We Caught A Really Nasty Kop This Time

Our second sting was a success. Our KopBuster team assisted S.W.A.T. in the execution of a search and arrest warrant that landed a krooked kop in jail.

I tricked a recently fired chief of police, Michael Meissner into believing I was going to feature him as a good Kop on the reality show. I told him we had attempted to sting him but were unsuccessful and realized he was a good cop. This developed a relationship between us that was key in his arrest.

I need your help though. Please go to RawStory.com and DIGG their Exlusive Story on this. Your DIGG is as good as a $100 donation to us. That’s how important it is. Please try to DIGG by noon tomorrow.

I’m going to express something personal here. I understand that lying to and manipulating this guy was justified (unlike how I use to lie and manipulate citizens as a drug kop) but I still felt dirty doing it. I guess those are my burdens. I’m not complaining…just explaining.

I promise to blog further details here very soon.

Thanks for the DIGG.