Obama’s Statement on Federal Medical Marijuana Busts

I was so overjoyed when I first heard about Obama’s statement regarding the prosecution of medical marijuana patients and caregivers that I started singing “Happy Days Are Here Again”. I was overjoyed that our Joints for Obama campaign had finally shown some results. As I understand it, the White House received over 10,000 joints.

When you read the newspapers, you heard that the federal government has changed its policy regarding busting medical marijuana suppliers who are staying within state regulations. That is exactly what we wanted, but the devil is in the details, and further down in the pronouncement he says that even though this is the federal government’s policy, if a DEA agent or prosecutor violates the policy, he says “no harm done’

Then, Obama makes a statement that defendants should not expect to be able to bring up the federal policy as their defense. So even though a supplier is following state policy and it is against federal policy to bust them, a federal agent can still bust them, the person can still be prosecuted, and cannot use federal policy as a defense. Thanks a lot! You better smoke some more joints President Obama, because you still haven’t gotten it right. It is not the heads that should be busted, it’s the feds who violate every moral principal when they bust the healers!

President Obama is the world’s biggest arms dealer. He is advocating expansion of the war in Afghanistan. He has overseen the biggest transfer of wealth from the middle class to the upper class with his $2 trillion bailout package of rich gamblers. He is pushing for continuation of the USA PATRIOT Act, and he wont even allow gardeners to grow herbs to heal the sick.

Maybe Lech Walesa, the Nobel laureate, former prime minister of Poland, and the labor union leader who stood up to the Soviet Union and helped bring it down, was right. The Nobel Prize may have been a bit premature. A peace prize to the world’s biggest arms dealer? A generalissimo who is in charge of bases in 80 lands with active wars going on in five: Iraq, Afghanistan, Columbia, Pakistan, and the Drug War fought here at home, and who is threatening other countries worldwide from North Korea to Venezuela to Cuba and Iran.

It is obvious. Obama smoked some bunk. He needs to smoke some really good stuff that will get him thinking about where he is at, where the country is at, and how he can actually help people besides his banker friends.

While the pundits may have some good prognostications about the health of this country, I see a different story when I walk down the street and see the stores for rent, I am sure you see that too. Serious analysts are predicting a real recovery years away that will be coupled with the restructuring of the world’s economy.

With all of these problems, my question is, why cant Obama do this simple thing, an executive order NO MORE BUSTS FOR MARIJAUNA, save the money for college scholarships instead.

Hey Prez, I know you read my blog. Just do it.