Cannabis Culture’s 2 Million-Fan Facebook Page Hacked – and Facebook Won’t Fix It (UPDATED and FIXED then HACKED AGAIN)

CANNABIS CULTURE – We’ve been hacked! Cannabis Culture‘s Facebook page – which has over 2.1 million fans – was hacked a few days ago and Facebook refuses to answer our reports or help us get it back. It is now spewing spam at a rapid pace.

UPDATE #3: We have been hacked a second time! Though our admins had gone through the security process, we were somehow hacked again. Waiting again for Facebook to help us again. Now on Day 5 (Monday, June 22) of the second hack.

UPDATE #2: We have control again! Thanks to Facebook for the eventual fix. Hope they reform the system for others who can’t get an inside media contact.

UPDATE #1: Thanks to a quick response from some of our friends in the mainstream press, we have now acquired the treasured Facebook media contact. The folks at FB have promised to correct the situation for us. Fingers crossed!

Marc Emery – marijuana activist and publisher of Cannabis Culture – also had his personal page with 333 thousand fans hacked. It’s posting the same spam and both pages are quickly losing support and likes.

Late Saturday evening or Sunday morning, an unknown hacker compromised Marc Emery’s personal Facebook account, and used it to make themselves administrator of the Cannabis Culture Magazine and Marc Emery pages and erased all of the other admins, locking us out.

All the spam links back to a website called and are seemingly random clickbait stories.

Marc Emery and the editors of Cannabis Culture have sent messages to every Facebook contact we could find, but only received automated messages that link us back to the online help centre, which is completely devoid of information about retrieving hacked Facebook pages.

Apparently we aren’t the only ones who have had this problem with Facebook not helping retrieve hacked pages. Even Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was hacked, but apparently he had no problem getting his back.

Our Cannabis Culture and Marc Emery pages have a combined 2.4 million fans – that’s the same as Tim Hortons and more than most other popular Canadian Facebook pages. Our pages are an important part of our business and activism, and we aren’t willing to lose them!

Please help Marc Emery and Cannabis Culture Magazine by sending Facebook a message.

Click here to send a message to Facebook and cut and paste the URL and the message below into the boxes.

Please help!

Cannabis Culture Magazine and Marc Emery Facebook pages have been hacked and are sending out spam.

These are important pages and I would like to see access returned to the editors. Please contact them at [email protected]

Thank you!

We are currently looking at legal options and attempting to find a real human contact at the impenetrable fortress known as Facebook customer service. If any reader has advice or a contact inside FB, please contact me at [email protected].

Watch this page for updates.

Jeremiah Vandermeer is editor-in-chief of Cannabis Culture & Pot TV. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.



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    Why are you guys using Face(cia) book. The guy who owns it is a fn Nazi.

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    csis? csec? etc