Prince of Pot Temporarily out of Jail

Jodie and Marc Emery, at Mr. Pickwick’s on Denman Street, enjoy their first meal together since Marc was temporarily released from jail yesterday. The marijuana activist, facing extradition to the U.S., is free for at least two weeks on a $50,000 bail bond. (Photo by Stig Nielsen)Jodie and Marc Emery, at Mr. Pickwick’s on Denman Street, enjoy their first meal together since Marc was temporarily released from jail yesterday. The marijuana activist, facing extradition to the U.S., is free for at least two weeks on a $50,000 bail bond. (Photo by Stig Nielsen)Marc Emery, self-proclaimed Prince of Pot and marijuana activist, was released from jail temporarily yesterday as he awaits his extradition to the United States.

“It was a difficult experience because it is maximum security, so that you don’t get outside and you don’t get far from your eight by 10 (jail cell) … But I wrote some good material and read a lot,” he said.

Emery is free on a $50,000 bail bond.

He is to be sent to Seattle where he will be sentenced for selling marijuana seeds ordered over the Internet to Americans.

He said the experience toughened him up for an American jail.

“The isolation would get to me know and then, but the thing about prison is it’s very well run by guards who are very professional.”

– Article from the Metro.



  1. Tim Felger on

    Good Luck and keep strong, we need all the Heros we can get.
    Tim Felger and all the Rag Tag Abbotsford Crew

  2. larry larochelle on

    i think it,s pathetic what the yanks can get away with in our country, he,s broken no laws in canada, yet he,s off to jail, what a fucking joke. not for him ,but we all know they are a bunch of assholes down there, good luck marc

  3. pZ on

    Afterall Uncle Sam does not want to house Canadian mailorder seed kingpins.

  4. renney b. on

    i have to echo the wishes of the words of moses ‘let my people go’ greg you are right; use it as a slogan… if enough of us use those words, jah will hear and answer our cry; just as I AM in the days of moses and jahshua… in these last days of war and violence on the cannabis / hemp movement, our governments are failing us in our demand for freedom, equality, rights, justice and peace… instead of ending the drug war the powers that be continue to ignore sick and dying people and the righteous, old and the youths of today. there are so many who wish to see marc and all our people set free in this marijuana movement. let my people go; those famous words of moses and jahshua are relivant now than ever in this final push to restore freedom to the cannabis / hemp culture and those outside who support to freedom of choice in this matter. the lifestyle and health choices that we make that does no harm to anyone should not be criminal. never the less marc and jodie are prime example of why the war on cannabis must end.

  5. Riptorn Overkill on

    Marc… Cool beans man…. Remain cool as a cucumber… Your gonna beat this case……

  6. greg williams on

    First of all i am very happy that you and Marc are able to hold one another again.

    Second of all, i think a new t shirt is in order.

    Remember when Moses said to the Pharoh (sp)” Let my people go” ?
    We need a t shirt with the names of those arrested for cannabis on it that says the same thing.

    Peace, love, and , truth,
    greg williams

  7. Dave on

    Hey, why would you call an oppressed person an idiot? We know what it’s like to be marginalize; why would we do the same to another. I can’t and don’t speak for CC but I’m sure there is room here for all of us?

  8. Anonymous on

    Marc, you are my hero. Never forget that you’ve changed the world in a remarkable way. All intelligent people, that is, humans with more than pudding between their ears, are on your side. We may not voice our opinion often, but we are with you, regardless of whether you know it or not. This is an age of darkness, but someday soon, we will triumph over this oppression.

    Your courage in dealing with this situation has been phenomenal, and it serves as an exemplary model for us all to follow. I have never been so vocal about my habits, sadly…I am a closet user posting anonymously. I wish I had your attitude, but (long story) I’ve always had an irrational fear of authority (panic attacks, nervous breakdown, crying, it’s pretty screwed up…).

    I’m just trying to say – please don’t feel alone. We are thinking about you and helping where we can to spread the word of this horrifying atrocity. I will keep protesting for you – stay strong, Marc – and you too, Jodie.

  9. Adam on

    You’re such a fucking idiot. If your idea of activism is getting on the internet and asking Marc Emery to take up your battle for you, stop paying your cable bill tonight.
    Marc doesn’t bow to the government. He has always done the most good he can with what he has, and if he’s not doing what you would do, get the fuck out there and do it yourself.

    I think Marc needs a taste of freedom most right now, with so much of it at stake and yet recently unremembered. As closely as I followed Marc’s prison podcast, I could hear symptoms of loneliness beginning to externalize. So Marc is tasting freedom like never before right now, which is what is best, as hard as he must fight for it.

    I will write to you, Marc, whenever I can get over the paranoia. I didn’t think a letter to you would mean as much to receive as it would to send, I see now how much they improve your spirits. Which would mean a lot to me, to lift your spirits in jail. I’m just so worried about surveillance, if I ever decide to start selling pot, this will increase my chances of getting busted. I can’t talk about that in the letters, but I think each one you get is from someone who knows they’re risking it just to reach out to you. Talk to you later, Marc, with luck and sanity I will be sending a letter to your residence next month instead.

  10. Anonymous on

    Now that you had a taste of european justice,(Being put in a cage for really no crime in your country?, and was never a crime, but a welcome in our countries too?) Now, that your out for awhile, and time to think, the question is; “How does it feel to walk in the shoes of the Indain nations this very goverment you bow to,has ruined? And now is about to ruin yours? How does being european, to be treated like us?” if you come to us, they will never get you for this? Something to weight and talk about? P&P!

  11. Anonymous on

    at least in the states, you get that money back when you go back to jail. it is just used to assure people won’t run. if he ran/didn’t show back up i believe that is the only way he will lose the $50k..
    glad you are out for a bit marc. hope you and the wife can enjoy this time together 🙂

  12. Anonymous on

    Just run and hide. You got enough friends to take care of ya! It is not worth it to waste years of your life bowing to the system which you fought against!!!

  13. Anonymous on

    It does not matter how you cut it. How many Canadian civil liberties are being violated by this “guilty plea”? I would say that 5 years is cruel and unusual punishment compared to any plea that was made against the charges brought against Emery by any police force or prosecutor in Canada. This exposes the currant flaw in the political ideology of our minority Conservative Government!

  14. joejibblets on

    I guess I always thought Americans stood for civil liberties. I guess not. It looks to me that Canadians have more guts to stand up for personal freedoms these days. We have 25% of the world’s prisoners here in the states. Nobody says shit about it either. I don’t even smoke pot but I should have the right to make that decision for myself. I never thought I would say this but I wish I was a Canadian.

  15. Caber1 on

    Great to see you in the fresh air no matter how short the time.
    I’m curious without wanting to be rude, but I was wondering if you’re able to indulge at all or do you risk failing a pee test?

  16. Anonymous on

    Congrats Marc! Glad to hear you have some time to spend with Jodie and others outside of the prison cell. Will be nice to get some sleep in a regular bed, in an environment where it’s quiet.

    Take care and thank you for continuing to write and give feedback to the community while in prison. Your podcasts have been excellent.

  17. Anonymous on

    Yeah, that’s right. Marc now has the AMA on his side saying that Cannabis is misclassified and really should be treated like alcohol. Not many 5 year sentences for alcohol, I suspect.

  18. Jay Dell on

    As the facts of truth come to the surface concerning the harms of marijuana.The AMA having to claim it as a MED ;NOT A CLASS 1,BRITIANS drug advisory claiming the truth marijuana is less harmfull than alchool and tobacco.

    We have them right where we want them and they just cant get out of the corner .The freedom of the 160 million peaceful marijuana users on this planet is getting closer and closer .

    In honour and glory be the truth!

    When in a corner the dog has a choice ,submit or not.
    The fact is the dog is out of breath and going to die of rabid behaviour.

    Peace is in the air and it smells great!

    Love freedom always.
    Crazy Bird

  19. Anonymous on

    I’m glad you’re out, Marc! Stay strong. I think about you often and send you the best of vibez!

  20. Cody M. on

    If Marc is lucky, the judge will have wised up and realized the things that are happening with marijuana, and give him a break do to all the recent activity in the states…possibly a reduced sentence? Say,…10 months with early release for good behavior? Marc Emery shouldn’t be extradited in the first place. His seed sales originated from Canada, and that’s where he should be punished for whatever crimes the government decides he committed. Not in a foreign nation with unjust laws that he does not claim as home. A person should be tried for their crimes in the country they committed them in, not somewhere else. Marc Emery didn’t kill someone in New York and run to Canada. He sold some damn seeds to people all over the planet. You didn’t see Interpol agents arresting him for selling seeds overseas as well as in the states; all you saw was some American politicians hiding behind gun toting brutes with a warrant signed by a judge who is loyal to a biased legal system thats scared of change. The Canadian parliament only went along with the government because they know the U.S. will invade if they decide they dont like ur country (i.e. the invasion of Iraq and the future invasion of Iran and the restarting of the Korean War(2015…watch for it)).

    The fact of the matter is, as long as this country is run by pencil pushin “pardon my french” bitches, we are going to be overrun with senseless policy and irrational thoughts that motivate the further degenerative properties that makes people hate this country; not for the people, but fore the way the government is. This country no longer operates under a previously described system of government. This is not a dictatorship, its not communism, its not a democracy…it’s just some ignorant ass little kid who doesn’t listen to what his parents say and does whatever he wants. He doesn’t care if you disapprove, just like the government doesn’t care if we disapprove of the acts and policies that pass through the white house office every day. They just do what they want to.

    In closing, if this doesn’t go the way things should…it’s alright, because they WILL get what they deserve for being the kind of people they are. You don’t cause someone misfortune who doesn’t deserve it without karma coming back and ruining something for you in the future. So It may not happen while they’re in office, but before the end of their time, they will feel the pain that they are causing Marc Emery (according to the karma system, that’s 10 fold.).

  21. Anonymous on

    I was thinking/hoping the same, Obama would have the 2012 election locked in, for Freeing Marc, you know this, and Obama even owes us 1. After the “blow off” and “chuckle” to his #1 question from America, Legalize and TAX to Grow the Economy!.

    “HaHa, I am not for legalization, now. I was just fooling around before the election on that issue.” ….Obama2009

  22. Anonymous on

    Smoke smoke smoke!

  23. Anonymous on

    Congrats Jodie and Marc!

    Enjoy your time out, and I wish you the best.

    Just keep your mind chill, and those yanks shall fail.

    Wish you the best at Seattle!

    One peace!

  24. Tom on

    Glad you’ve got a bit more free time mate. Hopefully the Americans can get Obama to drop the case. Seed sales have gone down heaps since you got shut down, from what I can gather. Everybody we must keep spreading the seed!
    Good luck Marc and Jodie!

    P.S Were the guards ACTUALLY professional?

  25. CharlieJ on

    I’m very pleased to read that Marc has been released to be with his family…even its for a little while. My hope is that the extradition order will never be signed and Marc will be released and free to live in peace! 🙂



  26. Dave on

    …yes, it’s time to “PROSECUTE THE PROSECUTORS”!

  27. Anonymous on

    They say his seed business was making millions per year and Canada refused to charge him. That means that if he hadn’t been extradited he would still be running that business with Canada’s blessings and over 5 year period he would have made about 20 million. Those are the damages plus another 30 for the mental anguish of his own country’s government conspiring to deprive him of his rights..

  28. Anonymous on

    Will Marc be making any TV appearances while he’s out to tell the nation that if Rob Nicholson signs his extradition order it will initiate one of the biggest lawsuits in Canadian history for willful and malicious violation of his section 6 Charter rights? I think Canadians should know how many millions of dollars the Conservatives will be costing them in 5 years. It’ll make the Maher Arar lawsuit look like peanuts.

  29. Anonymous on

    Im Glad that you 2 have alittle more time!!!

    FREE MARC!!!!

  30. jodie on

    The court ordered me released on certain conditions and with a $10,000 bond (cash) and 4 sureties locked in for $10,000 on default of my bail.

    So four people with property (land & house) have to commit to being responsible for me to the potential loss of $10,000 EACH = $40,000.

    Cash bond of $10,000 plus sureties of four property holders x $10,000 = $50,000 bail requirements.

    The idea of bail is to pose a deterrence for anyone who is thought to be a flight risk.

    Comment by Marc Emery

  31. Anonymous on

    I would imagine they only needed about $5,000 or 10% of the bail. At least that is how much my bail was at one point in time. Though that wasn’t for selling harmless “SEEDS”. Anyhow, I feel for you Marc. My house was raided over a bogus warrant the sheriff dept. came up with. Said they smelled something. WELL, you know what< I just smelled a fart> Did you smell that??? Actually, they looked at my… electric meter….. It was a medical grow and they stole all my medicine and rifled through all my personal possessions. Quite disgusting. I thought they were supposed to relax on the Cannabis Crackdowns in the U.S. Guess not!!! We are tax payers just like all the rest and we deserve a say…
    People… contact your local government or parliament member and let them know you are “Outraged” and want to see some change in your local community or surrounding area, dealing with the Ending of Prohibition of Cannabis. Another thing to let them know is, you are tired of the Police FORCE… FORCE, get it… What happened to education? Why is all are money going into putting more officers of the law on the streets to incarcerate people. Oh, never mind that though, we will just cut teachers and education programs, then build more privatized prisons. That should take care of those 90,000 juveniles arrested every year, due to lack of education.
    Your tax dollars pay there salary and they need to listen to you and take that to Washington or wherever the discussions happen that turn to laws. The point being, there are thousands upon thousands of us like-minded people and we need to get off our ass and quit being patriotic couch potatoes…. Majority rules, right. There are only a handful of government officials in comparison to the populous. Let’s do something about it.
    We all love and respect activist like Marc, Jack Herer, and Ed Rosenthal, just to name a few, but we cannot solely rely on these few individuals to make that change for us. They do help, don’t get me wrong, but the other thousands upon thousands of us in the cannabis community needs to step up to the plate as well.

  32. Ian on

    Excellent news – glad to hear you are out for now.

  33. merry jon on

    that 50 grand bail is refundable if marc doesn’t try to escape. congrats on getting out for now! i think the politicos will drop this case to score some points, something both the obama administration and their canuck lapdogs need more of. hang in there marc and jody!

  34. BuffaloBill on

    Congratulations Marc and Jodie!

  35. Anonymous on

    damn this is costing him $3571.43 a day or 148.50 an hour for freedom goddamn everyone do what you can even if it means 5 bucks outta your pay check or ne thing buy some old mags or a volcano homie i cant imagine payin 50,000 for 2 weeks of freedom