Emery Could Be Extradited as Early as Wednesday

Activist Marc Emery faces a 5-year prison sentence in the United States and could be transferred south as soon as this week. (Picture by Joseph Kamon)Activist Marc Emery faces a 5-year prison sentence in the United States and could be transferred south as soon as this week. (Picture by Joseph Kamon)CANNABIS CULTURE – For almost a month supporters of Marc Emery have camped outside of the North Fraser Pretrial Centre where the Vancouver activist is being held. Emery, who faces extradition for selling marijuana seeds through the mail, could be sent to the United States as early as Wednesday.

“24 Hours a day, 7 days a week people have been camped outside to show their support for my husband” said Jodie Emery, “Hundreds of people have attended and the honks of support from passing vehicles are nearly constant. How can the Justice Minister ignore this huge outpouring of public support for Marc?”

Thousands of Canadians have called, emailed, faxed or written the Justice Minister in support of Emery. So far, Minister Nicholson has not responded, though the New Democratic Party, which holds the balance of power in the House of Commons, has stated it’s opposition to his extradition. Jack Layton, NDP leader had this to say:

“Several years ago, when this matter became public, we voiced our opposition the extradition of Mr. Emery. We believed then, as we do now, that it is wrong to extradite our citizens for an offence that would not – and, in this situation, did not – result in him being charged in Canada.”

In 2008, the United States and Emery signed an agreement which would have had Emery serve his time in Canada. Officials in the Canadian Department of Justice refused the deal however, on the grounds that having Emery stay in Canada was not in the public interest.

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  1. Anonymous on

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  2. the Duke of Pot on

    Thats right of mighty and majestic Princess of Pot– go on yet another manic depressive keyboard ragout and betray every confidence you ever think you overheard, .. do it for marc- do it for the movement – do it for your fashion closet- Scream the focus off your financial weak spots when somebody calls them so easily and point your nailpolished finger at someone else–

    We see you belittle & betray somebody else – thats _MISTER_ Renda to you Avalon Sunsplash CEO Editor superstar parade marshal jail widow stoner queen hobby politician crybaby.. Snap out of it ! Marc is not around to mop up your weepy shitstorms anymore – you are responsible for your betraying actions. make ammends while you can girl– while you still can
    We see you rat other people out online, in public to keep your dope saint self image all pretty and nice- that is low and mean and weak to write that for the small egotistical reasons you did.

    You gained nothing except the wrath of many who put up with you so far because of your association with the prince, but as we can see for ourslvres,, the moment you speak for your self, not hanging onto marcs pantleg its just crabby teenager school gossip

  3. Anonymous on

    To be fair, it does seem like you’re suggesting that the best way to get Marc Emery out of jail is to convince the Canadian government to convict itself of high treason, after which a new government would be formed, that would emancipate itself from the Crown and release the entire prison population into the general public.

    Given the fact that most Canadians don’t want the entire government to collapse, and actually aren’t particularly opinionated with matters relating to the Canadian monarchy, I doubt the ridiculously implausible chain of events required to make your suggestion work will take place any time soon.

  4. Anonymous on

    This quote from Emery after his Saskatoon imprisonment explains much about his behavior;

    “Once you get over your fear of whatever they can do to you, you become empowered to just live as if marijuana is legal, without much concern for the consequences they threaten you with. Whatever they do to me- arrest, incarceration, even if they kill me- it’s not going to make me live in fear. We’re going to continue to show them that marijuana should be legal, that our culture is harmless and vibrant, and that it is the drug war, not the cannabis culture, which threatens public order and safety.”

    His philosophy was to live as if weed was legal. If only the police would have lived that way too, Emery’s lifestyle wouldn’t have had such predictable results. It’s kind of like living as if there are no stop signs. It’s fun while it lasts.

  5. Anonymous on

    its over. unfortunately Marc will go to jail for nothing. Nothing will change and politicians wont give a fuck no matter how many people call them. Fuck this planet and fuck all the crooked fucked up hypocritical sadistic cock sucking politician that run it. Bring on Armageddon at least then ill be free.

  6. Anonymous on

    its over. unfortunately Marc will go to jail for nothing. Nothing will change and politicians wont give a fuck no matter how many people call them. Fuck this planet and fuck all the crooked fucked up hypocritical sadistic cock sucking politician that run it. Bring on Armageddon at least then ill be free.

  7. Dealer takes All on

    Go ahead and ignore the facts that knocked Marc off his little pony . I quote Marc himself on these numbers- what’s the matter, can’t you do basic subtraction? There are millions of dollars missing from the seed sale liberation formula–and its on Marcs’ side of the counting table.

    Your Prince of Pot provides ample evidence…he has five years to remember where he put it..maybe more depending on what Michelle and Greg told the DEA

  8. Amir on

    Jodie, please don’t take these comments seriously; these are clearly psychotic, depressed, delusional individuals. Stay strong beautiful woman!

  9. JD on

    Being from Kansas USA, I was taught that this is the land of the free. Home of the brave. What threat has Marc ever ben to this country. NONE. However he threatened BIG BUISNESS/GOVERNMENT, mainly the PHARMACUTICAL/MEDICAL, For those who are hurting, and want something to ease and sometimes cure there ailments without nasty “side effects” such as death.(WATCH RUN FROM THE CURE ON YOUTUBE) The Alcohol Comanies who would lose out to the safest recreational drug known 2 man. The Tobbaco companies who’s product has killed more people than all other drugs combined. They know they cant compete against,
    a (SAFER CIGGERETTE). The people from the US who ordered his seeds, did so in the pursuit of freedom. Freedom scares Big Governtment, its a threat to there establishment. (BIG BUSINESS). OUR GOVERNMENT must respect the will of the American citizens. I cant believe are GOVT. is actually spending money to “GET MARC”. WHAT THE HELL HAPPEN TO BEN LADDEN ANY WAYS?? The truth is Marc is an easy target, just like Chong. Just remeber Freedom isnt free, today its Marc tommorow it could be you. I have met Marc,and Jodie, and they are both wonderful people. Our Government needs to focus on protecting us from real threats. Case DISMISSED.
    God bless you Marc & Jodie.

  10. Anonymous on

    well Jodie-you don’t know the RCMP or the DEA either, but they seem to know a great deal about you and Marc.. Don;t forget Marcs’ HUGE MOUTH
    sang sang it all into the unfriendly ears for years and years and years there are a lot of people near you who won;t forget — smarten up Jodie pay attention to the real world around you and the consequences of cause and effect now that your trainer handler is gone

  11. Breeder Reactor on

    Marc Emery claims to have earned $15 million selling seeds
    he also claims to have given $4 million away to pro drug causes

    where is the missing $11,000,000.00

  12. Anonymous on

    Surprisingly, not this one, yet. Nobody knows what the admin’s censorship rules are. They apparently just arbitrarily delete whatever posts they happen to feel like deleting at the time. You never know whether your typing time will turn out to be wasted or not until you check back later and see which posts got cut.

  13. jodie on

    You’re not a friend of Marc’s. If you were, you’d know that Dana Larsen is still our close friend, and he was the best man at our wedding. Michelle was never part of Pot-TV besides her show, which she only did after the DEA bust because her job — running the seed business — was over and done with.

    Everyone who was sucking up money without caring for Marc disappeared, and those who support him and the movement stuck around. Marc never conned anyone; there is NO ONE who will share their name and story of being ripped off, because that’s untrue (if seed orders went missing, they would be replaced — and the seeds came direct from the major breeders in Amsterdam and elsewhere, that’s why it was called “Marc Emery Direct Seeds”).

    Marco Renda never beat extradition — he was never sought for extradition! That’s not “fact”! There are no other seed sellers at all who have faced extradition to the USA from Canada, not a one! And wanna-be seed seller Renda lost about $70,000 worth or marijuana seeds recently from bringing them through Customs from Amsterdam trying to start his own seed bank, but he has never been successful at anything — even Treating Yourself is run on his parents’ money. Marc Emery never ran anyone into the ground. Who are you? If I don’t know you, then you don’t know anything, so why do you pretend to have inside information? Your kind of nonsense is the same as what I read from all the anonymous haters spreading lies…

  14. jodie on

    Marc never had 3 wives. He married one of his partners and that lasted a few months. Other than that, he’s never been married except to me.

  15. Anonymous on

    preserve, delete it doesn’t matter as only four people read this blog

  16. Anonymous on

    was your post deleted?

  17. Anonymous on

    I’d like to mention that I never said that Marc was necessarily a bad person. Some of his activism did have positive effects on getting laws changed or saving people from tax grabs. I merely expressed the opinion that such an outcome as has happened was foreseeable, preventable and less harsh than what has happened to American citizens for doing less, under the conspiracy laws that can be used to imprison just about anybody the DEA feels like.

    Now, what happened after I expressed my opinions was the truly appalling thing, banning and deletion of posts. Since it was Marc’s own website and his own people that he presumably appointed as administrators who did the evil deeds, now I have a very good reason to think he IS a bad person and a person trying to suppress the truth. Either that or his website is completely out of control and gone rogue since he was taken out of the picture. So which is it? Is he bad or are the people he surrounded himself with and trusted to run the website bad, or are they all just one big pit of vipers?

  18. Mr Skunk on

    where do you idiots get the idea this is Nazi Germany we are not gassing people and burying them in mass graves you fucking dumb ass. putting people in jail for seeds or pot is wrong but Nazi Germany it isn’t. read a book you stupid fuck

  19. Mr Skunk on

    well where is Marc did he go to America yet

  20. American Citizen on

    Republicans have gone way to far right these last eight years that they have forgotten the true meaning of conservatism. If you want to lock them all up (except Ron Paul) as well as extradite Bush an Cheney, and then send them off to Iraq an Afghanistan to face war crimes when your done with them. I’d be all for it. Anyways as an American I don’t appreciate anti-American shit. However I can understand the reason behind it. Yet most anti-American shit is based on the stereotype that all Americans think a like, and that we all agree with whatever the government says or does. For example the Taliban want to kill us all because our government is occupying their country with our military an the DEA when the American people have made it clear we want the troops to come home. Most of your citizens are saying fuck America, and their drug war. It’s their fault Marc Emery’s being locked up. When some of us don’t agree with this extradition, and don’t want our tax dollars wasted on a man who harmless to Americans. Some of us do drugs to, and almost all Americans believe this drug war is a total failure. So with the momentum on our side we are now trying to end it starting with cannabis. Yet most of our politicians believe saying their for the legalization of any drug is political suicide. So you tell me who’s to blame for the continued drug war? So you have the word of every countries leader of where I can, and can’t go huh? Is it in writing? (sarcasm) The only places Americans can not go without being suspected of terrorism are Cuba for more than a year, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, North Korea, and Iran. Reason being all of those countries are considered terrorist nations by the government. The only places we are not allowed to go in any country including our own is gang infested areas after dark. With all the cartel fighting in Mexico that doesn’t stop most of the college kids from going to Cabo for spring break. An pot smokers still go to Amsterdam all year round to smoke pot in peace without fear of prosecution. So I don’t know where you got that Idea from. We did not kidnap Marc emery. Your government is holding him, and is HANDING HIM OVER to us. Our CIA knows how to go into a country to grab someone, and place them in a secret prison without a soul knowing about it. It’s been done, so if the government wanted him that bad neither one of us would have even have heard about it unless a leak broke out.

  21. American Citizen on

    Although I don’t want my tax dollars wasted to incarcerate someone who’s harmless to my country. It’s about time. Its such a waste of Canadian tax payer dollars to hold him in a prison until he’s extradited. He’s not going to flee any where. So they should have let him live his life until they decide to extradite him. I really hope he has time taken off his sentence for the five weeks already served, and that Jodie gets to see him the day he’s shipped here to say goodbye again. Poor woman. Stay safe everyone. Peace and Pot!

  22. river cat on

    BLOODY GOVERNMENTS!!! They’ll think of any excuse. They are nasty evil coke abusers that dont get jail time(rahim jaffer) yet they give a great man, Marc Emry, the man that should be prime minister, 5 years in a maximum security for selling seeds! SEEDS!!! The world is run by injustice evil doers that will try to keep power by any means. People seemed to already forgotten about Jaffer being caught with with coke. We must not forget! If Marc deservs 5 years in a maximum security prison for seeds, shouldn’t Jaffers crime deserve crucifixtion?

  23. david dickinson on

    How would Americans feel if we scooped one of your right wing politicians and put him in a Canadian jail because we disagree with his fascist beliefs? Interesting how Americans think everyone else in the world is wrong, that Anti-Americanism is always someone else’s fault It’s not Marc Emery’s fault that America now has a reputation as a bully-state that gets its own way by hurting other people. Because of this isolationist policy, Americans are now unwelcome almost everywhere on earth except Canada. Kidnapping Canadian hostages and putting them in jail is not exactly the best way to cling to the few friends America has. This is Nazi Germany all over again.

  24. Anonymous on

    I once overheard Marc explaining the finer details of anal sex to a shocked table full of legislators whom were meeting with him to discuss cannabis activism and laws…so classy I thought. Sadism/Hedonism is all he lived for and Marc was as abusive to women as anybody I ever saw, wonder how long it took Jodie to figure that one out, but she stuck it out to be queen someday and live off other peoples hard earned money like Marc taught her. You people who send them money are the true definition of suckers, especially Americans as Marc HATES you and ripped of everyone of you he could. The only thing Marc has ever stood for was Marc and his big money lifestyle…apt on Nicola St. penthouse was paid for with defense money so you may as well rent Jodie another condo…suckers. I just can’t wait to see this shit pile of leeches crumble to the dust!


    What the fuck is wrong with you idiots? Just because you dont have the balls to stand up for what you beleive in, does not mean others will too. You go ahead and run away with your tail between your legs.
    I give a shit about Marc and Jodie and all people who just want to be free and prosper. Dumb ass people like you is what is wrong with America. Go back to grade school and read a fucking history book! This country was founded on people not willing to submit to oppression and fought,killed, and died for it. What the fuck do you do?

  26. Anonymous on

    Boy, the CC admin has a lot of deleting to do. When I was the lone dissenter his job was so easy. His delete button finger is going to be sore after this.

  27. Anonymous on

    Marc claims to have given away all of his seed profits and not to have owned anything. He did, however, say that he rented lots of things. I could be wrong but I suspect that he wasn’t renting a room on Hastings Street. My guess is that he had a posh apartment and drove around in a nice leased car. I think he knew that the DEA was going to come for him but he couldn’t bring himself to give up the money machine that he had set up and which made him the center of attention. It provided him with everything he craved or desired, psychological or material.
    While he has every right to go through three wives (apparently he has a big sexual appetite), the latest one was young enough to be his daughter and really makes him look rather like a lech. While people who benefited from his funds or bought his seeds probably think highly of him, I think his own comparison of himself to Ghandi seems a little out of place. Marc wasn’t living in a grotto and or anything.

  28. Anonymous on

    Why would anyone in America give a shit after all of the anti American shit they promote at Cannabis Culture. Canadians hate Americans so fuck Marc!

  29. foam on

    Judge does not have to honor the plea. I could see a reduced sentence. It depends on if judge cares- most times they don’t have time to care and just shuffle people through. Sometimes they throw the book at you. In the current atmosphere especially in Seattle pot is pretty mainstream. Marc needs a good protest the day of court and a good turnout in the courtroom. Some press could help too and lots of letters to the editors expressing outrage. There is quiet an activist comminity in Seattle- They need to be activated..

  30. Anonymous on

    The Doctor is in!

  31. Anonymous on

    I concede : You are right- it IS funny that you were there

  32. Anonymous on

    funny i was there and those aren’t david’s words, and he does practice civil disobedience much more intellectually than 99% of north american politicians, he is a whole different ball game than marc. David can admit his fuck ups- some people relish in stupidity, i am speaking to anyone posting who uses the word dope. On that point i should mention the opium(actually it was analogues) and nothing you cant get with a fake id and 50 dollars!- all pharmaceutical opiates are perversions of natures original receptor, yeah im sure- i conducted multiple test at harvard, and on that note i am glad david took a stand separate from marc’s ibogaine adventure. get your facts right groupie’s and pigs, maybe you should have taken the walking tour, and got your prozac replaced with a natural ssri, hmmm like cubensis. DR. L.G

  33. Anonymous on

    This is exactly what happen when you rip off everybody around you living like a rock star pleading poverty while idiots keep feeding your drug/sex habits…I bet all those people whom hate Narc have gotten a welcome party arranged for him when he get’s to SeaTac, I really can’t wait to hear Mr. Big-shot after he’s been in USA for a couple of years after all the crap he’s said about others misfortunes? Marc better hope all those acid shipment contests shipped to USA doesn’t come up after his sentence as he maybe here for quite some time. After all the predatory shit Marc’s done to others this looks to me like Karma coming home…like a bitch!

  34. Anonymous on

    the “conservatives” you speak of are not conservatives. a true conservative wants the fucking government out of their lives, needless to say the republican party is not the conservative party in America, libertarians are the real deal we are not a fringe group of wackos, were educated and aware that America has gone down the shitter

  35. Anonymous on

    well- if we don’t keep them down they walk all over the table

  36. get YOUR ass off this website you downer!!!!!!!!!!! on

    you are a government puppet, Anonymous, it is people like you that are keeping so many good people down.

  37. river cat on


  38. Anonymous on

    – lifelong marijuana activist
    -on marc Emerys payroll
    -busted for interfering with police
    -arrested for selling dope
    – set up his now defunct harm reducy=tion club/ aka pot retail shop
    -using Marc Emerys $ to set up his herb museum and retail pot store
    -put on his plea for pot in front of the Supreme Court of Canada
    -constant poster onthe cannabis Culture forums,
    – huge conspiricay fan anarchist pro legalization of all drugs

    Malmo Levine was not only looking for a tussle 24-7 for decades at a time
    but when he presented his written defence at his sentencing hearings he pretty well confessed to 101 drug crimes and claimed he would never stop planning doing these ” civil disobedincess” aka crimes such as drugs and being a general badly aging fuck up protester frontman Shamwow salesman for the CDSA

    and he is proud to call himself addicted to marijuana, major league daily user– and POT is not supposed to be an addictive substance-what gives here Mr alternative pharmacy weedman bankerman opium pusher goof ? –

    & where do you get the idea David Malmo Levine did NOT choose this battle? he did so and says so himself.. maybe he will lose this fight like he did all the other fights he entered into – maybe he will end up in jail tomorrow and released after the Olympics are safely concluded socially neutered with probation demands- but he did so choose this fight/

    so when you wake up and smell the coffee, maybe drink some and get your ass off the sidewalk

  39. Anonymous on

    Ps, and David is a true patriot he should be getting as much attention, why not send him your vibes, prayers, thoughts and money– i posted the original as well. DR. L. G.

  40. Anonymous on

    Does anyone else remember sending money to help fight extradition???WTF happened? and yes people do beat extradition— i.e. Marco Renda the publisher of a medical magazine called TreatingYourself and various seed companies beat those same and canadian extradition charges(fact), marc ran his ship and freinds into the ground. i have never thought he deserves jail, but he did con alot of people who could have been utilized to empower the movement, and excepted money from everyone everywhere, and still made a killing while doing it all. i love marc as a freind but as an activist he has shamed himself. i will still send him letters in jail, but respect him for the future- is yet to be seen. i know most emery fans or emeroids as some call them havent even met marc, and yes he is a total loveable guy, a good former politician, but he and his sometimes sleezy sleeping situations and blatant lies, instead of good pro-potaganda, turned into his farewell fuckfest!, but tis not the end, im sure he will make good on his “dreams” and us, his followers will send more money to the prince of party, sorry guys but you know its what transpired, why do you think he and larsen arent that close, michy left pot.tv and so did about everyone and his personal life wasnt as balanced as he touted! i still pray for jodie and marc, just making my peace.

  41. Anonymous on

    In regard to this quote;

    “Officials in the Canadian Department of Justice refused the deal however, on the grounds that having Emery stay in Canada was not in the public interest.”

    Is upholding section 6 of the Charter of Rights in the public interest? How can Canada justify violating section 6 when they didn’t even have a reason to? The US had already okayed it. In effect, what Canada did was to expel Emery from his own country, preventing him from exercising his Charter right to enter, leave or STAY IN Canada. If it’s about the prison costs, Emery already paid enough taxes to pay for 20 years of prison expenses.

    I don’t see how Emery could lose a case for violation of his Charter rights. Those rights would not have been violated if he was either prosecuted here or was transferred to a prison here. Canada chose to selectively enforce the law, which is against the fundamental principles of justice, and then they chose to refuse a prison transfer for no valid reason. They simply said it wasn’t in the public interest, as if they can violate anybody’s Charter rights whenever they happen to arbitrarily decide it isn’t in the public interest to uphold them. That’s not how rights work. Upholding them is not a matter of choice based on a politician’s personal whim. They are representatives of the nation of Canada. The nation of Canada has therefore violated Emery’s rights, resulting is several years extra spent in prison. Sounds like a few million dollars worth of rights violations to me, and Emery isn’t even an Arab like that guy who sued them and got several million. Spending time in a US prison is a lot like torture. That could have long lasting psychological effects, COSTLY ones.

  42. Anonymous on

    hmmm.. tomorrow Marc Emery goes to America to face trial
    hmmmm.. tomorrow David Malmo Levine gets sentenced in Vancouver

    hmmmm in kay ,, hmmmmm

    the two loudest proudest bad ass stoner boys in BC history get spanked
    at the same time by two different nations. Looks like the war of drugs is actually doing just fine,, steady progress with certain punishment for those who would flaunt the law of the land

    in kay…hmmmm

  43. Anonymous on

    the sooner he starts his time , the sooner he will get out
    remember he agreed to all this jail time

    new T shirt series– see you in 2014
    just in time to have Christmas dinner
    with Prime Minister Rob Nicholson

  44. Angie on

    Another American citizen here who believes the Prime Minister should not extradite Marc. I have written to the PM telling him how I feel. Doubt he read it though.

    Of course, those of us who visit CC and frequent other sites already support ending the war on cannabis and know that there is a growing movement in that direction among a near-majority of Americans. What we need to do is work the common sense, fact-based, less government, approach with the groups who still support prejudiced prohibition – and that is the conservatives and Republicans, mostly.

    once they realize that this is a human rights and “too much government interfering in American’s lives” issue, along with acceptance of the TRUTH about cannabis vs. alcohol, etc. (that’s the hardest part), then they should turn.

    Keep hammering the point home. The truth WILL set us free!

  45. Harry on

    Wow! All this time I thought Canada was a sovereign nation. Didn’t realize America had added another “possession” to its long list of lap-dog governments.

  46. Rob on

    I hope that the Prime Minister knows before he signs that extradition order that the U.S. does not have the public support to do any of the ridiculous things that it may be threatening to do if that extradition is not signed.

    We are facing 2 Wars that public support has dropped to near 0 for, a massive budget deficit, and our states are stopping the War on Drugs. President Obama himself issued an order to the federal law enforcement that we are to stop arresting citizens that comply with state law.

    There is no reason to believe that the opposite holds true for sovereign nations. The U.S. will do nothing if Canada refuses to sign that extradition except back off and threaten a lot. The last thing we need to do is make enemies out of our friends for something as petty as marijuana and pride.

    -An informed U.S. citizen