Republican Mom Says Legalization a ‘Conservative Issue’

CANNABIS CULTURE – A Republican activist and mother of two appeared on FOX News to call for the legalization of marijuana.

Jessica Corry, a former press secretary for a Republican Senator, joins a growing chorus of women speaking out against marijuana prohibition.

“I’m a life-long Republican,” she said. “I believe we as a party have failed to uphold our commitment to individual rights and responsibility. If somebody wants to smoke marijuana or if they want to consume too many cheeseburgers, that’s their right. And I as a taxpayer don’t think I should have to fund a prohibition against that behavior.”

Watch the video on YouTube.



  1. DiamondInDaRuff on

    I would like to meet her since I am a female who has supported legalization here in Florida for ten years……nice to see a women’s movement since there are quite a few females who use cannabis;might bring more females out of the closet so they feel comfortable supporting the cause or even talking about it…this is confusing because here in Florida the male Republican leaders have not supported any kind of legalization of cannabis here not even for medicinal purposes….Both Republican leaders, Jeb Bush and Charlie Crist have both made it more than clear it will not happen here while they are in office….I recently found out Bill McCoullum(I don’t think the spelling is right on his last name, sorry)the Attorney General? here is advertising with that he supports our cannabis movement but then again I am told it is an election I feel he/others is/are trying to support this only for votes….I could be wrong…aren’t all the Republicans on the same team…I was a Republican until I found that it was the Democrats who were supporting reform efforts for real…maybe I am wrong on that, too(the new Democrat here for my area has not written me back yet on this issue, and that is a shame since I was passing out his flyers)……I am in the process of collecting signatures here in Florida to legalize cannabis for medicinal purposes… has also been brought to my attention that there are quite a few cannabis support groups who are all in a race to be the one to bring this ship in to the shore so to speak, to get the credit for being the “one” who got it done…this political division between groups who support the cause and the competitiveness between the cannabis support groups may actually be what is hindering our cause to no avail……one cause, one purpose, all races, all religions, all political groups, all sexes, etc……one team made of people who support our one goal…cannabis legalization…..crying shame we all can’t get this done, by now especially…thanks for being a supporter…..from Boca Raton, FL

  2. Anonymous on

    The Republican party of Lincoln’s time is actually the Democratic party of today, fyi. Invalid argument.

  3. Anonymous on

    Maybe so, but I guarantee that most of the ignorant masses who watched that newscast came away with: “ahh she’s just a pothead!”

  4. Anonymous on

    ooo presidential MILF !!!

  5. Anonymous on

    A Republican emancipated the slaves in the U.S. Don’t tell me the next President (possibly G.O.P. the way Obama’s popularity is going) will get the historical credit for ending marihuana prohibition!? Please say it won’t be so!

  6. Anonymous on

    Move over Senator Chong we got a new breed of candidate!

  7. Anonymous on

    A real republican she is!

  8. Beavis on

    This lady needs to be put on the pulpit a little more. she could help lead us to a victory by getting moms on our side!!!

  9. Anonymous on

    cute,conservative, successful AND smart. I like her : )

  10. Jomila on

    This is the kind of people that the public needs to see behind the movement. Not your typical hippy pothead, not that it isn’t important for them to be behind it, but the majority of the public can look at someone like her and say, WOW maybe she is right and actually listen.

  11. Cremater on

    While I am not Republican It is nice to see that there are still some Republicans out there that are willing to still walk the Republican mantra.

    Personal freedom, small government and fiscal responsibility.

    I would venture a guess that she has no intention of ever lighting up a joint, but she understands the damage that the war on drugs does to not only the ones using drugs but to the general population as well in terms of government intervention and fiscal stupidity.