Town Hall Bong Hits for Obama!

For the past few weeks I have been discussing President Obama’s MDS (Marijuana Deficiency Syndrome). Since his body doesn’t naturally produce enough endocannabinoids for him to get into the zone and act totally rationally, he is in dire need of marijuana supplementation. This a very serious issue, and I haven’t found any medical doctors who are willing to tackle the problem.

You see, perhaps if Barack cannot use marijuana because of the law (although I believe it is decriminalized in DC) perhaps he can get a prescription for marinol, which works when it is used sublingually. With marinol in his system however, even if he is drug tested- which will probably be the next thing the Republicans call for-
he will have an excuse for the high THC levels.

We have all been shocked when people have come to town hall meetings fully loaded- not with alcohol… just with guns. Can you imagine a man with a loaded AK 47 voicing his displeasure with the government? Well if these crazies can bring guns to meetings where civil discourse is supposed to take place, we should be able to bring bongs! Maybe he could sneak a bong hit behind stage. Two bong hits! Three bong hits! Boy those THC levels are going up! He will almost act normal again for a few hours!

Now I know a few of you have asked why I continually harp on Obama, his policies, and his medical condition. It is because of this: he could set off a world war, either by pressing a button or starting a world conflict. At the same time he could make choices such as feeding the world, renewing America’s industrial strength and stopping America’s interference in other countries. These are serious decisions and in the same way that an alcoholic isn’t fully in control of their behavior and decisions, the MDS is crippling Obama’s mental abilities.

People who don’t use marijuana may not recognize this, but since I am preaching to choir, I know that many of you recognize these symptoms. It is as simple as this: Obama needs pot. Other than sending it to him and tossing joints at town halls (which will get you arrested) I am in a quandary as to how help Obama with his condition. I am looking for suggestions so that we can help change the direction of this ship of state with a cloud of smoke.

Write me with any ideas you may have about this [email protected], or blog comment.