Yay! I got to talk to Marc!

As I was sitting in a school newspaper meeting Tuesday (I write for the college paper) my cell phone rang. The call was from an unknown number.

I usually don’t answer those calls. However, I had talked to Jodie, Marc’s wife, the evening before and she said Marc had been trying to call me all day the day before. She said if he called again the number would be unknown. I thought it might be Marc and sure enough it was.

Marc said I was the first person aside from Jodie that he had talked to since being taken into custody. He is doing well….considering the circumstances. He is a vegetarian so the diet at the prison leaves a great deal to be desired.

We talked about what his days are like and he wanted to know what I had been doing, how the kids are doing, how college is going, how my activism is going. We talked for about 15 minutes and as I was in the middle of telling him the latest news on the Rochester case he had to go. He has a letter on the way that I mailed over a week ago detailing the Rochester case. I know he will be happy to read about that.

It was really great to talk to him and I just thought all of my readers would like to know that he sounds very good and is adjusting as best he can. Some of you have asked about sending him money. Jodie says the best way is to send it to her and let her take it to him if you are sending money from the US. That will negate the need for a specific type of money order or the guards pocketing the cash that might be sent.

Click here for information on how to help Marc.