Drug War Criminal: Karen Tandy

“Today’s DEA arrest of Marc Scott Emery, publisher of Cannabis Culture magazine, and the founder of a marijuana legalization group, is a significant blow not only to the marijuana trafficking trade in the U.S. and Canada, but also to the marijuana legalization movement…. Drug legalization lobbyists now have one less pot of money to rely on.” –Former DEA administrator Karen Tandy



  1. Anonymous on

    ZOMG! cannabis irradiated Jews on the loose in Argentina! Flee! Run! Grab yer tinfoil hats and get to safety!

  2. Anonymous on

    thats fine RCMP, as long as the RCMP follow all laws, constitution and the privacy act. A police state = more missing persons, cover ups and radiations oxided, and no cop will ever intimidate me, we all do what we have to do and the police are not on my mind if I commit a crime. Do the police even know what policing is?

  3. Anonymous on

    This thing above at birth was a human experiment for the American government. She was in power ONLY TO MURDER SOUTH AMERICANS. The way the government works is that they feel that only South Americans kill south Americans, Italians kill Italians so remember the murderer is probably your own. You look at her and she professionalisim. Her, is a Jew. The Jews have been murdering South Americans for 1000 years. In March of 1480 or so the Argentinian government throw all Jewish people out of their country because of depleted uranium that caused hostilities, back then their are no testing but only cannabis. Cannabis is the only detector of radiations.

  4. Anonymous on

    Bush’s born again BS is at the root of this increased “war on drugs”. My father, once told me, in about 1945, “when a man tells you he is a christan, grab your pocket book, and run like hell. If he proves he is a christan, you can leave your pocket book with him and it will draw interest”. Over the past 65 years. I have never found this to be wrong. Today in America, religion has been used to concentrate power, and discriminate against anyone they percieve as the enemy or as different. I live in the “bible belt” now. And I have never heard such hateful language, they hate the President, they hate anyone who disagrees with them. I’m sure we are paying a huge amout every year to hold political prisoners. And that is exactly what drug war arrests, are. This country is held prisoner by the right wingnutz. Too bad America.

  5. From the 70s on

    Political Police means Police State.

    Political Police steal ALL our rights. Political Police intimidate citizens from participating in public debate thus subverting our very democracies.

    Who can say the DEA is not political ? Why do the elected politicians not speak up about the Political Police ? Well its because like here in Canada, they are aligned with them.

    In Canada, the RCMP are a Political Organization. They are not Police anymore. However they still have Police powers to intimidate us all.

    And what is worst is people believe what their authorities tell them. So when the RCMP run around telling all their falsehoods, misinformation and propaganda, the people believe them. It is an appalling situation.

    The whole issue here shows how political the police are in both the USA and Canada. In Canada, our Political Police had to go above the Canadian criminal justice system by ignoring Canadian law which is the Police job to enforce in Canada.

    The bottom line is you cannot have Police being Political in a democracy.

  6. Anonymous on

    Everytime I read that comment I get so incredibly frustrated with my(US) government. Political speech is one of the few things that our supreme court routinely protects, yet here is a DEA official expressly saying that they took on Marc due to his views and activities. Ok, granted there is a little gray area there because he actually did break the law, but for fucks sake if they went after him because of his activism the entire thing should have been thrown out. Proving that is what happened would of course be impossible.

  7. Anonymous on

    She should be in prison, not Emery.