From Ed to San Diego DA Bonnie Dumanis

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  1. Anonymous on

    Oh f*ck, One more of my flmao atacks comming on.

  2. Anonymous on

    Jack rising up from death d’be really making my day though! 🙂

  3. one12alpha on

    ( ) -Recanted Statement, Jack is alive.
    ( claiming jack is alive.

    I see almost as many sources claiming he has passed, as there are claiming his is still alive…I’m going to take the HIGH road and recant my statement of his passing…

    …there should be some way of holding news media accountable for reporting BS. If they have a BS source, they should expose them as such. If they have no source and are just reporting BS, they should be exposed as such. And in either case, punished for misinformation.

    Thanks, Anonymous poster, for shedding light on that for me. Sorry to everyone else for my misinformation. If, in fact, that is the case.

  4. one12alpha on

    I’m gonna have to dig deeper into this. It would bring me much joy to find I was wrong….
    I agree though, it would be a good way to go….or a THC overdose? LOL, not likely but you know….

  5. Anonymous on

    I just read on mag 420 Jack herer is still alive, seems It was some disinfo from some kinda journalist he had passed away.
    But if your info is more actual then mines then I reckon it would have been the best way to go for any of us ;passing out in the middle of a speach where he stood up for his believes while performing for live audiance.

  6. one12alpha on

    Yes, indeed…

    Thanks Ed, sorry for getting so far off topic.

  7. Anonymous on

    I’ll leave it at that 🙂

    Thanks Ed for offering us this place to have our say.

  8. one12alpha on

    I’ve been told that if food for thought were the same as food for sustenance, I could feed the world. LOL. I have a tendency to get on a rant some times. I often have people tell me I’m crazy…those people usually come back and say “I thought about it, and what you said makes a lot of sense.” I cant help but say “NOW who’s crazy?”

    I love the forums here on CC…lots of very intelligent, sensible, and open minded people.

  9. one12alpha on

    Congress will never contest the statements of the FDA. Its not their place to, it is supposed to be the FDA’s job to provide the scientific analysis point of view for congress to make its legislation.

    But I seriously doubt the FDA’s supposed intent to protect us from Faulty food and/or drugs. Lets put what we know about cannabis aside for just a second… The FDA allows free, and unrestricted sale of aspirin (180-1000+ deaths per year), caffeine (1000-10000) (source- ). And the FDA is continuously recalling medications, usually because they screw up your heart. Have you ever listened to some of these commercials for medications? Listen to the long list of side effects they “may” cause, DEATH is sometimes one of them, keep in mind that they’ve been approved by the FDA(and had to be at one point to be recalled as well)…Now compare that to what we know about cannabis.

    Compare what we know about cannabis to the FDA’s most recent statement about “marijuana” ( ).

    Isn’t it an “accepted medical use in treatment” when hundreds(if not thousands) of doctors have prescribed to thousands(if not tens of thousands) of patients? Is not an in-achievable LD50 (ESTIMATED at 1500lbs smoked in 15min, LD50 has not been established for humans) pretty safe, especially under medical supervision? What about the abuse of all the other prescription drugs? What about the psychological or physical dependence caused by caffeine, tobacco, and alcohol? (note; this is one of the properties to schedule a controlled substance, not mentioned by the FDA in its statement)

    Based on the FDA’s statement on “marijuana” (i would think a scientific community would use the scientific name, and not an ancient Mexican slang term) caffeine should be illegal under the controlled substances act (CSA), as well as tobacco,and alcohol(hell I’ve SEEN people who’ve “OD’d” on water! which i am physically dependent on, and “abuse” constantly).

    I hope the FDA reads this so they can stick that in their pipe and smoke it!

  10. Anonymous on

    Tnx 🙂

    You brought up some food for thought indeed, but getting the hang of Rob’s cunning mind, I reckon there will be remedy for all concerns.
    Good thing is we don’t have to figure it all out by ourselves.
    I feel an army of intellect and compassion is rising.


  11. one12alpha on

    Indeed its some scary country here. I think the scariest part is how blindly the “sheeple” follow. More like “lemmingple” to me, LOL.

    I’m not to sure if what Mr. Menard is talking about realy applies to the US. But what I do know is that the our govt (and likely yours) it self is “derived from a mandate of the people, not some fascicle aquatic ceremony” (to quote Monty Python, Lol) and as the fellow in the beginning states if we take our sovereignty from our govt they lose their “right” to govern… My questions that remain are; how many in-sovereign people does it take to remove their power? 51%? 2/3? All? What if they put up a fight, and you know they will, what then? Police state? Martial law? If the people of the US revolt against their govt, will other countries support us the people, or them the govt? Or will they take advantage of our weakened state, and try to take the whole enchilada for them selves? Or will they get involved at all? The politics, and war of today are quite different from that of the past…quite different.

    Here is the link my Scandinavian friend speaks of for those of us to lazy to dig it up…

    and on grammar and spelling…the point in all these letters is to communicate. If you’re able to determine that I’ve spelled wrong, then you’re able to determine what I intended to spell. In that my communication was a success! Only where spelling or grammar would change the intended message does it really matter. But some of us like to think its far more important than it is, and will focus on it so much that they miss the whole point…to them I say, sp33l ch3ck l33t [email protected]! Hmmm no red!

  12. Anonymous on

    Apparently the feds really can raid medical grows, according to the US Supreme Court. See below;

    “As of this printing, the federal government claims that marijuana is not medicine and in Gonzales v. Raich (2005), the United States Supreme Court held that the federal government has the constitutional authority to prohibit marijuana for all purposes. Thus, federal law enforcement officials may prosecute medical marijuana patients, even if they grow their own medicine and even if they reside in a state where medical marijuana use is protected under state law. The Court indicated that Congress and the Food and Drug Administration should work to resolve this issue.”

    I guess if something doesn’t come from the pharmaceutical companies, the feds don’t consider it medicine. Amazing that they can actually get away with such blatantly unscientific statements. There is no way at all to prove that it has no medicinal value and many ways to prove that it does. Ask one of the glaucoma patients who would have gone blind without it.

  13. one12alpha on

    Also I’d like to mention a possible out come of the proposed Health care plans. If health care is run by the federal govt, then so will the treatment options. This will take away the doctors’ freedom of choice in prescription. Probably resulting in loss of practice for choosing to prescribe outside of the approved formulary. It may not start out this way, but that is where I believe it will end up, given our govt’s track record regarding marijuana.

    Its bad enough our govt prevents any investigation into the medical aspect of marijuana. Its bad enough our govt is required BY LAW to lie about marijuana ( ) But to give our govt complete control over our treatment is insane.

    Now, I am under the understanding that Canada has a federal health care plan, but as an American I don’t know how this effects their doctors’ freedom of choice…I’ll leave that up to a Canadian to fill us in. Are you able to seek non-federal doctors? Are they even allowed? I can barely keep up with my own country’s rampant BS, let alone even begin to understand yours. Though I think they’re in cahoots along with a shit load of others (UN anyone?)

    If you take the time to read Jack Herer’s “the emperor wears no clothes” ( ) You will see, by chapter 6, why cannabis is illegal, and why it remains illegal. It is not Obama, its not Bush, its the major conglomerate corporations who run, at least, the US through their “special interest” groups and lobbyists, and through their campaign funding. Personally, I think there should be a cap placed on the amount spent on a campaign, and a cap placed on how much can be donated to one….good luck getting that bill passed. Only when we can get enough people, with no ties to big oil and big pharmacy and mega media, into office, can we begin to fix this screwed up situation.

    Or we can do it the old fashioned way. Though with the kind of funding our military has, I doubt a revolutionary war will be as successful this time around….

  14. Anonymous on

    Yep Alpha, It’s some scary country you are living in.
    I’m listening Alex jones his show on a frequent basis myself too, even though I’m on the other side of the lake.
    What happens in the states eventually might be happening to us here in scandinavia too.
    In here we share a somewhat same common law system as they have in canada.
    One point of interest Robert Menard is talking about is that it’s not just a governments single right to hire peace officers, we as a people can hire peace officers as well.
    No need to overturn the government this way, just to intergrate and improve upon the existing government by ourselves might be getting the job done equally well.

    whenever you have time or interest, please read or share the link I previously gave you.

    Grow em high mate 😉

    (hope i got my grammar correct this time 🙂

  15. Anonymous on

    Here’s a quote from

    “In 1996, California’s voters legalised the use of marijuana for patients suffering from illnesses such as Aids, cancer and glaucoma if recommended by a doctor. Similar acts have been passed in other states. Oakland city council duly asked Rosenthal, as an expert cultivator, to grow plants for medicinal use at a warehouse.

    However, the federal government does not recognise state laws on drugs. Since John Ashcroft became United States attorney general in 2000, the drugs enforcement administration (DEA) has opposed medicinal marijuana initiatives, saying they represent the thin end of the wedge. Rosenthal was arrested by federal officers last year and charged with marijuana production. He was convicted and he will be sentenced in San Francisco tomorrow.

    On the instructions of presiding Judge Charles Breyer, the jury was not told that Rosenthal was growing the 100 or so plants officially for the city council and for the use of patients, including the terminally ill. When jurors discovered this after the conviction, five of them issued a public apology to Rosenthal and asked in vain for a retrial.

    “I really feel manipulated,” said one juror, Pam Klarkowsky. “I feel the jury was railroaded into making this decision.”

    The federal government simply decided that it wouldn’t bother following the constitution, which requires an amendment in order to supersede state Cannabis laws, just like they did when they prohibited alcohol. The US federal government is out of control thanks to George Bush and Obama who continues to allow the outlaw activities. No way Ed should have been charged with anything or that the jury should have had the true facts hidden from them until after they made their ruling. The feds will simply continue to act as in independent power rather than it’s true role as an aid to the states.

    At no time was it ever intended by the founding fathers that the feds should be able to trump state laws like that whenever they don’t happen to agree with their rulings. What they are saying is that state officials are not competent to govern so they must step in and do it for them. Arrogant sons of bitches. THIS is the thin wedge, not medical Cannabis laws. The thin edge of the wedge of the feds dictating and vetoing laws for states. If it’s not stopped now, it will simply go back to being a monarchy with King Obama dictating his will to all 50 states, like it or not.

  16. one12alpha on

    Ok, I just read the whole forum and, indeed he mentions anarchy. But I agree, he isn’t necessarily promoting anarchy, just stating a fact that it has worked in the past. Still, ultimately resulting in govt, though I don’t think Its possible for mammals to exist in true anarchy. Even animals form their own sort of govt. with an alpha male/female “in charge” of her/his herd(pack, pride, hive, etc),

    I can envision a nice peaceful revolt my self, though I kinda doubt there will be much peace in it. Our established set of leaders are far to accustomed to their life style to go peacefully. I can see quite a mess of the situation as they will likely employ full military force against us…In fact, they’ve already begun. SWAT(special weapons and tactics)use the same tactics as we use in Iraq/whereveristan. Police forces across the country are being equipped with military vehicles, and weapons that even the US marine corps is hesitant to use against people.
    ( ) and they’ve been doing it for years, so they’ve got plenty of practice…( )

    I do agree, with our failing education (read stupidification) system, I think few people are able to work with the subject of a peaceful revolt, and a re-establishment of a “we the people” type govt. Even in 1775 there were a handfull of people able to draft a declaraton/constitution. I find to often that people like to associate the actions of a few people, are the intent of their entire nation. Example, 9/11, somehow blamed on Iraq so many Americans automatically hate all Iraqis. Already I’ve seen a few Canadians associate the actions of the US DEA against Marc, as the intentions of the whole country….The truth of the matter is most of us disagree with our govt’s actions, and those who do agree quickly change their stance with a little re-education. I try to educate as many who will listen, and that’s the hard part, about marijuana, and about our govt. All to often I get a sort of childish denial (comparable to fingers in ears shouting la la la la)

    The way I see it. The declaration of independence, written on hemp, freed America. And when it comes to revolt, I’ll gladly tie the knot to hang some wiggs(politicians), so long as the rope is made of hemp….oops, now I’m on their “bad guy” list.

    And ya, CC staff, an edit option would be nice.

  17. Anonymous on

    where, (for all the damn spelling misfits,what about an edit option?)

  18. Anonymous on

    part 1 is just an intro, starting part 2, he’ll briefly gets you were his former shows were all about.

  19. Anonymous on

    I saw Dave merely promoting “the think free” aproach (in wich I have put the bigger share of my hopes for our near prospective future) and he related “anarchy” to consensus negotiating on a way that things actually make sense.

    Dig it up man, there’s just a handfull of us who are qualified to work with the concept, but once we get the ball rolling I envision a great peacefull revolt.

    My other pc is broke and thisone doesn’t wanna give me the link but just check out the latest work from Robert Arthur Menard on you tube.
    Thought it was a “10 parts” show in ontario.

  20. one12alpha on

    I just read his most recent blog, and I didn’t see him mention anything about anarchy. There was a bit about harmless disobedience and rallying, but that’s about it. He may have mentioned it in response to comments, but there was far to much bickering between him and at least one poster for me to get into the board. I have read some of his other posts, and don’t remember anything promoting anarchy.
    I can understand his reasoning behind his plea, but an admission of guilt is an admission of guilt. I’m not saying its every man for themselves but when you take a stand against the govt. you gotta realize your bound to draw attention. Knowing this, you got to be careful about what it is you sell, to whom. I’ll admit I don’t really have the first clue about Canadian laws, but he must have known what he was doing would end him in jail if he were sought out by law enforcement.

    There is a HUGE difference between his actions and Marc Emery’s…but once again I don’t know the full story on Mr. Malmo’s side. Marc is sought for selling seeds, which he paid tax on and was even recommend by his government… Mr. Malmo was selling herb, shrooms, and opium. I don’t know what the laws surrounding this are there, but there is a difference in the two; Marc is sought by the American DEA as a Canadian, while it seems Mr. Malmo is sought by his own govt for breaking his own countries laws. In either case the law is BS, but Mr. Emery’s case is FAR more bogus.

    Just my opinion…

  21. one12alpha on

    Yah, the first post is quite funny. That may be the first time I’ve ever seen sarcasm effectivly portrayed in text.

    I cant actually say I’ve never laughed when something was a bit inappropriate. Who hasn’t? I sure Ed has a sense of humor and can understand.

    It just struck a chord with me here. I see Ed pouring his heart into our cause, even in poor health, and we laugh and poke fun? He could have just as well not done anything at all, and with some of these comments, I wouldn’t blame him if he chose that route.

    I’ll have to check out the deal with David Malmo-levine. I can see where someone would take the anarchy route with pot legislation. Its obvious that going through the proper procedures in legislation aint working. Whats left besides a total revolt? I see the way the DEA goes about things in CA as a violation of states rights….which, to my recollection, was the cause of the civil war.

  22. Anonymous on

    Oh and alpha, don’t miss out on David Malmo-levine, I hope you follow what’s going on on his blog.
    I severely sense he’s up to something, combining cannabis(naturals) activism with anarchy and freemanship.

  23. Anonymous on

    You’re so right alpha, but the first post was just so funny I couldn’t stop myself from laughing. It lasted for the rest of the evening and I even wasn’t high or something.
    I deeply apologise to Ed for that.
    Ed, please let me give you a virtual hug of compassion, you were doing the right thing.

  24. one12alpha on

    Ed is an earthling captured by aliens from a hostile planet, Federalus Governmento. His message translates to “go to hell federal government war mongers” LOL…

    I cant believe such disrespect towards Ed on here.

    In due time all the major activists will be either imprisoned, or dead. Ed, here, seems to be falling into the depths of old age. Our beloved, Marc Emery, is headed to prison. Jack Herer, just recently passed.

    Its time the younger generation stepped up to the plate! The youngest activist that comes to mind is Barry Cooper from Kop Busters, and I applaud his efforts. I’m totally lost on how to run for office, but I’m going to look into it…so should you.

  25. one12alpha on

    I’m a bit hard of hearing as well. Working with Marine infantry will do that to ya… If its any consolation, I used head phones 😎

  26. Anonymous on

    Two NASA scientists show off their recently captured alien from the planet Gamma Bozo. He appears to be making some sort of plea to Earth’s government officials. I think it translates to “we just want to go home”.

  27. W8t4change on

    I guess he hasn’t gotten over his one day in jail and went hard overnight. I think the guy on the left is Steve Cubby–the guy on the right is there to buy medical marijuana for his dry mouth syndrome.. Send the DA to jail because Mr. Ed said so.. OK

    the real crime here is that Ed himself posted this himself. Maybe pot never killed anybody but it does sort of make bozo clown zombies out of official herb testers who get a little carried away Stay tuned for more great moments in THC OD

    Good luck Ed. maybe you;re doing the wrong thing

  28. Anonymous on

    Thanks for tellin me what he said One12alpha. Im deaf so turnin it way up doesnt work for me. I just wish this and all the videos on this site had some condsideration and put subtitles on their videos.

  29. Anonymous on

    maybe ed sent obama a joint so team obama sent ed a little something better back!
    nah really my guess is he is getting older thats all. funny funny reply but
    good on ya ed..

    but i think that women is sticking with the old “i agree with med pot but not if they are making a profit” stance. which is bullshit. its a veiled way for them to bust shops without bad public backlash cause the public will now say “well those shops were breaking the law..”
    when really the law is flawed. whats the difference between pot shop complaints and licensed alcohol premise complaints?

    that should not have ever been part of the law that no one can make profit from a med pot shop. whatever happened to right to bussiness in the USA.

    so fucking what if someone uses a drug to get high.
    people do it all the time with prescriptions and you dont see the feds going through books to check if profit was made. they can check to see if they are selling to diagnosed patients fine but your right ed. they have screwed the constitutuion out.

    so now you guys should be claiming that by them not allowing profit to be made from alcohol, tobacco and other pharmaceuticals and not on selling cannabis for medical reasons then they are restricting access to med pot by only allowing care/volunteer supply. restricting acess to rights for the sick by making such non profit they can shut them down if anyone makes money.
    what are the medical cards for then???

    now if they close down shops cause of some profit being made that means the people dont have a supply. its another thing for the people that got busted to try prove innocence but this law needs changing.

  30. One12alpha on

    Here is what he said in the video…correct me if I’m wrong Ed.

    “Its apparent that the district attorney of, uh, San Diego doesn’t understand the constitution, and doesn’t understand what 215 is all about. And doesn’t want to recognize the rights that people have. Eventually she’ll go to jail for this contempt…Wish you luck, you’re doing the wrong thing. Bye”

    I heard it just fine. Just follow the instruction at the top, and JUST TURN IT WAY UP!

    Thanks Ed…I hope you’re doing well.

  31. Dan on

    I’m a big fan of Ed’s. Been following his articles and career since he started writing for High Times back in the day(sometime in the 80’s). It is with oodles of respect that I ask …What the hell?!

  32. Anonymous on

    What the hell was this, shocking video of ED mumbling somthing about prop 215 and the mayor of San Diego doesn;t understand ? Ed didyou have a stroke? you sound just like JACK HERER now,, what’s this all about? Better pull yourself back together man, GURU OF GANJA…

  33. Anonymous on

    Ed is on something, and it ain’t pot. Probably valium, or soma.

  34. Anonymous on

    No the point is that he all teached us a lesson by keeping the faith in our progression and ourselves while allowing us to have a good laugh at it.

  35. Anonymous on

    fucking laugh my ass of still, think that was the point wasn’t it?

  36. Anonymous on

    Sorry Ed, but complete agreement to all of the above. Except that like Tommy is a genius and shouldnt be denigrated. But Ed you gotta get back on the planet before making videos man

  37. Anonymous on

    this sure could use subtitles dude!

  38. Anonymous on

    Holy crap!!! Tommy Chong couldn’t have done better!

  39. Anonymous on

    Did Ed have a stroke or something? Why’s he talking like that? If he didn’t have a stroke, he must have been pretty toasted. And WTF’s going on with his hair? He looks like Nick Nolte’s mugshot.

  40. Anonymous on

    flmao, think I’m dying, sorry Ed but the dude ahead of me has got a point.

  41. weedboy on

    That was the most interesting video I have ever seen in my life! I especially enjoyed how the guy in the middle was mumbling something, and he had 2 men sitting extremely close to him! And then all of a sudden a lady with a yellow shirt walks in! What happens next? Thank-you so much! Please make more videos just like this one. I think weed will be legal now, because this video was so freaking awesome!