Dear Ed,

Fortunately my secretary is observant so she went to your website and now I am clear on your background.

You have sent me this email re: Amsterdam Fair asking if you can have some pictures of my bags in use so you can publish in your new indoor horticultural book. Now that I have seen your website I understand obviously you have had one too many joints and it’s blown away what may be left of your brain cells.

I also know why you were in Amsterdam as its policy on drugs suits your lifestyle and then you visit Horti Fair to see if they have any new drug growing equipment.

I am 66 years of age and had 15 years of personal torment as one of my children got involved in drugs and almost destroyed our marriage and my wife to the point of a nervous breakdown. When I looked at your website and saw your profile I decided next time I want to see this guy is between my headlights at high speed or in the sights of a gun. One day if you ever come back to earth you may realise how many families and innocent children’s lives you have destroyed.

You send me this cute email to fool me that you are heavily involved in horticulture and my product is great for growing beautiful trees when all along you are advocating using them for growing dope to destroy lives.

If I find that you use any of my photos for this purpose I will immediately lodge a complaint with the Chamber of Commerce in Australia who will forward to their appropriate associates in the USA and also to the Consul General and Senior Trade Commission Office in the United States.

Instead of wasting my time and let me think I have a genuinely interested author who wants to publish good things about growing common species of trees why didn’t you simply ask if you could use my bags for growing dope and it would save time.

By the way, do people like you ever feel guilty when you see or read about family break ups or drug related suicides? I guess the answer would be no as you don’t have enough brain cells left to think straight you idiot


Steve Turner,

Dear Steve…


…As for your insults, I am going to publish this letter and make sure it gets all around in Australia so everyone knows not to buy your bags because you don’t want them used for marijuana, I am sure you will appreciate that.


Ed Rosenthal



  1. Anonymous on

    too the one that said lets span his website i have already done this proclaiming to run a hydropnoics store in the usa with revenues of over 4,300,000 a year i said i stock your bags and promote them for summer growin and have sold them for 5 years and that i will stop carrying them and move to your next competitor thats also closer (in the usa) and more GREEN of a company i hope he reads it himself

  2. Anonymous on

    All you have to do to know why his kid was all messed up is listen to his letter. Sounds like this guy was bad at parenting and has very little understanding of the real issue.

  3. Anonymous on

    Sounds and read like a true european man? yes fell the hate in his words of a loss of his son? that is sad!, But what he failed as he try to put blame for this on ED was what kind of drug was your child strung out on? HE FAILED TO TELL ED THST?? It was probley white in color, and a power of some kind! Yet without know anything about cannabis(like a true european) he rants on it and ED? We who had HEMP,and Cannabis FIRST in the new world (about 8,900b.c. by the way you count time)Your child how he or she acts in your world reflecks how you and your wife rised him or her? You nearly split up because you were blaming each other for your child weakness, so it proves our point? europeans will always blame someone or something esle, but were the true flut lies, even to the point to hurt,or kill, or start a war? This man just because edis with a plant try to blame his child short falls on him and then want to run himover? He never meted ed but now he wants to kill him? This proves to you ALL in the movement THAT european thinking let alone,leads to WARS!!! Time to change the leadership of this movement, and FAST!! why, in general, europeans are goning nuts!! and the rest of the world rembers WW2!! all to well were still healing from that? So leadership change is most needed to Keep this type of european thinking from evere getting loose on the world again! By any standards this person in the eyes of the TRIBES around this WORLD This european Steve is the problem not any answers learn from this poor person mistakes and dont act, or followthis type behavior, it why the world pissed at europeans right now, that and colionies too.

  4. Str8upstoner on

    Lets get together and make sure this guy never sells another bag to a stoner again and contact him on his website and make sure he knows it’s happening!!!

  5. Zanny on

    Steve, Now lets be honest. Your son/daughter that has a drug problem, was Marijauna all they were using? were they using street drugs? which is different and unpredictable. Everyone’s experience is different, your opinion is great but there are many possible health benefits. That is why it is used all over N.America, and world, and becoming legalized. In my experience, it works for my son as medicine. He was in institutions, group homes, gang life. And on heavy prescribed medicine that wacked him out. Today is is graduating form high school this year, and uses it as medicine, which works. It can be used for many aliments including anxiety, like walking in a class room. You need to look at the under lying problem. Most often some is related to the parents. Did you read your own blog and see the vengeance in your words.Do you think this is good parenting. Self examination is in order here. Be a part of the solution Steve, not the problem. Sincerely, Zanny. Madison, Wi

  6. Anonymous on

    Now when you google Wangara Easy Fill Bags you find ED’s blog article is the first several results. Now all of his potential customers will see what a putz he is and just go to the grocery store and buy a package of garbage bags instead. Like anybody needs a specially made plastic bag.

  7. Anonymous on

    Yeah, report the bastard to the police for threatening to murder you. What a jackass. Sure, we’ve all heard of people who have had their lives destroyed by pot, almost as many as have been destroyed by coffee. I think HE is the one running on 3 remaining brain cells.

  8. Anonymous on

    Ed was going to promote this company in his book FOR FREE.

    This guy probably sells way more bags to growers than he thinks.

    As you wish Fagbag

  9. Worm on

    If i was his kid i probably would have become a drug addict too, and i am sure he was the cause of his wifes breakdown.

    Peace & Pot

  10. MPP Movement on

    This is one of the most brain washed responses that I have ever heard. He actually thinks that marijuana causes people to go insane and commit suicide and that it breaks up families. Wow, you cannot find a more perfect example of Reefer Madness than this person. It’s funny, I love people who think pot is bad and it destroy lives, I like to tell these people to keep up the fight cause we are coming and the progression of the marijuana movement will succeed because there are more and more educated people who are opposed to prohibition. Like myself. Thank you, Ed.

  11. Dirty Harry on

    Mr. Rosenthal,

    “I decided next time I want to see this guy is between my headlights at high speed or in the sights of a gun.”

    To me, it sounds like the guy just threatened your life.
    It is one thing to say he doesn’t want his product used for this or that, but to come out and say the above??? I think that is close to a threat.

  12. Anonymous on

    “guarantee was NOT afflicted by pot”

  13. Anonymous on

    i can guarantee his family was afflicted by pot. I can understand his response rooted in personal pain. fear makes him lump all drugs and people who use them into one bin, however pot simply isnt that drug, nor does it lead to those drugs. (Self destructive people may start with pot, but its not a path inherant to the substance)

    He has my compassion for his pain. I hope he can overcome his pain and zealotry that in turn causes him to wish harm on others and feel the need to try to control the lives of others personal decisions.

  14. Anonymous on

    The only reason his life fell apart is because cannabis is illegal, now if it were legal, im sure his family wouldnt have fallen apart, and he’d be praising Mr. Rosenthal, if not begging for his endorsement.

  15. the Anonymous 1 on

    i once herd a joint in autrailia went for 20 something bucks so 40 a gram plus at these rates its no wonder they have a drug problem for the same price i can get blow and pills for alot cheaper and the high will last longer then some schwaggy cheap shit if only more people used his supplys to grow more better marijuana this would drive down the prices and stop more people from using these REAL DRUGS that do steal lives when abused!!!

  16. Anonymous on

    This man needs to be helping his child get through his difficulties and fixing his troubled marriage, instead of wasting all of this time researching and threatening people who have nothing to do with his misfortunes. I hope things work out for him but please do not blame others and the world for your problems. It is time for him to stop playing the blame game and instead doing everything necessary to save his son and his marriage.