Do It Yourself

Yesterday, my associate at the office where I work complained to me that I always rant and rave about Obama and his MDS (Marijuana Deficiency Syndrome)- implying that I was getting redundant.

After listening to Obama’s speech yesterday about healthcare I realized that he is in a quagmire constructed by the health insurance industry. So expecting him to stand up to the criminal justice system regarding marijuana, or to the war industry regarding Afghanistan, is going to be very difficult. Don’t expect much. His MDS has set in.

But enough about Obama, the question now is “what should we do in this situation?” Normally we would say “let’s work to throw the bums out and put in decent people!” But who is the better replacement? Mitt Romney? Mark Sanford? …oh wait, self destructed. Maybe Newt Gingrich, with a continuation with his contract on America? Obviously the strict electoral process shows at best a dim light at the end of the tunnel.

There is a solution, one that has always proven effective. I call it “DIY” or Do It Yourself. I credit Dennis Peron with being the first to do this when he opened up his dispensary in 1994 on Church Street in San Francisco as a memorial to his partner who had died of AIDS and whose quality of life in his final days was greatly improved by the medicine. This was 2 years before Proposition 215, before legal medical marijuana came into effect in California. Dennis took the DIY approach, he said “let them bust me in San Francisco for helping these thousands of suffering patients” during the heat of the AIDS epidemic.

Dennis at the Cannabis Buyer’s Club at 1444 Market St, San Francicso

The California Attorney General at the time, “Lock ‘Em up Lockyer” spent millions of dollars busting Dennis’ Cannabis Buyers Club. But Lockyer didn’t account for the DIY attitude, and like a many-headed hydra, chopping down Dennis’s dispensary only lead to many metastasizing sprouts. First in San Francisco, then in its surrounding counties, then all over California, and now in a few states that allow dispensaries.

It was only in 1996 that the law caught up with the reality of what was happening on the street. Since then, the police, the district attorneys, and many of the judges have been fighting it tooth and nail. They know the handwriting is on the wall: marijuana is on the road to legalization, and it won’t necessarily be the state legislatures that do it, it will be the people.

“Brownie Mary” distributed marijuana brownies to AIDS patients in the Bay Area.

As usual, there will be an avant-garde forefront, the cutting edge that precedes the laws, that says “these laws suck, we are not taking it any more, we don’t care if you are in the legislature, if you are the governor, if you are a cop, or a prosecutors, because we are changing the law, the same way the people of Massachusetts changed the law. We are taking it out of your hands, and thank you for your offers now, but we have learned to do it ourselves. We are changing the law here in California in 2010, marijuana will be legal, and we’ll do it ourselves, our way.”

*SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT* as I mentioned in the blog, Obama is still suffering from MDS, (Marijuana Deficiency Syndrome) please, send him a joint!! Maybe one will get through and it could clear up the fog he has been in all these months. You can also send him a virtual joint via Facebook.