Drug Czar Blasts Medicinal Value of Marijuana

In a major display of blatant ignorance, U.S. Drug Czar, Gil Kerlikowske, stated, “Marijuana is dangerous and has no medicinal value.”

The director of the White House’s Office of National Drug Control Policy spoke in Fresno yesterday about the recent raids and marijuana eradication efforts going on in Fresno County, and made the following statement regarding the proposal of legalizing marijuana in California.

“Legalization is not in the president’s vocabulary, and it’s not in mine.”

The operation, SOS (“Save” our Sierra), has claimed over $1.25 *billion* in cannabis in Fresno County. 80 people have been arrested so far, and the operation is planned to continue. Talk about throwing away money. I guess all those people with IOUs can just keep waiting for their money.

The “czar” described marijuana as harmful and addictive, all the while neglecting to address the dangers and addictive qualities of pharmaceuticals and other legal substances like paint, glue, gasoline, and food.

Meanwhile, thousands of medical marijuana patients in 13 states around the nation are continuing to enjoy the medical benefits of marijuana. A man waiting for a kidney transplant in Aurora, Colorado is enjoying his ability to eat and stay alive. A woman in Rhode Island is enjoying her life a little more before she dies from the terminal cancer taking over her body, which has been weakened by pharmaceuticals and toxic chemicals used to kill the cancer. A man in Montana is able to work and provide for his family now that he is off opiates, and has a more effective way to treat his chronic spasms and pain brought on by Multiple Sclerosis.

Mr. Kerlikowske, you keep telling yourself that marijuana has no medicinal qualities. Millions of people already know you are wrong, and those people have the ultimate power in this country. Do you know something more than the government who has enough belief in the medicinal value of marijuana to obtain a patent on it? Did you just finish medical school and forget to tell us?

Technically, the czar works for “the people.” What will he do when criminals outnumber non-criminals? Is he going to throw the majority of the country in jail because he happens to not agree with the change the people are demanding?

Who exactly are you trying to protect, Mr. Kerlikowske?

– Article from The Examiner .