Drug Czar Blasts Medicinal Value of Marijuana

In a major display of blatant ignorance, U.S. Drug Czar, Gil Kerlikowske, stated, “Marijuana is dangerous and has no medicinal value.”

The director of the White House’s Office of National Drug Control Policy spoke in Fresno yesterday about the recent raids and marijuana eradication efforts going on in Fresno County, and made the following statement regarding the proposal of legalizing marijuana in California.

“Legalization is not in the president’s vocabulary, and it’s not in mine.”

The operation, SOS (“Save” our Sierra), has claimed over $1.25 *billion* in cannabis in Fresno County. 80 people have been arrested so far, and the operation is planned to continue. Talk about throwing away money. I guess all those people with IOUs can just keep waiting for their money.

The “czar” described marijuana as harmful and addictive, all the while neglecting to address the dangers and addictive qualities of pharmaceuticals and other legal substances like paint, glue, gasoline, and food.

Meanwhile, thousands of medical marijuana patients in 13 states around the nation are continuing to enjoy the medical benefits of marijuana. A man waiting for a kidney transplant in Aurora, Colorado is enjoying his ability to eat and stay alive. A woman in Rhode Island is enjoying her life a little more before she dies from the terminal cancer taking over her body, which has been weakened by pharmaceuticals and toxic chemicals used to kill the cancer. A man in Montana is able to work and provide for his family now that he is off opiates, and has a more effective way to treat his chronic spasms and pain brought on by Multiple Sclerosis.

Mr. Kerlikowske, you keep telling yourself that marijuana has no medicinal qualities. Millions of people already know you are wrong, and those people have the ultimate power in this country. Do you know something more than the government who has enough belief in the medicinal value of marijuana to obtain a patent on it? Did you just finish medical school and forget to tell us?

Technically, the czar works for “the people.” What will he do when criminals outnumber non-criminals? Is he going to throw the majority of the country in jail because he happens to not agree with the change the people are demanding?

Who exactly are you trying to protect, Mr. Kerlikowske?

– Article from The Examiner .



  1. Pistol Pete on

    I agree with you in part, and hope these draconion perspectives and laws fade away so we can indirect benefits of legalization os cannabis such as:
    Reduced dependence on criminal justice systems and budgets
    Increased tax revenue from typical arrestees now working in mainstream
    Increased sales of products that support cannabis product farming and retail sales
    Failure of yellowjournalistic news media becuase they would now need to report real news instead of news around MJ arrests which is the number one reason for arrests
    Allow Hemp growth to take its rightful place in the US economy

  2. Anonymous on

    If the Drug Czar is so grossly miss informed about MMJ he loses all credibility. Should the “PR lackey” not at the very lest be credible?

    How can he mean that literally? He used the words, and so they are part of his vocabulary. Saying it’s not part of the agenda would of bean a better choice of words.

    Does that clear it up Tony?

  3. Anonymous on

    Kerlikowske wouldn’t have received appointment if someone didn’t know he was a sack-less bitch…

  4. Medical MJ for MS on

    I have Multiple Sclerosis and my Neurologist believes there’s enough medical benefit to authorize my use of medical marijuana. Where did you do your medical residency Mr. Kerlikowske? That’s what I thought.

  5. Anonymous on

    Who got to him you ask! The puppet masters probably did. (Puppet masters = The big corporations)

  6. godwin5 on

    Kerlikowske as Seattle Police chief made pot the lowest priority for police. A ticket instead of jail time and a tolerance for things like the Seattle Hemp Fest. I’m sure he was picked as drug czar because of his polices in Seattle. Yet as soon as he hit D.C., his position went 180 degrees. Who got to him? Why has the media suddenly forgot what he did in Seattle?

  7. Anonymous on

    And don’t forget Mr.Kerlikowske that after your mandate is over and after having arrested countless people and having broken countless families you could always pretend to repent from your past actions and join LEAP (Law Enforcement
    against prohibition) You see there will always be members of the pro-marijuana movement ready to wellcome you.
    Unfortunately, me I say fuck you and I dont share your view
    and those of stupid giggling Obama.

  8. Tony Aroma on

    Why call for the czar’s termination? He’s just doing his job. And that job requires him to oppose all legalization efforts. When he says those words are not in his vocabulary, he means it, literally. By law, they cannot be. The drug czar is not a policy maker. What he says means nothing, other than letting us know what the official position is. His opinion means nothing. He’s just a PR lackey for the the federal government. Now if he DID come out in favor of legalization or decriminalization, then that would be grounds for having him fired.

  9. Brian Kerr on

    If Obama does not remove Cannabis from schedule 1, in his first term, he will not get a second. He can do that with an executive order, as he would not be making a law only changing a regulation.

    Make that extremely clear to him. I will when I send him that joint in the mail.

  10. Jason on

    If you want to know how much thought or care the U.S/World government has for medicinal value watch the movies Generation Rx and The Union:The Business Behind Getting High.

  11. Anonymous on

    The thing is, if you do not want to smoke it? Don’t! But you have no grounds or rights to say that any mature consenting adult can’t.

  12. Reverend Draco on

    Duh Zarr says that Legalization isn’t in his vocabulary. . . so lets all get a dictionary, HiLite the word “Legalization,” and mail them to him. . . by the thousands. . . perhaps he’ll find somebody to read it to him, and then he’ll have the word in his vocabulary. . . let’s send one to Duh Prez too, since Mr. (G)illiterate says it’s “not in the president’s vocabulary.” While we’re at it, let’s HiLite the words “Treason,” “Corruption,” and “Superstitious Nonsense.”

  13. Josh on

    Haha, you stoner.

  14. Anonymous on

    “if you all would keep your nose’s out of everyone business
    we wouldn’t so many fuckin problems.

    you have no claim of right over me ”

    This is all too true, American money used to say “Mind Your Business” before they wrote “in god we trust”.

    The land of the free, is the least free country in the world. If you look at prison populations, personal debt, and so forth It becomes clear. In a free land you should be able to drink and smoke pot,and take whatever drugs you wish. As long as you are not hurting anyone, stealing or destroying property they have no right to stop you.

    Based on well known scientific fact, Marijuana Is indeed a medicine. A very versitile one that helps millions of people around the world.

    Fire This e Drug Czar cop. Hire a Scientist or a Doctor.

    When are we gonna stop having police in charge of a health care issue. America will only be pushed so far by their own government.

    The Drug Czar needs to be fired!

  15. Anonymous on

    This is a disappointment from the man who recently said that we must eliminate the phrase “War on Drugs” from our vocabulary because it means our govt had declared war on its people.

    So apparently he’s taken his department’s vision of eliminating the use of drugs to mean to eliminate the use of words. Now we can add “legalization” to the words that he will not use.

    “Overgrow the government” still stands as the best plan.

  16. Anonymous on


  17. Anonymous on

    Politicians are just puppets. They do and say what they’re told to.

  18. Anonymous on

    Pretty appalling ignorance for the former Seattle Police Chief. Obama has a Drug Czar who makes completely unsupported statements, in other words he lies. I guess he got real good at that as a Police officer. People like him are good for keeping the price of weed up though.

  19. Adimus on

    Look Gil, we don’t care what is in your vocabulary or not. You are there to serve the people. Legalization is apparantly in our vocabulary and if that’s what we want then you better get a fucking dictionary.

  20. Cheebs1 on

    It isn’t as hard to understand as people make out to be. The Drug Czar may have had good intentions when he took the posisition but America is so messed up that he has to lie. The oath that he took to get in office says that he cannot condone medical research or further the legalization of any Schedule 1 narcotic. It makes sense if you read what his description is. He is supposed to lie and spread false information to keep things in schedule 1 illegal. Nothing more to it than that. Wish we could fix the oath that he took or reschedule cannabis. I personally don’t see either happening. Keeping cannabis illegal is part of the economy and they won’t cut that deeply into the status quo.

  21. junny on

    Will the ignorance, stupidity,and Hippocrates ever stop? Cannabis was outlawed due to Greed and Racism,it is the least harmful of all drugs and the most beneficial of all drugs.
    The US government brainwashed millions with their reefer madness and its hard for those who were tricked into believing whatever the gov say is true is untrue. Since the real truth has got out because of the internet now they can’t keep the lies and don’t know what to do. Police depts for the most part want to keep it illegal because its a source of revenue and they love mistreating people. We have to keep hope and action alive.

  22. Mardy on

    Oops! My comment never got erased off of this site. I was on another site.

  23. Mardy on

    Wow! My comment got erased!

    All I said was “You Americans should be demanding good old Gil Kerlikowske’s resignation”. I mean if he’s this miss informed about MMJ, he really has no business bean the “Drug Czar”.

  24. Pistol Pete on

    While I am an advid supporter to legalization for responsible recreational use and of course qualifying medicinal use, all those who criticize President Obama must realize that he first and foremost is a person for the people (all people) but secondly he is a father who has two daughters and a finally he is a man of mixed roots specifically Black and the last thing he wants to do is get it wrong becuase future generations shall review these moments in time and pattern their lives after the steps taken and the outcome seen by Obama. So before anyone starts criticizing Obama as a bad choice play the advocate and look from that view and the overall impact Obamas place in history has and the enormous weight he must carry. Besides, the number one job for a 1st term president is to get a second term at which time opinions can be loosened…think of all the money we paid for gas during the 2nd term of Bush…becuase he was in the home stretch, and wasnt going anywhere due to his lame duck position..so if legalization or serious discussion for less strict laws are going to happen..People they wont happen during his 1st term!

  25. Jim Bob on

    For all you people who voted for Obama and not Ron Paul,
    I told you so, Obama could give a shit less about “American People” and lots about how he will look in history. Someones palm is getting greased from by the legal drug industry. And by the way, Kerliloser is waiting till every smoker gets registered and then he is coming after them anyway. Legalize Freedom.

  26. eclecticone on

    Once a dumb programed cop….


  27. Moses on

    Kerlikowske needs medical marijuana to relieve his growing cancer of stupidity, AKA his brain. Very good article, thanks!

  28. Anonymous on

    “The operation, SOS (“Save” our Sierra), has claimed over $1.25 *billion* in cannabis”

    Nice job .. there goes any income for the area since you cut
    it all down before harvest time. looks like your state budget isnt going to get any better there in cali.

    BTW. i didn’t hear of any of them plants killing anyone either.

    Since you are so thoughtful for my health and well beaing
    when are you going to outlaw ALCOHOL!!! ???? HUH!!!

    if you all would keep your nose’s out of everyone business
    we wouldn’t so many fuckin problems.

    you have no claim of right over me


    Thanks for the high cost of nicotine and random drug tests.
    I am a ALCOHOLIC NOW!!!!
    watch for me on the road ….