Please Send Will a Letter in Jail

Please take a few minutes to write Will Foster in the Oklahoma City County Jail.

It is the worst Jail/Prison in the USA by Federal Reports. Will needs your moral support right now! Will has been a marijuana advocate and activist for years now and has helped us all– while literally experiencing the worst of the War on Drugs.

Please pass this on to as many people as possible.

Thank you,
Susie, Anna, and the whole family.

William Joseph Foster
DOC # 252721
201 North Shartel
Oklahoma City, OK 73102



  1. Anonymous on

    I’ll send a letter to Will, signed by my family. This is truly a travesty of justice. What is happening to him and his family is WRONG! And Ed, thank you.

  2. one12alpha on

    They still do wear stripes…

  3. one12alpha on

    While I don’t doubt the Oklahoma City Co. jail is bad, I do kind of doubt its the worst.

    Look up Maricopa county of Arizona. Run by sheriff Joe Arpaio, the jail is a tent city in the hot Arizona desert where temperatures of over 120F are common place. The occupants are forced to wear pink underwear and uniforms(at one time stripped). Arpaio brags about the fact that he spends more money to feed the K-9’s than the inmate population, and he also uses the “chain gang”. I’ve had the displeasure of meeting Mr. Arpaio, and can say he is quite a snobby prick. The only thing that allows him to get away with his actions is the fact that he’s repeatedly voted into office.

    Were it not for the fact that about 70% (probably more) of the population were for drug “crimes”, I wouldn’t have a problem with it. But, its a JAIL, and anyone convicted there are not convicted of something such as murder, or rape (those actually deserving of such treatment), which would warrant a lengthy stay in prison. I would like to note that only convicted offenders stay in this part of the jail though…

    Oklahoma City co jail the worst? maybe not, but still, how good could a jail possibly be? So, if you have a moment pleas do send a letter of encouragement to Mr. Foster, and thank him for his efforts in the marijuana legalization movement… I know first hand how uplifting it is to get mail while incarcerated.