Tommy Chong Sports ‘Free Marc’ Shirt At SmokeOut 2009

CANNABIS CULTURE – Stoner Veteran Tommy Chong showed up at the 2009 Cypress Hill SmokeOut Festival in Cali this weekend, and he just happened to be wearing a ‘Free Marc Emery’ T-Shirt.

The two-day festival in San Bernardino brings together weed-loving bands and marijuana activists for pot-related entertainment and education. This years impressive lineup of bands includes Slipknot, Method Man and Redman, The Deftones and “very special guests” Sublime (sans deceased lead-man Bradley Nowell).

The event was hosted by Cheech and Chong – and Tommy showed up wearing a new ‘Free Marc’ shirt designed by Cannabis Culture artist Gary Wintle. Tommy visited the CC office a few weeks ago to smoke a few and discuss Marc’s imprisonment for selling marijuana seeds.

Check out these pics from CelebStoner:

Lou Dog, Tommy Chong and B-RealLou Dog, Tommy Chong and B-Real

Tommy Chong: "If we can't legalize pot with a brother in the White House..."Tommy Chong: “If we can’t legalize pot with a brother in the White House…”

Tommy Chong as Blind Melon Chitlin jamsTommy Chong as Blind Melon Chitlin jams

Thanks for showing your support Tommy!

Click here to buy a Free Marc T-Shirt.

Click here to find out more about marijuana activist Marc Emery.



  1. templeballs on

    I can no longer post in the forums, A virus took my computer out and I can no longger post on a sensitive issue

  2. Anonymous on

    Nice article

  3. Martie on

    Bradley was in my heart, while the band Sublime rocked awesome. Rome sounds a lot like Bradley. Aah-My heart sunk watching this performance!

  4. river cat on

    and hes a great author too. YOU RULE TOMMY!

  5. Anonymous on

    Cheech is cool, but Tommy is THE man!

  6. 420Pug on

    I love sublime but Sublime died the same day Brad did. It was Bud and Eric of the former band sublime with a singer named Rome. Still sound awesome but was not and is not Sublime!