The ‘Dangers of Cannabis’: Marc Emery on CKNW Radio

CANNABIS CULTURE – CC Editor Marc Emery appeared on CKNW Radio on Friday to discuss a new study by Health Canada researchers claiming cannabis poses health dangers.

After Marc appeared in Canwest newspapers last week disputing the study, Vancouver Province curmudgeon Jon Ferry penned an opinion piece criticizing Marc for using an ad hominem attack (ironically, Ferry’s article barely mentioned details of the study, making it an ad hominem attack). Both Marc and Jon Ferry appear on the CKNW radio show of Michael Smyth, also a columnist for The Province newspaper.

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  1. Adam on

    I was wrong, it seems modern cigarettes use a filter made of Cellulose acetate derived from wood products. It is still a fiber product though.

  2. Anonymous on

    This study was conducted by the same Health Canada that was headed by Tony Clement? The same credible organization that have allowed 22 people to die in the listeria outbreak, with out demanding a full judicial inquiry? You cannot believe a word this right of right minority has to say. Let me tell you the results of the Afghani invasion! Heroin addiction is running rampant in the United States. Nice trade if your making money off it. Otherwise I would think one would want to end such ties? So if the Conservatives are saying it you know it is a lie!

  3. Anonymous on

    It was an in vitro experiment, meaning in a test-tube instead of live subjects. When you smoke Cannabis you hack most of the condensate out of your lungs shortly thereafter. Have you ever seen tobacco smokers doing that? Maybe first thing in the morning before they smoke a cigarette but by then it’s been in their lungs for many hours. That’s the big difference, aside from the difference of tobacco being grown with radioactive fertilizers that then make tobacco radiactive. When you smoke tobacco, the condensate stays in there. I think tobacco may even inhibit expectoration. When you smoke Cannabis, it’s expelled very soon afterward due to the “croaking”. Of course, it’s not good for your esophagus and stomach if you swallow what you hack up, but I don’t. That would be repulsive. That’s why we have tissue paper.