Davis request go? Are we past the 45 day mark yet? I would imagine it would take her quite some time to read and digest what she can.

  28. From the 70s on

    Testimony at Senate:

    The NUMBER ONE CASH CROP in Washington State is US domestically grown marijuana. Its #1 in the USA too.

    This can be confirmed from many sources like: At:

    “Most of the high grade cannabis sold in the U.S. is grown in hidden grow operations indoors. The number one producer is California with an annual revenue of nearly 14 billion dollars in production, Washington state is second with 8 billion in production, Tennessee is third with nearly 5 billion in production, Kentucky is fourth with around 4.5 billion, Hawaii is fifth with close to 4 billion, [14]”

    YET the RCMP criminologist testimony at the Senate Committee on Bill C-15 said:

    “I have also looked extensively at what goes on at least in Washington State, our neighbour. When you think about it, what is different from growing something indoors in British Columbia as opposed to growing it indoors in the United States? The houses are not entirely unalike. They could do that. For the 10 years we were studying them, they had virtually no grows in Washington State and virtually no hydroponic shops associated with grows, and here we have thousands of them.”

    Wow, they say they have no pot in Washington State, they told this to OUR Senators (and MPs and the media), and they call themselves the EXPERTS.

    Wow, laws NOT based on true facts but clearly based on RCMP misinformation and propaganda. Would this not be an omission (contempt of Senate) not to tell the Senate that Washington State’s TOP CASH CROP is POT ?

    And a few years ago when the RCMP released their report on pot grows comparing BC to Washington State to promote/justify mandatory minimum sentences, they were busting about 2/3rds the number of opt plants in Washington State compared to BC. They didn’t tell the Senators that either, Is that an omission (i.e. contempt of Senate) ?

    At that time in Washington State, they were busting about 1000 meth labs per year (in Canada, the most we ever busted was 40 meth labs, that year they busted 17,700 meth labs in the USA, last year we busted 15 meth labs in all of Canada, the USA busted over 6000 meth labs), “The houses are not entirely unalike”, why would they have so many meth labs in the USA with their tough mandatory minimum sentences ? Yet this was not important either to tell the Senate.

    This is wrong to make laws based on misinformation. If the drug trade is the RCMP expertise, would this not be LYING to us ALL (or will they plead ignorance and incompetence) ?

    If we allow laws based on lies, we are DOOMED.

    This is not right to allow this in Canada. I think we have to start arresting those who do not tell us the truth. The RCMP tell us lots of well documented lies for about 10 years now, BILL C-15 is the result. It worked for them.

    Here is some of their other LIES that they tell us to scare and mislead us ALL (they break several laws when the LIE to us yet they appear top be not only above the law, they make the law now with their LIES):

    1. BC Bus is traded POUND for POUND with cocaine from the USA.
    2. Canada is now the #1 supplier/producer of pot to the USA surpassing Mexico LIE.
    3. Marijuana is LACED with Meth/Chemicals LIE.

    Political Police = Police State.

  29. FreeSlave on

    Convergence of Horrors

    Privetized prison systems now being implemented.
    Our beloved Rick Simposon, raided for 3rd time, Rick is in exile now as RCMP lick thier chops to incarcerate him.
    Compassion cafes shutdown daily.

    Canada has fast become a fascist state.
    This is 1984 now, we are being rounded up for processing.

    O’ Canada what have you become…?

  30. Anonymous on

    this is nazi germany everyone. welcome to hell on earth.

  31. Impoverished Disadvantaged on

    1. Oh Canada.

    Canada is according to the official word not a republic but a monarchy, with a constitution. Like any good peaceful people we piss ourselves, hide, or surrender when we seed the red coats coming. And “our” (read: the) mounties wear the red coat too, hence the Royal title. Our land is the pride international globalised trading chips of the British Empire, our people the veritable scum of the Empire, we for whom wish only good will and no harm unto any others turn eyes blinded to and by the ways in which our captors use and abuse us in this land to exploit this great land for profit and resources. Nearly all of our natural resources are exported below cost in a raw or relatively unprocessed state, allowing us never to so much as recoup the losses in any way shape or form. We are doomed to destroy our this great and rich landscape to fuel the aims of industrialization and globalization, at the aditional great expense and for the purpose of reducing competing interests destroying prior cultures.

    2. Our home and Native Land.

    Canada is no free country, never was, make no mistake, though I wish people would demand it be released from the clutches of the all past and present colonial systems of power. Canada is not a republic, it is not a democratic free country. Maybe it is time for us to break from england? Check it, the Governor General can sign things into law, and sometimes if desired consults the Parliament but is in no way obliged to follow their advice. The Governor General represents and is accountable only to Her Majesty the Queen of England. Should she die, and their is no heir to be called Queen, surely all references will be changed to whomsoever is next in line. But that’s a little from the point. Do we really want to have no sovereign identity of our own? Canada must be the biggest richest and dumbest country of all on earth, no joke, please try not to laugh, some of us must live in this place. We are unquestionably the 3rd world out of the 1st world countries. We pretend to live in a Democracy and do nothing to create one, nobody does to the best of my awareness.

    3. True patriot love in all thy sons command.

    (we all wish we were patriots, if only we didn’t swear allegiance to that old Queen)
    (we love to discriminate based on sexual identity or religious freedom I can’t tell here, too irrelevant to read the history)

    Decentralization must be restored.
    Strip overhead.
    Strip waste.
    Strip greed.
    Strip corruption.
    Strip abuse of power.
    Strip excessive power.

    4. With glowing hearts we see thee rise,
    The True North strong and free!

    (indeed, what is love? should we love to be deceived to believe we are free or strong when we cower obediently, catch the “get off your buts Canadians” = we see thee rise, hey everybody else is doing it, peer pressure is undeniable and there for must be true, were so great, isn’t it awsome having an ego disorder) (Oh and don’t get me started on that “truth” thing, but at least one word in the whole song is accurately depicting something, North, but its too bad this is only a relative term anyway and bears no special or good meaning behind it other than to correctly locate it on a map)

    Besides the concept of being ruled by any interest group is a little dated in this day and age, especially for so called republics and democracies like the us of a. Which still permits a massively overinflated ego of an over glorified unquestioned unchallenged untestable supreme leadership to operate within its boundaries.

    Consulted thats a little different. But ruled, give me a break, seriously what are we like all one years old or not even?

    The US needs to start acting like a republic and stop just faking it.

    Canada needs to become a true republic.

    We are too old for monarchs and oligarchies.

    Canada and USA and European Countries (not Union), sometimes when you get to a certain age you cease to benefit from being ordered around like an incompetent all of your lives, sometimes its just time to grow up. It happens eventually to everyone. Sooner or later it must, there is no other possibility, aside from collapse.

    5. From far and wide,
    O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

    (we stand on guard for hypocrites and the Queen, not infact for our countrypeople our neighbors or anybody else we live with except for the hypocrites of course)

    6. God keep our land glorious and free!

    (God hasn’t helped very much to keep the Native’s Land glorious and free, and God hasn’t helped much to keep average Canadians free from the mighty thumb of the Queen. I suppose God will do the keeping the good parts for him?her?it?they?self while we do the suffering in this reality)

    7. O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

    (of course I would die for some Queen I would have no reason to believe is in anyway interested in my well being more than the Prestige of her Empire, but I want everyone to know, so everybody else thinks they should do it too or be an outcast)

    8. O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

    (two cheers for mantras, affirmations, prayers and of course last but not least mass hypnosis or propaganda or dogma…)

    sorry if I seem un-patriotic, but I’m not. I am patriotic. I just feel we are too old for this Empire storyline. And I feel that languishing democracies like the US have more important things to be concerned with in their own selves than elsewhere in the world.

    Be the change you want to see in the world.
    Look inside yourself and make the change internally, that you want to see in the world. The only way you can change anything in the world, is through the example your actions set. God apparently said it in a book once something like the judge output not the input. You doing stuff that’s output, good for others to watch. You taking stuff into you, thats your business and problem nobody else’s. What you personally do that counts. We need to do something, what, I can not be exactly sure of, but complaining is not it. Something constructive must be done. Some kind of action must take place. Lip service is for politicians and brainwashers. We all know enough to know that and we all know enough to know that we have the right to be free. What might work short of kicking the Governor General out of Canada (and I pray now to any God willing to listen that it is legal for me to speak this way), is to define exactly what generalized full legalized reality looks like and to demonstrate legally speaking how it is right and fair, maybe make a document or a law and have a petition for it, or to vote on it, there must be a possible way. Surely it is, without needing to be as stringent as for drugs, because lets face it cannabis is the furthest thing from a drug the presently ill-defined meaning of the word would allow, if anything it is a type of raw unprocessed herb insomuch as it can be considered a type of tea, free from tax, or regulation, being much less harmful than caffeine containing substances this is certainly appropriate. Worst possible case scenario, govt or governor general ignores everything or just keeps wiping out our laws we made through legal avenues, and even though thats impossible at the very worst at least sell it like tea, legally make an industry I don’t care but just treat it like tea, its a herb, herbs are tea, end of bloody story. Get on with life, if you love tea, then love it, if you love life, then love it, if you love nothing, the love to not love, whatever but, we got to get past all the fighting, in the spirit of all that is well and good and for the freedom of the people surely someone can achieve this aim if not any than many.

    Tea time was before it was indoctrinated as an addiction in Britain, a time of meditative peace, and ceremonial esteem. But quickly degraded into an addiction to snobbery and an exercise in supremacy. We must be able to transcend the bigotry surrounding our persecution, what would Ghandi do (is google good too find out)?

    I am going put on the Eurythmics “Sweet Dreams” LP, while I get my self together a smoke, and get all ready for bed and light it up and turn on “Waking Life” on my 4-head stereo VHS.

    P.S. I think I’ll drunk a cup of Orange Juice (organic with pulp) before I pass out, after I brush my teeth, because it is my right as a free person to do what ever the hell I want, even if it Might be bad. Good rest, y’all. Peace.

  32. Anonymous on

    Was there not a previous amendment that raised the minimum number of plants to 4 or 5? or something? What the hell happened to that?

  33. Just me on

    If you poor cunnucks dont already have over flowing prisons , it wont be long before you all join us in the US ,as ours are burtsing from cannabis aressts and it hasnt slowed down cannabis use one Bit! You poor souls shouldnt follow our example or our leaders pressure. Its not a good thing.

  34. Anonymous on

    Sad sad day for canada 🙁

  35. Anonymous on

    Uhhm…I’m reading press releases that say the main amendment is no mandatory sentencing… instead sticking with judicial discresion for under 200 plants. I think this article is wrong.

  36. Dave on

    When it was revealed the english government fired Nutt for speaking truth, I suddenly realized that anything was possible and our truth has no impact what so-ever-on these types.

    Don’t kid yourselves folks, these serve merely as wedges into our lives. The expansions of will simply be another step in the control process.

  37. Anonymous on

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. This is just plain idiotic.

  38. Anonymous on

    “but SOME Canadian lawyers who practice in this field are quite alarmed by these provisions. ”

    There. I fixed that for you.

    I’m certainly not in favour of these provisions, but the suggestion that there is widespread agreement among the defence bar that these provisions will necessarily have the effect you are stating they have as a matter of fact is plainly wrong.

  39. fatigues on

    “but SOME Canadian lawyers who practice in this field are quite alarmed by these provisions. ”

    There. I fixed that for you.

    I’m certainly not in favour of these provisions, but the suggestion that there is widespread agreement among the defence bar that these provisions will necessarily have the effect you are stating they have as a matter of fact is plainly wrong.

  40. Poter Principle on

    2 watts. Maybe this is what they want. Farmers and factory owners to manufacture for mass production. They want to regulate Cannabis as an agricultural commodity. They never touched Section 4) with C-15 because they know the possession law is dead and they cannot invoke it. They want to define the parameters of trafficking even though possession implies trafficking and production. If they define a producer and a trafficker differently, they get the best of both world’s.

    It is futile to attempt change at the legislative level. Parliament has no say – they’re mouthpieces.

    The only victories have happened in kangaroo courts of law.

    John Turmel’s POLCOA argument (Parliament only legislates. Courts only abrogate) has created two monumental precedent cases in the last six months. The webmaster just won acquittal for production and possession using the defence method John has engineered. He was not medical. Derek Francisco – and his wife – won acquittal in June, and he is medical. His acquittal included hash, so the Crown new they were toast. Hash is not a MMAR approved form of Cannabis.

    If you’ve been busted and haven’t entered a plea I recommend you go to the link above, otherwise stand mute. One case at a time this method of proving to the courts the Cannabis laws are dead has reached a stage where every case can set or affirm a precedent.

    The Crown is scared of this defence.

    peace and pot

  41. TAS on

    People of Canada, lets unite under one political party to free the weed. We need a party and a STRONG leader to unite all weed lovers , anyone who is against the drug war, anyone who is for the right of the individual freedoms. LET US DO IT,LET US UNITE!…FREEDOM STARTS WITH US!

  42. Brian Kerr on

    The NDP does not have a party platform with legalization of cannabis as a policy in it.

    The Green Party DOES.

    Vote Green.

  43. Jacob Hunter on

    Fatigues, you need to read the bill.

    Each of the aggravating factors is ill defined, police, prosecutors and even courts often agree that a residential grow is an automatic “public safety threat”.

    You may feel comfortable about this, but Canadian lawyers who practice in this field are quite alarmed by these provisions.

    Canadians will face 9 month sentences for growing 1 plant in a residential neighborhood or a rented property.

    Instead of spouting off about what you clearly no little about, why don’t you do a little reading.

  44. TAS on

    You stupid fucking liberals, i have been voting liberals all my life,-iam 50yrs old, and you assholes voted for this bill – c-15.As god as my witnes i will never vote for the liberal party ever, you just made us like the U.S.A. YOU TALK ABOUT GOING GREEN, bullshit!!! Going green means freeing and supporting this great plant life. Iggy, you and harper are of the same cloth. I will vote N.D.P. or the GREEN PARTY. THANKS FOR NOTHING AND SELLING OUT CANADA!! WHY DONT WE JUST ASK THE U.S.A. TO JION THEM AND BECOME A STATE!!! Sorry for the spelling, IAM FUCKING DISAPIONTED AT CANADA!

  45. fatigues on

    Look, I know you are upset, but the NDP consistrntly opposed Bill C-15 at all stages.

    Don’t tar the one major political party in Canada which has consistently favoured legalization with the same brush.

  46. Anonymous on

    By passing C-15 the politicians have told the country that they think all Canadian judges are incompetent at assessing a proper sentence for the crime. If I were a judge I would be voting for a party other than the Conservatives, Liberals or NDP, all of which have agreed that Canadian judges are incompetent and that only politicians are capable of deciding what is best in all cases. Sadly, they’re too busy flying around in expensive jets and having expensive dinners on the taxpayer’s dime to actually sit in court and do the judges’ jobs for them.

  47. Anonymous on

    If you think about it, the small time personal grower is almost impossible for “them” to control, hence this C-15 shit.
    “They” are most likely aware of large grow operations and probably making tons of money from it.
    That is all

  48. Anonymous on

    It’s official now, the Senate is a bunch of Harper loving maggots. They’re like the officers in Hitler’s army. They go along with the tyrant in hopes of getting some of the skin he cuts off of the non-nazis for lampshades. They have confirmed the suspicions of many, that they are a bunch of brainless chair warmers who will sign whatever the Beast (Harper) puts in front of them. Then he gives them all gift certificates from the Liquor Commission and they drink a 24 and get even more schizo than they already were. Then they take their Prozac, Viagra, Oxycodone and antiflatulence pills and congratulate each other for keeping society safe from Cannabis, which could have replaced all of those pills except the antiflatulence ones. They will always need those.

  49. Anonymous on

    quit telling everyone to phone jam the senate, quite wasting everyone’s time. it has never helped before, and it never will.

  50. Psycrops on

    All that remains now is a race to the Charter Challenge.

    I cannot see how this bill could possibly survive.

    Is there any other confirmation that it has passed…other news sources?

  51. Anonymous on

    people wake up ! people wake up ! dont let the gov decide for you what you should or should not do in the privacy of your house ! and also tell Harper GO TO HELL

  52. Anonymous on

    As much as I hate to do it, im so fed up with our government both locally and nationally.
    -HST Passed today, lets overtax the poor. Its good for big business though
    -Bill C-15, now pot prices will probably go up, taxes to pay for new prisons, and all the familys that will be broken up because of it.
    -Olympic Village Social Housing cut. Its easy to find affordable housing in vancouver right?
    -Marc Emery being rail-roaded to an american prison for a crime that would only get a fine in canada.
    -David Malmo Levine in prison 6 months.
    -I could go on and on.
    I hope that there are massive protests during the olympics. We need to tell our government enough of the bullshit.

  53. Anonymous on

    it is as if a senator would come to my house and tell me what I should or should not do.Mind your own fucking business Harper government and harper what you do in your house is your own fucking business and let me do my own fucking business you fucking big brother.
    Also go to hell fucking canadian government

  54. fatigues on

    I would also add that the supposed “small” victory, concerning the complete removal of the section of Bill C-15 which had everyone upset the MOST, was a significant victory in favour of growers for Compassion Clubs across Canada.

    Reason: If a grower for a compassion club avoids growing in rented accomodation, and there are no kids present, AND keeps the plant count 200 or below, there is no mandatory sentence which will be applied. This is “doable” in the case of most grows dedicating their products for compassion clubs.

    This is a real legislative amendment. The fact that the Senate of Canada might actually amend a government bill at all is a rare event. That it did so to favour illegal marijuana growers for compassion clubs to keep prices down is a significant victory for what we must all admit is a rather politically weak special interest group.

    If the amendment passes the full Senate, the rental and child-present-on-premises provisions of the Bill will cause great hardship in the future to some growers. That is very true – but at least the Senate DID amend a government bill. That in itself is a very rare event.

    The fact that the Bill was amended in favour of commerial growers of marijuana, is almost astounding and speaks to the success of the medical marijuana movement in having its voice heard in the legislative process. A decade ago, that suggestion would have been dismissed as pie-in-the-sky dreaming.

    So it is NOT all doom and gloom and this may end up having little to no effect on prices at all.

    A little less drama and a little more balance is called for.

  55. fatigues on

    I would also add that the supposed “small” victory, concerning the complete removal of the section of Bill C-15 which had everyone upset the MOST, was a significant victory in favour of growers for Compassion Clubs across Canada.

    Reason:significant victory for what we must all admit is a rather politically weak special interest group.

    If the amendment passes the full Senate, the rental and child-present-on-premises provisions of the Bill will cause great hardship in the future to some growers. That is very true. But at least the Senate DID amend a government bill. That in itself is a very rare event.

    The fact that the Bill was amended in favour of commerial growers of marijuana, is almost astounding and speaks to the success of the medical marijuana movement in having its voice heard in the legislative process.

    So it is NOT all doom and gloom and this may end up having little to no effect on prices at all.

    A little less drama and a little more balance is called for.

  56. steveo on

    So when are we gonna start the riots … we cant just sit here and accept this shit. they clearly dont give a shit about their people … i watched the hearings and it was crystal clear what the right thing to do was. they dont listen to us. Here i thought we were free … this is fucking bull shit clearly politics only works for the rich… the rest of us might as well not even exist …. but hey i guess our point in life is to be slaves so the rich can get richer…. this worlds fucked

    im sorry this shits ridicules

  57. fatigues on Writes:

    C-15 has been passed by the Senate Committee with minor amendments.

    Let me be clear:

    If you produce 1 plant in a residential neighbourhood, C-15 still prescribes a 9 month sentence. [FALSE. Only if other factors are present]

    If you produce 1 plant in a rented property, C-15 still prescribes a 9 month sentence. [VERY TRUE, but, at least, only if trafficking is proved. I agree this is the worst part of the Bill, hands down.]

    If you produce 1 plant in a house that you own, C-15 still prescribes a 9 month sentence. [FALSE. Only if other factors are present]

    If you produce 200 plants on a farm that you own, C-15 does not apply. [FALSE again. Other factors can be present so that it can still apply.]

    Unfortunately, the Committee was missing the two most prominent critics of C-15 during the clause-by-clause debate today, and were unable to propose ammendments to remove 1-201 plants in residential or rented properties. [The reasons for Senator Nolin and Senator Campbell’s absence, in light of the amendment which was passed, is obvious. The committe members already reached a deal before the committee voted on these amendments. Neither Senator Campbell or Senator Nolin wanted to be seen voting in any way in support of Bill C-15.]

    This was a victory today, but a small one, that primarily effects rural areas, leaving urban areas under the thumb of these ridiculous mandatory minimum sentences.


    The characterization that the amendment applies only to those living outside of residential areas is, in my view, an overly pessimistic and false characterization of the amendments to the Bill.

    They are interpreting the following as the doom and gloom scenario:

    (ii) imprisonment for a term of nine months if the number of plants produced is less than 201, the production is for the purpose of trafficking and any of the factors set out in subsection (3) apply,

    (3) The following factors must be taken into account in applying paragraphs (2)(b):

    (c) the production constituted a potential public safety hazard in a residential area;


    The legal analysis referred to above is, in tone and substance, incorrect.

    Further, I do not accept the doomsday scenario that “any grow in a residential neighbourhood is a public safety hazard”. That spin has been put forward by some activists in the MJ community but I think it is an overly alarmist interpretation that will not be favoured by the courts.

    The evidence which was submitted to the Senate Committee on what the intention of the meaning behind “public safety hazard” meant was that it was language meaning a risk of chemical fire/explosion (precursor chemicals) or by reason of a spliced power line. The evidence that a “quiet grow op” would be covered by this section was not the evidence presented by the Ministry of Justice – they expressed the exact opposite view and said it would not intended to cover a “quiet grow op”.

    While the courts ultimately interpret what a section means or does not mean – and are not bound by evidence given before committees of legislative intent – such evidence is admissable and often tends to carry significant weight where the meaning of the wording of a statute is equivocal or ambiguous.

    It is highly unlikely that the doom and gloom scenario presented by WhyProhibition.Ca will be adopted by the courts; this is expecially so where the overall premise and intent of the statute is to remove judicial discretion from the court. Bill C-15 is all about NOT TRUSTING JUDGES. Can there be much doubt that most judges will, wherever they can, interpret a statute which is all about not trusting them, as narrowly as they can? After all, there is nothing in these provisions which makes it NOT an offence or PREVENTS the judge from imposing a harsher sentence on their own. I assure you – judges in Canada take a very dim view of politicians in Parliament telling judges they are not to be trusted to do their jobs properly.

    This alert is, in my opinion, overly dramatic and alarmist.

    It also notes that Senators Campbell and Nolin were not at the meeting – without inferring the obvious reason as to why they were not there.

  58. RV Lover on

    I see it all clearly now…stop smoking weed and start on cocain…just like our recently exonerated Jaffer (husband of Geurgis MP)…so, that’s how Mary Jane leads to harsher drugs!!

    I’ll still grow and smoke at my leisure, thank you, Mr & Mrs Senators/harper/layton et al!!

    Oh, and I DON’T own more than 50 acres!

    What “Strong and Free” country has this become?

  59. Anonymous on

    become a free man,know the difference between a person and a human being, acting legally, lawfully, illegally, or unlawfully.


    thats what they want you to think!

    its a lot easier then it sounds.

    google video;
    ‘bursting bubbles of government deception’
    ‘security of the person’

  60. Anonymous on

    How many more STUPID, DRACONIAN, IGNORANT and frankly UNCONSTITUTIONAL laws will this Parliament pass?? Makes absolutely NO SENSE at all! Who are these politicians and where are their brains??

  61. Dirty Harry on

    “If you produce 1 plant in a residential neighbourhood, C-15 still prescribes a 9 month sentence.
    If you produce 1 plant in a rented property, C-15 still prescribes a 9 month sentence.
    If you produce 1 plant in a house that you own, C-15 still prescribes a 9 month sentence.

    If you produce 200 plants on a farm that you own, C-15 does not apply.”
    So the risk of a small home grow gives a mandatory sentence but a large outdoor grow does not??
    I think all this will do is create more large outdoor/farm grows just to avoid the risks of a smaller private home grow. This bill does nothing other than encourage people to grow larger numbers that escape C-15. That was real smart of them.

  62. Anonymous on

    Lets hope this is the last Christian Conservative Legislation for at-least the next decade. I like how they are blocking the poor from making their own medicine, only the rich people with large properties are going to be allowed to produce it?

    Is Canada Corporate America now?


  63. Jay Dell on

    This is a outlandish witch hunt mostly against the moms and pops of the baby boomer generation.How can they sit by and watch?
    Nine months for one plant

    Giving Birth ?

    Why not just ten lashings it would be less harmfull!
    This is making me sick.

  64. Anonymous on

    How is that at all constitutional ?

    How can a residential grower get a different penalty than someone in the country ?

  65. Rpowers on

    Absolutely appalled. It is astonishing that in the face of such scientific and empriical evidence this would pass committee.

    Let’s get in touch with the senators we need to stop this!