Barry Cooper For Texas Attorney General 2010

Barry Cooper is currently running for Attorney General of Texas on a “Pro-Gun, Pro-Pot, Pro-Family” platform, and when he gives a speech you can feel the excitement and energy he brings to the room. His bold, charismatic, “in your face” style is always balanced with good-natured humor as he speaks passionately to audiences about the injustices and prejudices of American society that he has witnessed first-hand, both as a former law enforcement officer and current political activist.

Barry lives with his wife and business partner Candi in Austin, Texas along with their four kids who are taught using a combination of public and home schooling. The result? Their 16-year-old daughter Kelsie just finished her first semester at Austin Community College, after completing only one year of high school. Barry believes in keeping a tight connection with his family because he has seen what happens to kids who grow up in torn families. “When I was young, I would always ask older people what they would change in their life if they could go back in time. The majority stated that they would have spent more time with their kids. Candi and I won’t have that regret.”

Barry is an eight-year veteran of Texas law enforcement, and began his career as a police dispatcher for the Gladewater Police Department. He was soon hired by the Big Sandy Police Department, where he trained his own narcotics detector dog and shortly thereafter became one of the top highway interdiction officers in East Texas.

Barry was eventually hired by the Permian Basin Drug Task Force in Odessa, Texas, where he received extensive training in all aspects of drug interdiction, and worked joint operations with the ATF, DEA, FBI, Border Patrol and U.S. military. Barry also served as a police academy instructor and field training officer.

Barry now admits that during his “tour of duty” in the War on Drugs, his conscience often bothered him while seeing everyday, hard-working, non-violent citizens torn from their children and spouses and placed in jail for drug possession after a raid or traffic stop.

“I knew what I was doing was wrong, but my need for fame, adrenaline and peer acceptance overrode my good conscience.”

Barry now realizes that the War on Drugs is actually a War on People — and that is something he intends to change when elected Attorney General of Texas.

“This ‘War on People’ is a failed policy. We have more prisoners of this War in jail then ever before, yet even the DEA admits we have more potent drugs and a larger supply of drugs available at a cheaper price than ever before.”

After leaving law enforcement, Barry began building small businesses for a living. He is the former owner of three car dealerships, a tire shop, a nightclub, a limousine service and a cage fighting company. Barry continued his education by returning to college and joining the debate team where he learned skills that he uses to educate people about the enormous amount of propaganda and disinformation used by the government.

Barry also currently works as an expert witness in the field of police misconduct and he was recently a guest instructor for the Texas Criminal Defense Attorney’s Association.

It was clear to Barry that the courts were doing nothing to uphold the 4th amendment rights of citizens which protects them from unreasonable searches and arrests. This is when Barry decided to release the “Never Get Busted” series of DVDs, in order to teach otherwise law-abiding citizens how to stay out of jail for something as harmless as the possession and use of marijuana. That said, Barry is by no means soft on crime when there are actual victims. And as a former police officer, he knows all too well the strain the War on Drugs is placing on law enforcement.

“If we released all non-violent drug offenders from prison tomorrow, we would empty 55% of the federal prisons, save billions of taxpayer’s dollars, have room in our prisons for the people who really belong there – the sex offenders, violent criminals, murderers and thieves who cause harm against persons and property. If somebody abuses drugs and they harm persons or their property, then I have no problem with locking them up for the damage they have done. Place them in jail for the real crime, not the drug. Locking people away just for taking a substance causes far more harm to society than the drugs ever did.

Millions of citizens (mostly children) take methamphetamine safely every day in the form of Ritalin and Adderall. I don’t agree with giving our children these medications but the point is, they take it safely without committing crimes. I grew up when methamphetamine was legal and commonly prescribed for weight loss to millions of citizens. These citizens took the methamphetamine daily without committing crimes. Similarly, millions of citizens take heroin every day in the form of Hydrocodone and Oxycontin and never commit crimes.

Years ago my grandparents could legally purchase cocaine as a wonderful “pick me up” just like coffee. They never committed any crimes. Citizens have been terrified of this drug because of the insane propaganda that bombarded their televisions and newspapers during the crack wars of the 80’s.

Prohibition does not work and never will. Prohibition never changes the demand for anything, it only changes the supplier. My grandfather would much rather have kept buying his liquor from Jack Daniels but prohibition forced him to go to Al Capone for the alcohol. Americans would much rather purchase their pot cigarettes from Marlboro but they are forced to give their money to the cartels because of prohibition. Same for coke, heroin and meth. Can methamphetamine, heroin and cocaine be harmful? Yes they can and so can automobiles, swimming, alcohol, tobacco and prescription pills but these are not prohibited. Crimes against persons and property are the only acts that should be prohibited. Character imperfections such as selfishness and dishonor cause people to commit crimes, not the drugs. Drugs never cause people to do things against their will. Legalize, educate and control but don’t prohibit.”

Shortly after releasing the Never Get Busted DVDs, Barry’s story made the front page of the Dallas Observer and Houston Press and got picked up by over 300 other newspapers and magazines around the world, including Rolling Stone, High Times, Radar and Cannabis Culture.

Barry has also been a featured guest on many well-known radio and television talk shows, including Geraldo At Large on Fox, Tucker Carlson on MSNBC, The Adam Corolla Radio Show, Playboy Radio, the Mike and Juliet Morning Show and the syndicated Todd and Tyler Radio Show. He was also recently featured on two episodes of the hit Spike TV show, Manswers.

Coming off the success of Never Get Busted, Barry took his “War on the War on Drugs” to a whole new level with the Internet reality show KopBusters. After being asked for help by the father of a girl who had been framed for drug possession by a group of corrupt police officers in Odessa, Texas, Barry used his extensive law enforcement training to catch the officers conducting an illegal raid on a “grow house” containing two miniature Christmas trees.

Since Barry had rented the house and wired it with hidden cameras, he was able to capture the raid on video and prove the police lied to obtain the search warrant. The sting also exposed a judge’s willingness to sign a warrant without probable cause.

The first episode of KopBusters was so popular that it attracted over 2 million hits in just two days and the word “KopBusters” ranked number ten as the most searched for word on Google. The sting brought so much attention to the Odessa PD that the judge in the girl’s case was forced to re-examine the evidence against her. (The outcome of the appeal process has yet to be decided.)

Since KopBusters first appeared on the Internet in late 2008, Barry has signed a deal with Twentieth Century Fox Television to produce a scripted series based on his life. He has also signed a deal with a New York company to produce KopBusters as a reality show.

See KopBuster’s Reality Show Video Trailer

Barry’s campaign strategy is to win votes by traveling across Texas and stinging crooked police officers with his KopBusters film crew in tow. Along with this unique form of high-profile media campaign, Barry is also going grassroots by sending out campaign supporters to courthouses across Texas. Their mission is to teach jury members that they have the right to not convict people for laws they think are unfair.

Within 30 days of being sworn in as Attorney General of Texas, Barry will order every Police Chief and Sheriff in the state to travel to Austin and attend my three-day conference outlining how the Texas Criminal “Injustice System” is going to change. Barry outlines the new policies:

“Just as police must be tazed to carry a tazer, all police will have to spend a night in jail (away from the population for safety) as part of their yearly sensitivity training. This certainly would have helped me be a more compassionate officer if I had had to smell the smells, hear the sounds, feel the staleness and eat the food in our Texas prisons.”

“Since all citizen lawsuits against police will go to my office, I will have a “Zero-Tolerance” policy regarding any officer who performs an illegal search and/or violates a citizen’s civil rights. I will pay the citizens a settlement and the officer will be fired immediately.”

“I will begin approving lawsuits from prisoners living in overcrowded and inhumane conditions. This will force the private and state prisons to release the non-violent citizens of Texas, because the prisons will not be able to afford the high cost of paying prisoners for legitimate civil rights violations.”

“I will invite the ATF out of Texas, allowing voters to decide what gun laws are to be enforced. Full protection of the Second Amendment is a key component of my campaign platform.”

“I will make the enforcement of any marijuana-related crimes the absolute lowest priority for Texas law enforcement. I will also be quick to consider any searches or arrests for marijuana “unreasonable.” This will not only discourage marijuana arrests in Texas but will also get cops to start going after the real criminals.”

“I may not be able to make the laws as your Attorney General, but I can approve any lawsuits from citizens who were arrested for using a harmless plant.”

“In closing, I’m not soft on crime — I’m just hard on unjust and unfair laws. And thanks in advance for your vote!”

– From Barry Cooper For Texas Attorney General.



  1. Worm on

    As i said in a previous post when you believe in something you will use any analogy to try and make a point no matter how rediculous. Hopefully Obama will reform your outdated gun laws like he is doing with your health care. Now to end this discussion, i will say i dont believe we need millions of guns in todays society, in my opinion. Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one and everyone thinks everyone else’s stinks.

    Peace & Pot

  2. Worm on

    It doesn’t surprise me.

  3. laughing at worm on

    Naive, man. As a youth I was involved in some shady stuff. I had guns that I purchased for both mayhem and protection. I never went into any store and purchased them. I had access to guns that were illegal in my state. No law could stop me from the ability to purchase a weapon. The only thing those laws did was make it more expensive to purchase them. What is really scary was I once was told that I could buy a couple grenades.

    So tell me what is going to protect you from my former self? The cops usually take a few minutes to respond to an emergency call. It could take less than 2 minutes for a victim to bleed out. Also your burglar argument is stupid. A burglar is not looking for a confrontation, they want your shit. A killer looks for those who are easiest to target. I have been chased by a homeowner with a gun and guess what? I never fucked around with them again.

    Besides all that, what happens if our supposed democracy becomes life-threatening? Are you just going to let whatever our oppressors decide is the best means of control of the population happen? An unarmed man has no means of protecting his family when it could matter most.

  4. Anonymous on

    hey worm were all entitled to our opinions but in Texas, firearms are a big part of our history. For example, the Battle of Gonzales, beginning of our revolution is a huge rallying cry in our state for gun ownership. The majority here are responsible gun owners: hunters, farmers, sportsmen, etc. Personally, in my family firearms are a tradition, once used as tools on the ranch and farms of my ancestors, now used for sport and hunting. My brothers and I own heirloom firearms that have been passed down multiple generations, and were taught at a young age proper gun use, maintenance, marksmanship, gun safety, etc. both from my dad and through scouts. Guns are an important part of our culture, so please be respectful of honest and responsible gun owners. (those who use guns to kill their fellow man are NOT honest and responsible gun owners)

  5. adam on

    No and I still don’t see where you were being sarcastic.

  6. Worm on

    Adam, I thought you would have figured out sarcasm when you heard it.

    Peace & Pot

  7. Worm on

    Adam, I thought you would have figured out sarcasm when you heaed it.

    Peace & Pot

  8. Adam on

    Oh and after WWI there were machine guns everywhere they were allowed to be. In switzerland that WAS everywhere. Gun rights are one of the key reasons a land war would be nearly impossible to fight in America. Hitler really did call Switzerland the “little porcupine” because after WWI, automatic weapons were extremely proliferous in Switzerland, in an invasion the whole population could become a militia in an hour, and the meat grinder that was WWI claimed so, SO many casualties because of those new automatic weapons. Sorry worm, guns save lives.

  9. adam on

    Worm, I thought you would figure out what I meant by the criminals thing. You really don’t understand criminals, do you? I do. They are going to have guns no matter what because criminals kill each other. That is also illegal. What kind of laws do you think we can pass that only criminals will obey? They don’t obey any of them. They will have guns and they are proven to be more likely to kill you in every place where they can safely assume you won’t be armed.

    As for your hip, I have injured myself at least once in my life with probably half of all the tools I’ve ever used. I’ve injured myself with a kitchen knife one time last year and I’m lucky to have one of my fingers. It’ll happen as often to you too, and from your hip, you can lose a toe. Do you want the government in our kitchens, too? They’d like to be.

  10. one12alpha on

    I agree, we would probably be better off with out guns all together. But people will have them. Some think we’d be better off without drugs all together, maybe they’re right. But people will use them. There is just no sense in restricting everyone because a few people cannot control themselves, or act appropriately in our society. I don’t think I (or anyone else) should be a criminal, but I am, because I(they) smoke marijuana from time to time. I don’t think responsible people should be criminals, just for owning an inanimate object.

    I could kill someone from miles away with some poorly manufactured meth. In 1986 aspirin was laced with cyanide. You could have a bad reaction to something laced in your pot…if you are unaware of it, or ignorant to its possibility. The difference is, people will take them of their own choosing, and most likely no one will be brought to justice. If drugs were legal, they could be obtained and manufactured in a safe and controlled manner. If guns remain legal, they can, to some extent, be controlled and tracked. Ownership made known to appropriate authorities. Actions can be taken to persuade owners to store them safely. Its not perfect, but its better than banning them and hoping the problem goes away.

    Besides, your more likely to die from a heart attack than a gunshot….maybe we should outlaw and control food.

    Peace & Pot indeed………..Soilent Green is people.

  11. Worm on

    You think that is a safe and effective place to store a gun? How can you defend yourself if your gun is in a locked box, are you carrying the box around with you. I am sure hitler was thinking about other things rather than switzerlands “guns rights”. Once again a really bad arguement. OK then only criminals cant have guns.

    Peace & Pot

  12. Worm on

    As I said any comparison between drugs and guns is rediculous, Lets see you kill someone from 50 feet with a joint or a needle or a bag of coke or whatever drug you choose. Lets just say we agree to disagree because this debate could go on forever. I dont think people should be walking the streets with guns and you think they should have that right.

    Peace & Pot

  13. one12alpha on

    I never made the comparison that a joint and a loaded gun are the same thing. I did however compare that drugs in the wrong hands, is comparable to a gun in the wrong hands. I did not mention a specific drug, because there are many that can be quite harmful, even lethal. I also compared that ignorance, neglect, recklessness, and violence are common with drugs as well. And that people have been harmed, and died as a result of both. I also compared that the laws(from city to federal) are violated, regardless of how strict the laws are. There are some countries(Malaysia) where death is a penalty for possession of marijuana, and people have died over it.

    It is the same attitude, that you express toward guns, that was and is expressed toward cannabis, and is what made/keeps cannabis illegal. I could just as easily justify prison style rules on your logic. No more knives in your kitchen. Hell no forks either, only soft plastic sporks. Someone could go all Manson family on me! Lets bubble wrap the world!

    Why cannot you see the utility of a fire arm in agriculture? If you own live stock(or crops) on a farm, you are their keeper…you are their shepard. They are your lively hood, and you theirs. You provide for them everything, and they feed you, pay for your house, put clothes on your back, etc. If they fall prey to predator/pest you will protect them. And seriously, there are a few Olympic events that involve shooting, and there are many competitions across the country for a variety of fire arms. There have been sporting events for multitudes of weapons throughout history, fire arms are no different. Most of these events go without incident, because responsible, respectful, trained and safety conscious people participate. Negligence, recklessness, and ignorance are not tolerated.

    I do agree though, there is no need for machine guns. Unless of course war is your intent. Its sure isn’t mine. Been there, done that, enough said. I’m sure could come up with a sort of sport involving machine guns, but I’m creative like that. Point is though, there is simply no use in sport or in agriculture. So we have laws for that. In order to own a machine gun, you must obtain a certification from the ATF…I think that’s a federal law(and as all educated cannabis activists should know by now, federal always trumps state law) I’m not positive, but at leas where I am from, you are not permitted to carry a loaded weapon, especially with out any permit to conceal it. Generally gun laws are more strict in densely populated cities, and looser in rural areas. I don’t think the current laws are to unreasonable. But as I said, people will break them, regardless of the penalty.

    Remember, even though war is a poor conclusion in a political quarrel, it is often necessary to overcome oppression….who worse to oppress than gun owners?

  14. adam on

    Gun rights are important. Everyone has the right to defend themselves. There are safe and effective ways to store guns, ie. on your hip or in a locked safe or box, loaded, with the key on your person. If I owned a gun I would feel safe doing it that way, and if I was American, I would own a gun. Homicide rates are highest in New York, Washington, D.C. and Chicago because those are places in America where guns are illegal, and criminals are the only people with guns. Gun laws don’t keep would-be murderers from worrying about the extra 6 months it’s going to get them but they keep your liberties safe.
    As for your rednecks remark, I think the south are so strong on gun rights because the generations who followed the civil war knew it was really about state rights and liberties – Abe Lincoln wrote the Emancipation Proclamation only to affect states in the south, where it did nothing because he knew it would have no teeth. He didn’t free the slaves in the north until he absolutely had to five whole years later because he had gone and killed all those americans, and wouldn’t admit it was about them not paying taxes to him. So it’s not really just a redneck thing, it’s a liberty thing. Gun rights kept Hitler from invading Switzerland, they were allowed to own any kind of weapon. He called it “the little porcupine.”

  15. Worm on

    If you think that carrying around a loaded gun and carrying around a joint are similiar then how can i argue with that. When you believe in something you will make any comparison to justify it. There is no use in todays society for handguns and machine guns and am happy to not have to worry about someone going to the corner store and buying a gun, then going on a killing rampage because someone called him an asshole. I couldn’t help laugh when i saw Obama giving a speech and seeing some guy in the crowd with his gun in his holster, I thought what year is this. Maybe the states should rewrite the 300 year old document to reflect the times.

    Peace to the families of Fort Hood.

  16. Worm on

    Still in the dark ages. What a redneck, dont take MY gun hyuk hyuk hyuk.

  17. Barefoot dude on

    Selling shoes? WTF!? Beat it.

  18. Anonymous on

    The thing about guns is they’re no good unless they’re loaded, and that takes time. Especially if you’re a responsible gun owner (with toddlers who could shoot themselves) and keep the ammo locked up AWAY from the weapon. If the criminals or feds or police (or whoever you think might attack you in your home) enter do you really think you’ll be able to get that gun loaded in time? In addition, having a loaded gun in some drawer or even “hidden away”, then if the intruder didn’t have a gun before entering your dwelling, he likely will find it (burglars, etc. usually know just where to look for stuff like that) and use it on you. Hell, if you’re dumb enuff to keep a gun loaded and under your pillow; you could roll over on it and empty it into yourself. (happens every day)

  19. Anonymous on

    Barry definitely has my vote.

    How many Texas attorney generals in recent years have actively put their butts on the line to defend the civil rights of the general public? He could have pocketed all the money from his DVD sales and stayed out of the activism community. Instead, Barry has taken a very active role in fighting for the civil liberties and civil rights of others.

    In case people missed what happened a while back, Senator John Whitmire (D-Houston) submitted a bill to help reduce the widespread abuse of property seizures in Texas done under the guise of drug enforcement operations (Senate Bill 1529 – SB1529). The basic game is the officers stop people, threaten them with various threats, and take their money and property in return for not formally charging them with anything. When Senator Whitmire submitted the bill, the other legislators stalled it until it died in committee. They didn’t want the rules to change.

    Here is an interview from June 2009 with Senator Whitmire detailing the thefts and abuses.

    Here is the text of the bill:

    Notice that he had to specify the following in it…
    The bill would address such misuses by specifically prohibiting certain expenditures, including expenditures for alcohol, judicial training or education, certain travel expenses, political contributions, and most types of donations. It also would prohibit elected officeholders who are on the way out of office from spending the funds without approval by a commissioners court or a city’s governing body.
    In other cases of abuses, the law has been used to seize the property of persons who were never charged with, much less convicted of, a crime. One newspaper account reported that between 2006 and 2008, the east Texas town of Tenaha, with a population of 1,000, seized property from at least 140 motorists, with criminal charges filed against fewer than half. Motorists told of being coerced and threatened until they waived their rights to their property in exchange for release and no criminal charges.

    No legislators other than Senator John Whitmire are fighting to protect Texas citizens against predatory asset seizures by police. One has to ask why the others don’t want to protect Texans from predatory forfeiture tactics.

    If elected, Barry Cooper will be another person in Texas government who will help protect citizens against such abuses. Texans have already seen what everyone else in the current government lineup will do.

    Barry is determined to put an end to these sorts of abuses. If you haven’t already heard, east and west Texas are infested with drug enforcement arrest and seizure abuses. Texans need someone in office who has shown that he will protect them…even when he has to use his own money, equipment, and personal time to do so.

    Vote for Barry Cooper if you want to put an end to Texans being shaken down and abused for profits. He is the only person running for Attorney General who has a proven track record of openly helping people stand up against crooked police and abusive behaviors without caving or backing down when threatened and told to leave the status quo alone.

  20. Mitch w on

    Very well said, Alpha.

  21. one12alpha on

    Guns and drugs are quite similar in certain ways. You’re right, no one has died directly from the use of marijuana. But, people have died because of marijuana, be it from; trigger happy police, over zealous cartels, botched drug deals, etc. All of that could have been prevented if marijuana was as easily accessible as a pack of smokes.

    Guns kill people, true enough… they kill anything you SHOOT at. But outlawing guns would do the same as outlawing cannabis…make, previously innocent, people criminals. It would make only those willing to be part of the criminal underground armed. Guns aren’t going away any time soon, weapons have been a part of our society since we sharpened sticks. I agree, we would be much better off if there were NO guns…but there are guns, and there will always be guns. It is better to control them- and punish the F&%K out of negligent, malicious, and ignorant gun owners- than to make criminals out of law abiding, peaceful, informed people.

    Further more, like cannabis, guns are a part of life for many people. People use them for sport(an Olympic event even), to protect their livestock from predators, to protect their crops from pests, and to protect them selves from violent criminals that our law enforcement seems to busy(chasing after marijuana) to “get”, and others just collect them with no intent of ever using them.

    So, yes, guns in the wrong hands is a dangerous situation. But, making them illegal wont change that…if anything it would make it worse. At the same time, drugs in the wrong hands, is also a dangerous situation. You cant blame the object for the actions they are used for. If we did that, nearly everything would be illegal; electricity, knifes, baseball bats, water, fire, plastic bags… You name it, its probably been used to harm someone.

    That’s why we have laws against those actions…we just need to enforce them more strongly, and not release the offenders to make room for drug users. And that is exactly what Barry Cooper intends to do.

  22. Anonymous on

    Guns are just like drugs??? That needs some clarifying. Sure, alcohol is just like a gun because it causes death and violence. People die from guns and alcohol, but no-one dies from marijuana. Who would you rather face, a crook pointing a gun at your head or a crook pointed a reefer at your head. Not the same…

  23. Anonymous on

    He lost you on Pro Gun? Well then your just an idiot….guns are similar to drugs. You have retards that are irresponsible and hurt other people so you want to take my rights away? You should never ever ever ever trust your government enough to let them disarm you.

  24. Anonymous on

    HELL YES! Barry you’ve got my vote.

  25. Anonymous on

    Everybody is just doing that, of what they think they just can get away with !

    I mean fucking Everybody… not only just us/them.

    In everyones job there are these little dirty details and tricks one has got to know in order to live a fulfilled life.


  26. Anonymous on

    Everybody is just doing that, of what they think they just can get away with !

    I mean fucking Everybody… not only just us/them.

    In everyones job there are these little dirty details and tricks one has got to know in order to live a fulfilled life.


  27. Anonymous on

    Everybody is just doing that, of what they think they just can get away with !

    I mean fucking Everybody… not only just us/them.

    In everyones job there are these little dirty details and tricks one has got to know in order to live a fulfilled life.


  28. Worm on

    Sorry Barry but you lost me with “pro gun”. I guess that will take a few more millenium of evolution.

    Peace and Pot.

  29. Chino on

    I paid Never Go Hungry Inc. for the Kopbusters pre-sale almost a yr ago and still have not got my merchandise (autographed copy of the vid w/ exectutive producer credits) I would really like what I was promised… AT LEAST get back to me when I email! I think it’s a great idea…otherwise I would not have sent my cash to help w/ production costs. Carl, Thunder Bay, Ont.