Busy Days at CCHQ

It’s been a hectic week at Cannabis Culture Headquarters as we prepare to say farewell to our boss Marc Emery.

So much has happened recently to prepare for Marc’s imminent departure that it’s hard to keep track of everything.

‘The Worldwide Rally for the Prince of Pot’ was a huge success, with people in over 100 countries hitting the streets to demand freedom for Marc Emery and call for an end to this horrendous disaster we call a Drug War. It was an amazing showing of support, especially since we had roughly one-month to organize it. Endless thank-yous to organizers and everyone who took part!

In Vancouver, close to 1000 supporters came out for a final visit with The Prince, and stayed for inspiring speeches by a host of prominent Vancouver pot activists like Dana Larsen, Chris Bennett, and David Malmo-Levine. A roast A fry for The Prince was held at the BCMP Office after the rally, where Marc’s friends and family regaled the crowd with stories and jokes at his expense.

On Monday night, a small but dedicated group CCHQ staffers and other pot protesters gathered outside of a Conservative Party fundraiser at a restaurant in downtown Vancouver. Men in business suits (and Conservative party nametags) looked on with angry faces as activists holding signs shouted “Stop Bill C-15”, “End Prohibition” and a host of other chants targeting Stephen Harper and his draconian drug laws and US-style prison plans. My favorite line came from good friend and fellow activist Reverend Ryan from the Church of the Universe who said, “Prohibition stinks, like the alcohol on politicians’ breath!”

Between the rallies, we here at CC still found time to Phone Jam a bunch of Canadian Senators to tell them to say NO! to Bill-C15 and mandatory minimum sentences in Canada. You should do the same – click here to find out more.

And while you’ve got the telephone in your hand, why not dial up Minister of Justice Rob Nicholson’s office and (politely) let him know that Marc Emery should not be sent to a US prison for selling marijuana seeds. You can reach his office at (613) 992-4621 or (613) 957-4222 oe email [email protected] (Click here for more info). Tell the minister that Marc is a peaceful person who doesn’t deserve to be locked away in the US for his role as a marijuana activist.

Though Marc will be heading to jail, Cannabis Culture, Pot-TV, and the CCHQ Store in Vancouver will still be open for business under the management of Marc’s wife and fellow super-activist Jodie Emery. We will still be serving up daily doses of drug war news, juicy budshots, and the best in pot entertainment – with heightened determination and vigor.

It is never easy when a love one is separated from his family, and times will undoubtedly be trying in the next few months. We will need all the help and support we can get, so please visit WhyProhibition.ca to find out how to get active, and help bring our friend home.


Jeremiah Vandermeer
Jeremiah Vandermeer

Jeremiah Vandermeer is Cannabis Culture Chief of Operations and Editor of Cannabis Culture Magazine & Pot TV.