Cannabis Culture’s Technical Difficulties

CANNABIS CULTURE – You may have noticed that Cannabis Culture seems to be missing a few stories and acting slowly; due to problems with our servers we are experiencing some technical difficulties.

We are currently attempting to retrieve the past two days worth of missing content and hope to have things back up and running at full speed soon. Unfortunately, some reader comments made over the past couple days may not be retrievable, so you may notice some missing.

Cannabis Culture is in the process of moving to new servers and should be operating at %100 soon. Please bear with us!

UPDATE: All stories and videos have now been restored. Unfortunately, any comments made since Monday morning have been lost; many apologies for the inconvenience. CC will be moving over to our new servers over the next week or two and we apologize in advance for any hiccups.

Peace and Pot!



  1. mtnlioncocu on

    i always check here at least once per day for any new updates, or relevent stories from mainstream news outlets. its just easier to come here at get whatever cnn fox rueters cbs bbc nbc w/e has to over about legalizing cannabis, rather than me havin to search each of those sites, and others

  2. Anonymous on

    Yeah, I was wondering why the site was as slow as molasses last night. I thought maybe they were under another DOS attack or something.