We Caught A Really Nasty Kop This Time

Our second sting was a success. Our KopBuster team assisted S.W.A.T. in the execution of a search and arrest warrant that landed a krooked kop in jail.

I tricked a recently fired chief of police, Michael Meissner into believing I was going to feature him as a good Kop on the reality show. I told him we had attempted to sting him but were unsuccessful and realized he was a good cop. This developed a relationship between us that was key in his arrest.

I need your help though. Please go to RawStory.com and DIGG their Exlusive Story on this. Your DIGG is as good as a $100 donation to us. That’s how important it is. Please try to DIGG by noon tomorrow.

I’m going to express something personal here. I understand that lying to and manipulating this guy was justified (unlike how I use to lie and manipulate citizens as a drug kop) but I still felt dirty doing it. I guess those are my burdens. I’m not complaining…just explaining.

I promise to blog further details here very soon.

Thanks for the DIGG.



  1. Anonymous on

    You know that statement was very insulting..Even you lawyers do not know every particular law and yet you clearly think I’m not a Lawyer Yet you also stated nothing to show in your last statement yet clearly it sounds to me like that statement was merely a partial intimidation and full of his shit statement.

    **Or put another way: one of us writing in this exchange is a Canadian lawyer – and the other one clearly is not.**

    Clearly not, I think your Clearly your an ass.

    My Condo association uses a Corporation to run this place. I was behind in Condo Fee payments so they hired this real snake in the grass Liar..err. Lawyer.
    He went after me for foreclosure on the Condo Fees, charged me for a Caveat of $500 not including all the charges from his personal services.
    Very interesting and sure of himself too, I studied my ass off to understand the different Acts to strengthen my understanding and make sure to know I was correct.
    I questioned The Validity of him even being allowed to charge me a Caveat at all for a late Condo Fee or to place a Foreclosure on at all for a Condo Fee cost owing.
    In all cases The Corporation twisted the truth on these charges being made, making their own Laws. You cannot Foreclose on a person for Common Property Costs unless it pertains to Your Land. If you want more on it I will give it but to much to fit here.
    I may not have the exact terminology but I do understand the sneak ass definitions of The Laws use on it’s own individual Dictionaries to each Act. I have read enough to show he skirted a few steps when we were made aware by reading. Any retribution I tried to make he refused and any kind of mediation was refused he thought he had it all under control to steal my home but I read enough that even if it did get to court I could still get a chance to make restitution. I was asking for 2 months to catch up and that snake wanted our home.. Figured he would fear us out of it by ignorance, fuckin prick!
    I sent him a letter stamped by the courts basically stating any court action shall be made known to us; stated the act and such so he didn’t try anything else sleazily..
    Nothing ever came and I only owe what I owed and now paid off, this happened about 4 months ago…
    He knows he would’ve been screwed if it had gone to court.

    I’m not scared or intimidated by Lawyers..

    The ones I’ve met want you to be impressed they are something else in our society and brag like you did, and sometimes have Contempt over others that are less intelligent, Very Sad.

    How strange to hear a Lawyer say the end doesn’t justify the means..If you are this Noble in Court and in life and have never been in a situation in your life where you could get someone off by never having the end not justifying the means, than please forgive everything I’ve said and disregard..
    You’re a Saint..

    So not once you ever decided that if I lie or get this client to lie just this once and get away with it then this man will get off, who’s innocent and the other Lawyer is winning?

    Are you a Hypocrite?
    Only you can answer that one I guess.

  2. Anonymous on

    I agree you are right and that gives you knowledge over me because I have very little strengths in this field you spent your lifetime doing but don’t kid yourself, I’ve only just read the Criminal Code C-46 and like you said you’re a Liar..err sorry a Lawyer.

    That said; I think you should get your head out of your ass becasue their are some of us quite able to read and understand, LAW.
    Wow, You’re right about Prostitution, though. It seems that most of the Act is pointed towards being a Pimp, having a brothel, doing any of it to an under 18 year old.
    That is totally why Escort services work you can’t make money off sex acts but you can off the dating and services.

    Offence in relation to prostitution

    213. (1) Every person who in a public place or in any place open to public view

    (a) stops or attempts to stop any motor vehicle,

    (b) impedes the free flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic or ingress to or egress from premises adjacent to that place, or

    (c) stops or attempts to stop any person or in any manner communicates or attempts to communicate with any person

    for the purpose of engaging in prostitution or of obtaining the sexual services of a prostitute is guilty of an offence punishable on summary conviction.

    Very interesting, So it sounds to me that if you want to give a service to a prostitute before Internet it would be have been a great idea to setup a small structure on a small piece of land and charge the individual Prostitutes and fee for advertising in your building only accessible to people over 18, the advertisement is simply a personal picture and a phone number, Nothing else.
    That way you are not making a dime of the act and they are safe to do in their own homes as they please. Dial a Prostitute but they carry the phone and they advertise like the internet for a date and you charge the usage of your board for advertisement and rental of space.
    Maybe other fees..
    Just a thought..

    “””The ends do not justify the means. They don’t justify them to bust this bad kop – and they don’t justify them when a cop claims to “smell marijuana” emanating from a parked car as the excuse to then do a body search upon a suspect, find cocaine – find not a trace of marijuana at all – and yet have the search be admitted into evidence at trial. (This recently happened in Nova Scotia, btw. It’s under appeal again, too.)”””

    You are aware they are basing all of this under THEIR OWN LAWS, why are you quoting the end justifys the means..
    You’re a Lawyer, is what they are doing legal under their Laws, why are you wasting our time. I’m not sure but I believe places in The States or perhaps everywhere in the states they can enter your home of vehicle by the smell. Different strokes for different folks..

    I cannot state their Laws are better or worse that would be like telling you, you have a stick in your eye when I have a Log in my own.

    Oh and about Barry I still disagree.

    You may be correct in your knowledge about prostitution but I’m having problems seeing this in this specifics becasue I DON”T KNOW THEIR LAW and I’m not about to study them to prove a point.(Not like I haven’t already, lol)

    Why don’t we wait until all the info comes out like Barry said we still have yet to hear the stuff that will help understand and then you can judge him and tell us all The End Doesn’t Justify The Means, with their laws backing you.

    Mr. Lawyer.. 🙂

  3. Anonymous on

    No. Prostitution is not illegal in Canada. Soliciting in a public place is; living off the avails of another’s is; keeping a common bawdy house is. But prostitution itself? Legal. Always has been since Confederation. Trick money from a John is not only taxable income – your travel cost to and from the John’s hotel is tax deductible, too.

    Here’s the wiki entry (as if that was determinative):

    Or put another way: one of us writing in this exchange is a Canadian lawyer – and the other one clearly is not.

    Moving on…

    I’m upset that a segment posted here features a bit about a “bad Kop” who was entrapped by this blogger. Entrapment is improper and is reason in and of itself to stay a criminal charge — in Canada and in the United States.

    And there seems little doubt that elements of this would qualify as entrapment if this man was paid or encouraged by law enforcement to do what he did. He cooperated throughout with the police on this. When interviewed, one cop says the blogger’s] help was great “because he can do things that we can’t…”

    Indeed. Like, violate the suspect’s legal rights, for one.

    This wannabe reality TV star is being paid insted with the hopes of selling this tape to some Reality TV gig and not by law enforcement. That’s the only distinction from a case of entrapment, near as I can tell. And I’m not sure it is a distinction with a difference, either.

    Entrapment is wrong. The ends do not justify the means.

    Moreover, I don’t look too favourably upon someone – anyone – who abuses another’s trust and confidence no matter the motive — no matter the supposedly noble excuse.

    The message here was that this is a “bad kop” without really spelling out with any specificity what it is that this “bad kop” did. Instead, the thrust of the piece is that if someone is guilty, the ends justify the means.

    No. They don’t. I find that attitude extremely dangerous and the methods employed by this man reprehensible.

    The ends do not justify the means. They don’t justify them to bust this bad kop – and they don’t justify them when a cop claims to “smell marijuana” emanating from a parked car as the excuse to then do a body search upon a suspect, find cocaine – find not a trace of marijuana at all – and yet have the search be admitted into evidence at trial. (This recently happened in Nova Scotia, btw. It’s under appeal again, too.)

    The message this blogger is selling to you is simple: if they are guilty, the ends justify the means.

    My message? The ends *do not* justify the means. Ever.

    Because once you cross that bridge – once you say “yes, the ends justify the means” it is a hop, skip and a jump to your ass (or someone you know) who is sure to be screwed by people thinking that it is “okay, because they’re guilty”.

    And most of all, I find it odious that a man could do this to another man and be proud of it; indeed, boast of it on the Internet as if what he did was a laudable and noble thing.

    I think it is reprehensible and disgraceful. I do not believe that Cannabis Culture ought to be promoting that sort of conduct here.

  4. Anonymous on

    Not sure what you’re upset about, that Barry is not talking about Pot to make the money he makes or on this paticular article or about that the Cop was unjustly attacked in the Media?
    Oh and Paying a sixteen or seventeen year old to have sex in Canada is a crime in Canada, paying anyone to have sex is a crime in Canada, I think what you mean is some of our Provinces do not arrest consensual sex with someone over 14 or something to that effect.
    I’m confused on what it is that is irking you?
    Who said anything about a 17 year Old?
    and how about this part of the many articles??

    A week ago more than 50 residents packed city hall, many complaining about the conduct of Michael Meissner, the small town’s police officer who has had 18 jobs in law enforcement over the past 14 years.

    Now if 50 respectable town citizens show up for a town meeting about their Officer, whatever status he was, you’ve got to NOW SAY WTF?

    And this?

    Prior WFAA reports “found that Meissner had used a phony college diploma for certification and failed to let his employers know that he had been arrested twice,” the network added.

    There’s more but I think you get the jest, now how about explaining what it is that you’re really upset about?

  5. Anonymous on

    I’m aware, we as a people are beeing profiled by our governmental institutions.
    Wich on it’s own is parhaps not a bad thing since it keeps some of the dumber croocks of the street.
    But when it comes to their definition of “croocks” they also tend to boil nonviolent people like us into the same stew and cause this way a lot of unjustice to decent people who otherwise never would have been rounded up, if it wasn’t for this “tool.”
    Like Officer dibble already mentioned in his former post: the ends don’t always necessarily justify the means.
    In recent discussions with cops on a private basis, I now feel save to know that the village I live in is most likely free from sexual predators so I feel ralatively safe sending my doughter to school on her own.
    On the other hand there is parental concern in our town that there will be a round up again any time soon because of some young generation experimenting with soft drugs.
    So some are saved while others are harmed by the narrow minded aplication of these tools.
    Shame on you officer Dibble!
    If there aparently is no way in the middle, then unfortunatly will I be in support of the former post.

  6. not-so-Anonymous on

    I recently posted a comment here decrying Cooper’s latest escapade. I made, what I felt to be important points that other readers have picked up on. Another post, critical of Cooper’s actions has also been deleted.
    Is this the pride of free-speech drug war reform?
    Whoever did the censoring should come out of their coward’s closet and say why.

  7. Anonymous on

    To Barry and others compelled to him.

    About cops and their wire tapping.

    In our flawed judicial system it became way too easy for cops to get a warrent for wire tapping.

    Since hearsay gives probable cause to wire up someone, the possible innocent/harmless person on the other side of the line will also be listened at too.

    This way, cops are able to profile whole nonviolent communities and no one feels assured of their privacy anymore when handling phone calls
    It,s just way too obvious, big brother is watchin us!

    I’ve got evidence of beeing wired myself at least 2 times this way and I hope that after court I will be able to make their tapes public.

    Point is we can use this against them.

    IMO it’s easy to set them up this way by just overloading them them with HEARSAY and preparing traps.

    anyone with me on this?

    I’d like to hear suggestions from anyone with bright concepts of how we could practicly go about it.

    Together we kick ass more effective as just one Barryman on his own.

    Please think about it if you enjoy your privacy when chatting with your friends on the cell.

    Thanks in advance for your input!

  8. Anonymous on

    When you grow up WE should have done our jobs so well, there should not be any need for you going down the same road anylonger.
    hypothethical spoken.

  9. Anonymous on

    For a compassionate human beeing it never ain’t nice to cause harm towards others, not even to people who actually did harm towards others.

    So far I understand how Barry must feel.

    In disregard of my own aproval of what Barry’s done, I think he’s on his own with that.

    F*cking love you man!

  10. Anonymous on

    It’s unclear to me what this has to do with anything this website is supposed to be about. It’s even less clear just exactly what the “crimes” were that this guy supposedly “bad Kop” engaged in.

    What I do see is that some ex-cop with pretensions of fame and – plans to get rich quick – seems to have engaged in a very distasteful con. His acts would certianly have amounted to entrapment if he had been paid by the police at the time he did them. But instead of gettign paid by the police, he’s hopes to get paid making money by selling the video of this con to someone else, so that makes it all ok and legal?

    Please. This sort of odious conduct is just another way of saying that the ends justify the means. They don’t.

    “All cops are crooks so anything is justified”. Is that the message here?

    Better still, if we can say a 17 year old who willingly has sex for money is a “child” – then that makes this bad guy a pedophile – and nobody will stand up for a pedophile cop… so the ends justify the means.

    Maybe this cop is a bad guy. Hell if I know. It certianly isn’t made clear on that broadcast. Whatever the case, the ends do not justify the means.

    Seems to me that on a site which features as one of its primary political LEGAL PILLARS that Marc Emery and Michelle Rainey did not do anything in Canada which is treated as a crime, than CC should apply that brush equally rather than join in that transborder hypocrisy. Wouldn’t that be fair?

    Paying a sixteen or seventeen year old to have sex in Canada is not a crime EITHER.

    Not sure what the hell this story is here for, but I don’t think the folks who are editing this website are thinking things through very carefully. At all.

    Get this crap off of Cannabis Culture. This doesn’t belong here.

  11. one12alpha on

    I still think we should bust the hell out of cops smoking a harmless bowl. Cops, politicians, pastors, and citizens alike. The law applies to everyone the same. Untill it is enforced as so, it will remain the way it is.

    Now I’m not saying I support the law. I think its a very screwed up situation. But we should bust the pot smokin’ kops as much as they bust us. I just cannot stand hypocrites.

    Keep up the good work Barry!

  12. Anonymous on

    Keep up the GREAT WORK, Barry. You are one man doing what millions should be doing, ENFORCING JUSTICE. You are an inspiration and I wish there was a whole army of people like you. Thanks Barry, keep exposing these KROOKED KOPS!

    P.S. This Kop got what he deserved, you didn’t plant any child porn on his computer like you used to plan drugs on people, don’t loose any sleep over it, you are awesome!

  13. Freedom Fighters on

    Thank you so very much Barry, you’re not considered a retired Officer of the Law sir, You are a Knight.
    Thank you for protecting us these people, from this corruption from evil persons.
    I wish their were more people like you Sir , with you’re strength and compassion of us, many of us will see some form of Justice no longer able to be served in this time or ever.
    God Bless you Barry, God bless you for becoming what you were always meant to be, a wielder of the faith in knowing who you are now and you’re path that’s been destined.
    You’re path was set so you could be something few others were ever able to achieve, I hope you’re following is great, once people see what you’re doing that every evil out their will know they are not invincible and untouchable any longer.
    It’s a Duty to protect those who cannot protect themselves when God gives you an ability to be able to do something few can, It is Our Duty to be the protector of those who cannot.
    I truly wish their were more of you for the fight but Heroes are far and few.
    Thank you for standing up and showing us who the real BARRY COOPER is, a Good Man and a Gentleman.

    When I grow up I want to be just like Marc and Barry. 🙂

  14. Anonymous on

    besides, he wasn’t smoking a bowl or somethi9ng harmless. There was a very real victim here.

  15. Dan on

    Barry, you caught another criminal. This one was(at one time) hiding behind a badge. Don’t think of it as busting a fellow cop, think of it as saving untold numbers of his future victims. I imagine internal affairs cops around the world feel the same way, after all the guys you are busting are SUPPOSED to be the good guys.

  16. Anonymous on

    so I opened the link, but now it’s still unclear to me how I could have been of any help to you with that?
    Please elaborate.