Giant Bud Banner Half the Size of Football Field Flies over the San Francisco Bay

Hydroponics Company flies banner half the size of a football field with giant MARIJUANA BUD to protest San Francisco Indoor Gardening Expo censorship that’s hurting medical marijuana patients and growers in California.

Note from Ed – This is not an endorsement for Advanced Nutrients, but the honesty about the hydroponics industry here is essential. I agree with Mike about the self-righteousness of the industry as a whole, they not only profit heavily on medical marijuana growers they target them while simultaneously shunning them. Also, I do not endorse any negative opinions against General Hydroponics… they are pretty cool.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) July 26, 2009 — San Francisco is playing host to the 6th annual San Francisco Indoor Gardening Expo, but this year’s Expo will be greeted by an aerial protest bud banner so huge and in your face that only a powerful helicopter is big enough to tow it around Fort Mason Center on Sunday afternoon, July 26th.

This year’s San Francisco Indoor Gardening Expo promoted by Maximum Yield Magazine occurs at a time when California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and state legislators are actively considering full marijuana legalization, and the city of Oakland just announced its definite plan to tax medical marijuana sales.

But according to Michael Straumietis, co-founder of the Advanced Nutrients ( hydroponics company that’s flying the huge protest banner for six hours during the Expo’s public-invited day on Sunday, the Expo is tainted by a “cadre of good old boys who make tons of money off medical marijuana growers and patients but lack the courage and honesty to allow open and honest discussion of medical marijuana.”

“The hydroponics industry has long relied on medical marijuana growers for its profits,” Straumietis insists, “and I’m most focused on four companies- Hydrofarm, Sunlight Supply, Botanicare and Technaflora- who sell nutrients, equipment or supplies to legal medical marijuana growers in California and other states where medical marijuana is legal, but who absolutely won’t even talk about medical marijuana.”

According to Straumietis, these companies and several others advertise their hydroponics wares in Maximum Yield hydroponics magazine (the magazine runs and sponsors the Expo), but the magazine and its advertisers hypocritically pretend that its readers, advertisers and customers are growing cucumbers, lettuce and daisies, instead of herbal medicine sold in hundreds of medical dispensaries throughout California.

Worse yet, Straumietis says, if a retail hydroponics store or its customers so much as mention medical marijuana, the good old boys’ companies will put the store out of business by refusing to sell products to the store.

“Unfortunately a handful of hydroponics manufacturing companies and distributors have acted like brutal dictators,” Straumietis charges. “They’ve hurt stores, growers and patients by refusing to allow them to openly and honestly discuss how their products are used.”

Not only did Advanced Nutrients shake up the hydroponics industry, it also brought sophisticated, modern plant science into an industry that was selling repackaged tomato fertilizer instead of the most powerful formulas available.

“What the good old boys have done is inappropriate, disrespectful, hypocritical and untimely,” Straumietis says. “But Advanced Nutrients has gone a different route by designing nutrients specifically tested on medical marijuana that give growers and patients the highest quality medicine they need. We’ve run a Cannabis Care program that donates hundreds of thousand dollars in nutrients to help needy sick and dying people grow the best medicine for them.

How did the good old boys respond? They’ve used every dirty trick in the book to vainly try to shut us down, while at the same time using monopoly intimidation, smoke and mirrors, and nods and winks to rake in the money from medical growers and patients. It’s reprehensible.”

And that’s why Straumietis has created an airborne banner half the size of a football field to fly over the Expo for six hours this Sunday. It’s too big for a plane to fly it. So he hired a helicopter. The banner features a massive picture of a glistening marijuana bud, along with the rhetorical question: WANT BIG, SUGARY BUDS?

“With California leading the way for safe, legal herbal medicine, it’s time to stop the good old boys’ hypocrisy and talk openly about how hydroponics is used to grow the best medicine in the world,” Straumietis says. “I just issued a million dollar nutrient challenge for any of the good old boys to have a grow-off with me and see whose nutrients grow the biggest, most potent buds. They’re all silent and scared. They just sit there like fat cats, taking in the dough. But the patients, the medical dispensaries and the growers are seeing through their lies. And when they look up in the air on Sunday above the Expo Hall, they’ll see it spelled out quite clearly.”

Want to get yourself the inside scoop on the medical marijuana industry and the hydroponics cartel that’s hurting marijuana growers and patients? Call Michael Straumietis right now, at 425 422 3423.



  1. iamgrowerman on

    Well said Shelley!

    I notice that now the original post on PRWeb is gone. Wonder who got that done, eh?

    Oh, and for the record a retraction isn’t a retraction if you don’t set the record straight, Mr. Editor.

    Changing a direct quote is poor form – the same kind of gestapo BS we’ve come to expect from the stormtroopers on the OTHER side of the “war on drugs”.

    I don’t care how buddy-buddy you are with General Hydroponics or whether you agree or disagree with what Big Mike said about them, you report the story without coloring it.

    Just say “No” to censorship.

  2. Shelley on

    in my experience the only peeps against Advanced Nutrients are police, or people who work for companies that make crappy hydro products and they can’t handle the fact that Bigmike and his company are honest and quality stuff. people like anonymous are the a-holes. hiding behind fake names and attacking the only hydro company that ever had the guts to admit that it’s all about cannabis!!!

  3. Anonymous on

    Advanced are the biggest bunch of ass%$les ever! They never made it anywhere. Not in Holland, the capital of bud, not in Nimbin, the capit of bush bud and not in BC, the capital of ice bud. Just crying little assholes. Nobody is trying to shut him down. He’s an assh*&le.

  4. Shelley on

    Hey, I don’t know who changed it in the press release Ed posts here, but in the original press release Big MIke specifically called out General Hydrophonics as one of the good old boys companies who makes money off of us herb growers and yet they are big hypocrites when it comes to weed and in fact they have apparently tried to shut Advanced Nutrients down by threatening hydroponics store owners not to carry Advanced Nutrients. This is what it said in the real press release:

    “The hydroponics industry has long relied on medical marijuana growers for its profits,” Straumietis insists, “and I’m most focused on five companies- Hydrofarm, Sunlight Supply, General Hydroponics, Botanicare and Technaflora- who sell nutrients, equipment or supplies to legal medical marijuana growers in California and other states where medical marijuana is legal, but who absolutely won’t even talk about medical marijuana.”
    Notice that it’s five not four. I personally refuse to buy any products from hypocrite companies. Advanced has long been the only one that has the balls to stand up for our community, so GH and the rest of those people can go sell to old ladies growing their catnip. I will stick with the real deal.

    nuff said!