Marc Emery’s Prison Potcast – Episode #1

CANNABIS CULTURE – Prince of Pot Marc Emery talks about his first week in jail in Episode #1 of Marc Emery’s Prison Potcast.

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Marc talks to Cannabis Culture Editor Jeremiah Vandermeer and discusses getting used to life behind bars, the hypocrisy of the Conservative Party of Canada, and some of his new creative projects.

Emery, who is current locked up at the North Fraser Pretrial Centre, is awaiting extradition to the United States where he could serve a 5-year prison sentence after being targeted by the government for selling marijuana seeds over the Internet and using the money to fund activist organizations.

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  1. Anonymous on

    You are not living a life like most of us are, you are in a survival situation. You are literally scavenging to feed yourself.

    They are treating you similar to how black plantation slaves were treated in the early 1800’s in the American south. By feeding you poor diet like slave owners often did (i.e. cheap corn bread only) you are at a higher of being in a weakened state of mind and body. Which saves oppressors and jailers grief and money at a humans beings’ expense.

    Plus, you are really being treated with a de facto presumption of guilt, which seems to go against the spirit of the presumption of innocence in both our countries (USA: presumption of innocence is widely held to follow from the 5th, 6th and 14th amendments)(Canada: Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms)

    Myself, and all my fellow Americans as well as all Canadian citizens, we are ALL responsible for what is happening to Mark. All Americans are guilty for not doing enough to stop these legal actions our government is taking against you. And Canadians are not doing enough to protect one their own citizens and their own sovereignty as a country.

    These have just been my opinions, I do intend to argue with anyone at length here about my opinions. But rather, I want to challenge anyone that reads this post, other than Mark himself, what are you doing to make this right?

    -I pledge to write a letter to my congress women Louis Slaughter and mail it USPS with a delivery confirmation Monday morning.

    -I will also pledge to look for an opportunity to explain the situation and ask some more opulent clients at my place of work if they would be interested in helping fix this unjust situation. Because access to the right people in government is often difficult but can also make a big difference.

  2. Anonymous on

    He’s no Ghandi, and MAN, can this guy complain! Instead of whining about the vending machines, why not just go on a hunger strike?

    I support Marc Emery, but not on every point. I actually believe his extradition may be GOOD for the legalization movement, but his incessant ranting may not be.

  3. chad on

    free him i need medical weed and cant get it i smoke it every day its better than coke and y is smoking cigirets ok and pot is bad thats fucked

  4. Anisha on

    Classic Marc. He makes intelligent note of all the details within his holding center. He has provided multitudes of observations that prove incongruent with an individual awaiting trial or in his case, extradition, who are presumed innocent until proven guilty. Wow. I love the way Marc is so selflessly giving to others in this prison environment despite his own plight. His articulation of his repugnance towards the moral/spiritual/legal injustice of the excessive punitive environment despite the fact these folks are not even found guilty yet! The lack of proper nutrition, water, sunlight which of course weakens the body and can lead to mental illness or exacerbate it. Marc is very intelligent and a selfless individual. He is probably a re-incarnated Cathar!

    Marc, you have always remained true to yourself and for those who may not know you, I will say for the record you are the SAME person I knew back in London from 1979 – 1993. You carry that same honor and respect for sovereignty that we all loved and emulated back then. You had a light back then, today it is a flame! You are so loved by so many and for good reason. You prove that we can all be like that; selfless, honorable, and loving, all the while pushing for justice. Good Job Sweety! You are Blessed and so are those that know of you!!!!

  5. canadanabis on

    Try right clicking the link, save target as: Then save the file to wherever you like, make sure to include .mp3 at the end of the filename.

  6. realLONGhair on

    great idea if itz nut only ah pig staged publisity stunt

  7. Caber1 on

    Maybe that is what he should have done different.He should have called his product Marc’s Birdseed.
    Would made it look even more silly when they went to arrest him.

  8. Anonymous on

    Great interview! What kinds of books does he like?

  9. jeremiah on

    We had so many people watching it that it used up all of our allotted bandwith with Podbean. Should be fixed now! Please let us know if you have any more problems!

  10. salty on

    same with me, I’m on google chrome and it just sits at 0% the whole time. If I try and download it, it says “410 Gone”

  11. Anonymous on

    I’m on a Macintosh, and I can’t make it work neither in Safari nor Firefox. Have the most recent Flash player and OS. It seems like the file is gone? Can you just put the whole big MP3 up for download?

  12. Grandma420 on

    Sounds like he is givin meals that come from high school kitchens. Junk food.

    This is really outrageous. There are pot seeds in bird seed. If he were to ship bird seed all over the world, would he get busted for that? It is a political move with the governments trying to get their point across. Go Jody! I support you in every way. It’s time for EVERYONE to start posting to blogs about Marc, about freedom to choose and freedom to use.

  13. Smoky420 on