Marc Emery Rallies at MP Offices Across Canada

CANNABIS CULTURE – Supporters of Marc Emery showed up at their member of parliaments’ offices last weekend to protest the pot activist’s extradition to the United States for selling seeds.

Protesters waved signs and chanted at offices in several Canadian cities including Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Calgary Southwest riding and NDP leader Jack Layton’s Toronto—Danforth riding.

Calgary, Alberta – Stephen Harper’s Riding – Photos by Debbie Fagin

Toronto, Ontario – Jack Layton’s Riding – Photos by Stephane Vera

Napanee, Ontario – Photos by Chris Baragar

Lethbridge, Alberta – Photos by Fiona Doherty

Kamloops, BC – Photos by Princess Legends

Click here to see all photos in the CC gallery on Flickr (or view gallery below).

We encourage supporters to protest at your MP offices ANYTIME! This is an effective way to bring attention to the issues of marijuana law reform and Marc’s imprisonment! We need to keep the pressure on our Members of Parliament. Click here to find out other ways to help Free Marc Emery!

Marc Emery is a marijuana activist imprisoned at North Fraser Pretrial Centre in Port Coquitlam, B.C. awaiting extradition to the United States for selling marijuana seeds and using the profits to fund pot activist groups.

Click here to find your Member of Parliament’s office.

Click here to find Free Marc Emery signs and posters.

Click here to read more about Political Prisoner Marc Emery.

Click here to go to the “Free Marc Emery Rally @ ALL MP Offices Across Canada” Facebook Page.



  1. Anonymous on

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  2. Anonymous on

    Do you have any idea how foolish and childish you sound??? You’d have been better off just keeping this “revelation” to yourself!

  3. Anonymous on

    A great show of courage and freedom. All of you deserve all the gratitude in the world for taking a public stand against the imprisonment of Mr. Emery. I’m behind you all 100%, and sent an email to my riding’s senator strongly compelling him to vote no to the draconian bill C-15. Kep up the good fight and I hope Marc will soon be a free man again.

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  5. Anonymous on

    Something is still better than nothing. Probably most people just don’t think their actions will make any difference. Rob Nicholson just ignores Canadian citizens, doesn’t even have the decency to reply with a form letter. They are elected or appointed already, they don’t give a crap now about the nobodies who pay their over inflated salaries, ie; Canadian citizens.

    Nobody even sees Nicholson and rarely see Harper, except for the odd badly sung Beatles song video. A thousand Canadians could all get on down their knees in front of Nicholson and Harper and beg them to at least acknowledge their existence and Harper would say “did you hear something, Rob”, to which Nicholson would reply “yeah, sounds like a bunch of people who don’t have a pile of cash in their hands for me, can’t quite make out what they’re saying though”.

  6. David on

    I hope those picture aren’t of all the people that showed up at each one because that few people protesting outside a building doesn’t make that big of a statement. It just makes it look like a few people disagree with what’s happening to Marc. While the majority could care less, or worse agree with it. I’m surprised that all those people I see on the 420 videos on youtube at the BC art gallery I think it is. Don’t all show up to support Marc. If all those people showed up that would make a huge statement. BC had a decent size crowd. Although the rest could have done a better job of getting the word out, and showing up to support Marc. I hope everyone of them made an appointment to speak with their elected officials, and didn’t just stand outside holding a sign the whole time.

  7. Anonymous on

    I promise it wasn’t because I was high ;_;

  8. Anonymous on

    Great job on the rallies! 🙂