Medical Cannabis Pioneer to Give Up Fight

Grant Krieger was a pioneer in medical cannabis activism.

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A longtime advocate for the use of medical marijuana has agreed to give up a fight that has seen him battle the justice system as far as the Supreme Court of Canada.

Grant Krieger, 54, who has for years vocally defended his right to provide marijuana to the sick, signed a legal document Tuesday pledging to stop growing or distributing it.

“I’ve hit the end of all my ropes, and I’m just tired of it now,” he said in Calgary.

I respect his decision to focus on his own future and to avoid jail, and wish him the best going forward. The fact that our opponents have most of the power and resources makes this battle a huge grind. But the cause is just, the evidence and compassion are on our side and we will prevail in the fullness of time. Onward.



  1. Hippie on

    Are you not counting the seeds of the seeds my friend?

    Farmers get old and tired just like the rest of us.



  2. Anonymous on

    It’s a shame that another activist has been silenced. Silencing their opposition seems to be a favored tactic of prohibitionists. The best defense against the truth seems to be hiding it…
    On the bright side, Obama today announced an end to federal raids on medical marijuana patients and caregivers. Seems a little bit ironic that Grant Krieger’s story is side by side to that no?