Scientific Evidence of THC Deficiency

In a recent blog, I mentioned that Barack Obama is suffering from a Marijuana Deficiency Anemia Syndrome (MDAS) which accounts for some of his irrational and erratic behavior.

His beer mediation is actually a call for help, but to get to the point, the scientific term for MDAS is “endocannabinoid deficiency”(ED). ED has been proposed as the cause of recurrent migraines in some people. Partial deficiencies have yet to be defined by the scientific community. Thank you Prof. Greg X for the scientific information you have provided.

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  1. Anonymous on

    Here is the study the poves the migrane link to this condition. This link is to a 2006 paper by Dr Paola Sarchielli regarding clinical endocannabinoid deficiency. The orginal posting was flagged as spam by the automated filter. So I will put *’s in the link to hopfully bypass that. To view the paper, type into Google ( endocannabinoid deficiency Sarchielli ) then click on the 1st link.

  2. Anonymous on

    Humanity has been coexisting with this plant since times immemorial.
    During (pré) Human evolution our diet might have merely been consisting out of nummerous types of vegetation including hemp and its derevatives (oil/proteine/vitamines/thc/cbd).

    One way of nourishing oneself still popularly beeing practised during medieval times was to just go out and pick up the local vegetation for food along the way. ( Danmarks swamp grave findings show off bowel content of mummified people that supports this.)

    Thus is it simply my opinion that our moderndays diet lacks hemp derevatives wich causes deficiencys to occur that relates to migraine and beyond.

  3. Anonymous on

    Haha, that should be mimosa hostilis in the middle of his head. Also I have to agree with the poster, this is complete nonsense Ed. Keep sending those joints in though!

  4. Anonymou on


    I’m on your side, but i don’t think this blog is helpful. You didn’t exactly put forth any scientific evidence. Not only that but saying that BO suffers from MDAS is plainly, just a little weird. That’s not to say that the endo C system isn’t important, i’m just saying that you’re way over your head. Migraines may be aided by cannabis but they sure aren’t created by a deficiency. Any deficiency has a root cause. Most likely chronic persistent pathogens.

    You’ve got great skill in growing and we need that most of all.

    I see you like alex grey!