Make Marijuana Legal

Fellow letter writer and friend Don Siebold had the following letter published in the Anniston Star on Friday.

Make Marijuana Legal

Re “Marijuana gold mine” (Speak Out, July 31):

Letter writer Loretta Nall made a credible argument for legalizing marijuana in Alabama.

For some time I’ve been a proponent for legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes for those people who could benefit from it when prescribed drugs won’t help them at all or as much.

It’s time for our legislators to take off their blinders and do something constructive for Alabama and its residents, especially those who could benefit from using marijuana to help relieve their pain and suffering without fear of being jailed and branded as criminals.

We learned long ago that the prohibition of alcohol didn’t work, so its use was made legal. Why shouldn’t we do the same thing with marijuana when it could benefit patients, whereas alcohol doesn’t? It likely would be less expensive to use than alcohol is if it were legal to use it.

Don Seibold

Great job Don! I hope many others are following suit.



  1. Anonymous on

    Life is tooooo short!!!! especially when you are forced to live by other peoples standards, beliefs, and rules! The world would be a much better place if people minded there own business ans worried a little less about what there neighbors are doing. Live and let live and to each his/her own. I personally think legalizing mj all together (medical or recreational) should be done. All standard rules apply. No driving under the influence and keep it at home not in public (not forcing anything on anyone) and of course, you don’t go to work or church drunk (I hope people don’t), same rules apply to mj use. I have not used since my teen years probably 10-12 years ago but would like the option to. If you use in baked goods and take the harmful smoking hazards out of the equasion, is mj indeed harmful to ones health? Anyway, life is stressfull and everyone needs something to enjoy. I can’t think of a better way and it is alot safer than alcohol and it is non-addictive reguardless to those who run mj down (ya know, the experts – which probably have never touched the stuff. I have known people who smoked ALOT and for many many years and not one had trouble quitting or went through detox. One other just for thought, mj stays in the body longer than any other illegal drug. Drugs such as meth, crack, and pills clear out in 3-4 days or less and pot can make a drug screening for say work turn positive up to 30 days or more so people are going to do what ever they can get away with for a few hours of peace or escape. Most people would choose mj but can’t risk the long lasting effects even though it is the safest and if legalized, you would buy from controlled buyers always getting the good stuff and most of all always safe. To me, this option would help alot more people than hurt. Your tolerence to mj never changes unlike all the other illegal drugs Anyway, just thought I would put my 2 cents out there.

  2. ray on

    Hi Loretta, I’ve been interested in your work for years…of course I support cannabis as a wonderful medicine, (and it is) but right now I wonder what you think of Rep. Tommy Benton of Georgia, thinking that he supports canning marijuana users and executing suppliers…did you see the info on NORML’s Stash about him…?