Order A Pizza For David Lazarus

Dear Mr. Lazarus,

I recently viewed your video monologue discussing medical marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles. I have several comments.


First, MEDICAL marijuana should not be taxed. The reason is that it should be regulated like other prescription drugs where a doctor’s recommendation is needed.

Prescription drugs are not taxed. Collecting sales taxes from dispensaries has not been tested in court yet, but after a State Supreme Court ruling the state and cities may be liable for close to a billion dollars of wrongfully collected tax revenue.

If the state wants to tax marijuana and collect vice taxes as well as sales taxes it should legalize recreational use.

Secondly, if you are going to continue to make videos stoned you need more practice. Being stoned takes hard work, but I know you are up to it. You can’t be stoned just occasionally and expect to turn in good professional work. You must make it a part of your day, to accept it in a more holistic way as part of your life– even if you’re not addicted.

Third, I’ll take mine with double cheese and anchovies (NY-old school).

Fourth- Remember, using cannabis may not be addictive, but growing it is.

Your friend,

Ed Rosenthal