STOP Bill C-15!: PHONE JAM Continued

On September 14th, The International Hempology 101 Society initiated a nation wide campaign to clog the senate with messages from disenfranchised, everyday Canadians. The response was overwhelming, so we are keeping our campaign alive until bill C-15 fails. Everyone concerned about mandatory minimum jail sentences for cannabis should PHONE JAM the Senate until they vote NO on Bill C-15!

According to a few senators’ staff, “We received hundreds and hundreds of phone calls. It drove us crazy.” This is exactly the response we were looking for and so we plan to continue this campaign. The Senate voted to send this controversial bill to committee for further review. We hope that the Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs, who’s phone numbers are below, will look into the serious harms of mandatory minimum sentences.

Mandatory minimum sentencing for drug crimes will decimated the legal system with overloaded prisons, constant appeals, and powerless judges, all leading to large expenses. Legalization and regulation of the drug trade is the only way to reign in gang violence and solve the “drug problem”.

Take the time to stand up for your personal liberty. Let the government know that we do not want live in a prison state. Write a letter, an email, or call.

Join to help end the war on drugs!

Please participate in our PHONE JAM! Try to jam the lines until this bill falls. Let your government know that we want to talk about theses issues. Canada has 105 appointed Senators, and we want you to call as many as possible. Continue to write letters!

Here are a few Senators, but try to call all of them:
John D. Wallace (613)947-4240 [email protected]
Pierre Claude Nolin (613)943-1451 [email protected]
Michael Duffy (613)947-4163 [email protected]
David Agnus (613)947-3193 [email protected]
George Baker (613)947-2517 [email protected]
John G.Bryden (613)947-7305 [email protected]
Fred Dickson (613)947-4130 no email
Joan Fraser (613)943-9556 [email protected]
Serge Joyal (613)943-0434 [email protected]
Lorna Milne (613)947-7695 [email protected]
Jean-Claude Rivest (613)947-2236 [email protected]

Call these numbers to connect toll-free: 1-800-267-7362 (senate switchboard)
or 1-800-OCANADA (662-6232) list of all senators :

Contact Kristen Mann at (250)381-4220 or [email protected] with any questions

– Article from the International Hempology 101 Society on September 19, 2009.



  1. Anonymous on

    You do know how horribly rude that sh-it is?
    Sell your Shoes else where, it’s pretty disrespectful to do that sh-it when we are talking of activism, so can you stick to the Forums and stop that.
    I would be shocked if you sold one pair here.

  2. Jay on

    The reason pot is illegal is because its a big business for the government… THey make money off everything that ppl buy with illegal money and the laundered money is taxed so it can be legal. WATCH THE MOVIE THE UNION

    They have nothing to stand on.
    Basically if they legalized it they make no money.
    Illegal they make money from all directions.
    from the taxes to the ppl hiring defence lawyers.


  3. Anonymous on


    WE CONTINUE TO FIGHT THE ONGOING EUROPEAN COLONIALISM AND THE GENOCIDE AGAINST OUR PEOPLE. Do not be afraid to resist the ongoing crimes against our people. It is honorable to confront the ongoing colonialism. Here in the poster above are some of our heroes, our warriors, our leaders who fought and resisted European Invasions And Crimes Against Our People. Our leaders in Cemanahuac (The Western Hemisphere, “North and South America”) were: Hatuey in the Caribbean (upper left), Cuauhtemoc in Central Cemanahuac (upper right), Tatanka-Iyotanka (Sitting Bull) in the North (lower left), and Tupac Amaru in the South (lower right). Do not be afraid to resist the ongoing genocide of our people. Arm yourself with knowledge. Learn our people’s history. Join the Mexica Movement. Become a liberator for our people.

  4. Anonymous on

    all the talk will only do one thing ? To make sure they win, when they get marc in there hands they willkill him. that how far out of whack theses people are. being pusies dont help the struggle either? grow a pair canada,or maybe ya dont know everything about weed you all been claiming all theses years?

  5. Anonymous on

    Oc normal is a undercover d.e.a.agent named Mike Evens frist a cop in Flint MI then D,O, J, Pamanma that how this prick know things been around and has two degrees, and work at laneny (for traing) 6months!! hes put MARC in a CAGE!! and he out to get everyone he can!!So fuck him and anyone dumb enough to belive his TRAINING!! BOYCOTT CANADA BOTCOTT THE CROWN!!

  6. Anonymous on


  7. David on

    According to Fassbenders latest comment In Langley News. “This bill is not aimed at people who keep a marijuana plant hidden away for their own personal use, but the criminals whose sole purpose is to produce illegal drugs for sale across the US/Canada border.” If that is true then if you grow for your own personal use you shouldn’t care if this bill passes. If your buying it you shouldn’t care if this bill passes unless you only have one dealer. If your selling it. It sucks to be you.

  8. hempology 101 on

    I think you should make him your own special mission then. The nice thing about targeting specific individuals is that eventually they agree to talk to you just so they can stop taking messages

  9. Anonymous on

    Hell yeah, You got my support.

    To bad for them;

    I have a long distance plan and I’m not afraid to use it!!!

    Fucking retarded Government and their Backward Thinking.

    Yes lets start flogging people in public next, oh Wait we do that already with tazers and pepper spray.

    Some fuckers just can’t get the past out of their asses.

    If it didn’t work anywhere else with any positive outcome then what the hell makes us think we can make it work, we can’t becasue it’s all about the money.

    Countries are moving away from this kind of treachery.

    Please people pick up your damn phone and call if you’re chicken shit then use a pay phone but get off your fucking gaming and PICK UP THAT PHONE!!!

    This is a last ditch effort but in numbers we can bring dissension to these numbnuts and make them second guess their standing.

    Pick it Up!!
    Pick it UP!!!
    Pick it motha fuckin UP!!!

    Stop picking your nose and pick up the PHONE!!!!

    JUST DO IT!!!!!

  10. Anonymous on

    thanks a lot!

  11. NM on

    Someone had asked for a sample e-mail.

    Here is mine :

    Dear Senators:

    My name is __________, of St. John’s, Newfoundland. I am a proud Canadian who is a contributor to both my local and a greater global community as a freelance writer and social justice advocate.

    I would like to briefly urge you to allow Bill C-15, as advocated by Justice Minister Rob Nicholson, to die on the floor. I believe this bill to be contemptuous of Canadian civil rights, as well as larger human rights as explicated by the Great Writ, habeas corpus.

    We live in a society increasingly tolerant of cannabis use, both recreationally and medicinally. A majority of Canadians do not, in any way shape or form, believe the antiquated “reefer madness” propaganda spouted off by Mr. Nicholson. If you’ll recall, 13 of the 16 experts called in to comment on Bill C-15 called for it to be scrapped immediately – as regressive legislation should be.

    How many of you go home at night and sip a beer to relax? Alcohol is a devastatingly dangerous drug, leading to physical addiction, domestic abuse, health problems (including overdose and death), and vehicular homicide. Cannabis, by comparison, is a relatively benign substance that possesses absolutely no potential for physical addiction (though psychological addiction to any pleasurable experience is always possible), no possibility for overdose, and not even the American justice system can produce even one example of human death attributed directly to cannabis in the records of human history.

    Why then do we continue a senseless prohibition? It is quite obvious that this is a pre-established social stigma that an aging generation fails to recognize – a baseless criminality that pushes many non-violent – and in my opinion – completely innocent Canadians into jail and a life of crime and alienation. Marijuana is not dangerous, it is not a gateway drug, and it is certainly much safer and more responsible to use than, say, tobacco or alcohol – let alone pharmaceutical drugs that kill millions of people annually.

    Please, I urge you, to consider common sense when looking at this bill. The last thing Canada needs is to impose a failed mandatory-minimum sentencing system at the behest of the woefully ignorant Rob Nicholson and an increasingly frantic for “tough-on-crime” appearances at the polls Stephen Harper.

    Our right to our own lives, privacy, health, and bodies lies in your hands.

  12. kpt on

    does anyone have any pointers of what to include in an email to these senators? or an example of one i could work off of? thanks

  13. Anonymous on

    Hell yeh, You got my support.

    To bad for them;

    I have a long distance plan and I’m not afraid to use it!!!

    Damn Government and their Backward Thinking.

  14. George Baker on

    CALL CALL CALL, and George Baker is ALSO my name, that tripped me out harsh!

  15. Anonymous on

    Good ol’ Jaffer has been on the outs with the conservative party for a while now, this will just make it easier for the cons to disassociate themselves from him now.

    Anyways, these laws are intended to apply to the lower classes, all of the Conservatives own can do their cocaine in peace, knowing they are safe from the severe penalties these laws call for.

    These people know what they are doing, after all.

  16. Mardy on

    Maybe you all should remind them that voting against this will help them save one of they’re own. He goes by the name of Rahim Jaffer.