Make Marijuana Legal

Fellow letter writer and friend Don Siebold had the following letter published in the Anniston Star on Friday.

Make Marijuana Legal

Re “Marijuana gold mine” (Speak Out, July 31):

Letter writer Loretta Nall made a credible argument for legalizing marijuana in Alabama.

For some time I’ve been a proponent for legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes for those people who could benefit from it when prescribed drugs won’t help them at all or as much.

It’s time for our legislators to take off their blinders and do something constructive for Alabama and its residents, especially those who could benefit from using marijuana to help relieve their pain and suffering without fear of being jailed and branded as criminals.

We learned long ago that the prohibition of alcohol didn’t work, so its use was made legal. Why shouldn’t we do the same thing with marijuana when it could benefit patients, whereas alcohol doesn’t? It likely would be less expensive to use than alcohol is if it were legal to use it.

Don Seibold

Great job Don! I hope many others are following suit.