Buyer’s Regret

I bought a garden hose a couple months ago and when I detached the hose from the cardboard holder, I read the printed matter on the back, including this warning: CONTAINS LEAD. DO NOT DRINK WATER FROM THIS HOSE.

I really had no use from this toxic garbage, since I intended the water for edible plants. Think of all the people who never read that label and who just assumed that drinking water from a hose wouldn’t harm their health.

So, I went to the ACE Hardware store to return the ACE Hardware hose, but the manager refused to take it back. He said he was instructed not to. He added, that there had been a number of complaints from customers but there was nothing he could do about it. This should serve as a warning to anyone who buys a hose- Make sure that it does not contain lead and is intended for potable water, that is drinkable water.

I thought “Wow, this is the ultimate case of buyer’s regret”. I bought it to carry water thinking that it would be perfectly safe…

Being the politically-minded person that I am, what immediately came to mind was the ultimate buyer’s regret. And then I got to thinking of an old remedy commercial that’s tag line was “would you trade a headache for an upset stomach?”.

My immediate disgust, complaint, anger and rage is a trident with three-barbed tines: Eddy Lepp, Marc Emery, and Will Foster. These are all names you are familiar with- they are being housed in American rat hole prisons at our expense.

McCain represented the most militaristic of interests and a crazy xenophobic hysteria. What could you do? Still, looking back, isn’t there some buyer’s regret? The interminable hostilities in remote areas are so reminiscent of Orwell’s 1984, where the three super powers were constantly in battle in some proxy war.

My immediate disgust, complaint, anger and rage is a trident with three-barbed tines: Eddy Lepp, Marc Emery, and Will Foster. These are all names that you know that are being housed at our expense in rat hole prisons.

Marc Emery turned himself into Canadian authorities for extradition to the United States after arranging a plea agreement. Marc would not have plead except to protect his wife and associates from threat of prosecution, so he took the fall. He is facing five years. If you don’t know about him and his case, you can read all about it on Cannabis Culture. How do you feel about the fact that the person who helped you or your favorite grower get the varieties that helped change your life is now serving time in a federal prison?

How do you feel about it, Barack?

Eddy Lepp grew 27,000 plants on the side of a state highway in Northern California and was sentenced to 10 years in prison at the age of 57. (Might seem like a lot of plants, but I have seen bigger gardens.) When you think of the thousands of patients who would receive the medicine, it is all the more heartbreaking that his earnest work was destroyed. Eddy draws his strength and commitment from his highly evolved spiritual and religious beliefs. I suppose it was a special pleasure for the prosecutors to bring this guy down.

Well, Barack, your federal thugs at work. When do you say stop?

California and Oklahoma are both nearly bankrupt. Really. The state governments are bankrupt. They have no money for schools, hospitals, the infirmed, the disabled, parks…

But, you have to put things in perspective, because the most important service that a state can perform is to protect a society from evil and harm.

So, as it turns out, per capita, California has the highest rate of its citizens incarcerated (sorry Texas, you’ve killed too many of your prisoners to qualify!). Oddly enough, Oklahoma is Number Two!! Sort of… “The Later State”. So of course, when the two states had a dispute regarding the probation of Will Foster, it was important that they both spend millions of dollars to arrest, prosecute, hold, transport, and jail this person in Oklahoma. I have mentioned his crime before, it was very serious- a five by five foot garden in a former atom bomb shelter (and as you know, that could have probably supplied not only Tulsa, but also its suburbs).

It’s like this. Kids don’t need art, music, math or English, but society does need its marijuana miscreants to be imprisoned. Barack, is your MDS (Marijuana Deficiency Syndrome) so bad that you can’t hear the cries? Are you absent without leave? Buyer’s regret? Headache or upset stomach? I am glad I voted for Cynthia McKinney, I am getting a bumper sticker “Don’t blame me… I voted for McKinney”.



  1. Adam Guerrero on

    I actually found your blog by putting “Don’t blame me… I voted for McKinney” in a google search. I totally hear you, being a ‘green’ myself, I too voted for McKinney, and am appalled at the increase in war, lack of transparency, continued torture and secret prisons, billions to corporate leaches, and the short comings in dealing with the environment, etc, etc…

    BTW, I think its just implied that if you buy a WATER hose, that said WATER hose is for potable water. I don’t know what crawled up the butt of the above readers. Oh well.

  2. Anonymous on


    You are just another Bullshitter.


  3. Anonymous on

    You make it sound like the warning label was hidden under the hose. It wasn’t. It has to be clearly visible. You just didn’t take the time to read it. (or you’re just BSing) You’re not new at this are you. Was that the first water hose you ever bought? It’s just plain old common sense. We all know about water hoses. You’re just putting a twist on your story. After all, you do claim to be politically astute don’t you? It’s the way a politician would spin this yarn. You could try being a little more honest.

    Ed, this is beneath you, and God will not forgive you for lying like this to people who listen to you.


  4. Anonymous on

    Are you saying you didn’t vote for Obama? Cynthia Mckinney didn’t run in the General Election. And if you have buyers remorse, does that mean you think McCain would have been better? The only choices we had were bad, and worse, we elected worse. Kinda makes you wish we had Bush back, doesn’t it?

  5. Anonymous on

    I’d buy the “safe for drinking” water hose