The Joys of Marijuana

Last November the voters of Michigan legalized Medical Marijuana. The ballot measure won by a 10% wider margin than Obama, and it won in every county. One man, Tim Beck, organized the effort. After the election, the Michigan legislature passed a resolution that lauded his efforts. Tim was able to create legislation that the legislature was too meek or scared to pass.

Tim’s efforts highlight the inability of the representatives to resist the power of the criminal justice system, which leaned heavily on the members.

In California the medical marijuana initiative passed 13 years ago, in 1996. Now we are suffering from a new repressive campaign by the police and district attorneys throughout the state. The police are out of control- first they destroy people’s medicine as they make arrests. Then, they try to strong-arm the defendants to plead out. Most people cannot withstand the pressure.

Knowing that their actions are illegal the District Attorneys usually drop the cases just when the trial is about to start. Meanwhile, the victim’s life is totally disrupted, the medicine has been destroyed, and the police actions are costly both to the state and victim.

Jerry Brown is California’s Attorney General. He was governor in 1978 when he signed California’s decriminalization legislation. He was considered among America’s most radical politicians.

Now he is the state’s Attorney General. With a word or the stroke of a pen he could direct the district attorneys to stop the repression. However he is firmly in the hands of the injustice system. He recently said that he opposes legalization because it would cause society more problems.

Hey Jerry Brown, what problems would it cause? …unemployed cops and DA’s?

It’s OK Jerry. If they have so much extra time after solving all the state’s serious felonies that they can devote valuable resources to busting heads, the money should be spent elsewhere. By the way, did you know that California is bankrupt? All the money being spent on busting medical marijuana users directly affects California residents! We already have furloughed sate employees, and our schools are bare bones and losing more meat, they are among the worst in the nation, after Mississippi and Oklahoma.

There is a solution. Jeff Jones and Richard Lee, two California activists with great bonafides are collecting signatures for a new ballot measure that will legalize marijuana and it’s cultivation in California. Richard founded and runs Oaksterdam University; Jeff runs the California patient ID center. Both are very effective people, and the initiative will be on the ballot November 2010. This new law will make marijuana legal to use, grow and sell in California.

It removes the cops and DA’s out of the marijuana equation. Without the cop welfare system called the marijuana laws, maybe they’ll get back to their jobs: to protect and serve rather than harass and arrest.