NeverGetBusted Tip: How To NeverGetRaided

During my tenure as one of America’s Top Narcotics Officers, I ran over 100 search warrants on homes across Texas. I am sad for the terror I caused these non-violent families and want you to have this next tip so you NeverGetRaided!

A typical search warrant on a pot dealer’s house begins with an officer finding marijuana during a traffic stop and convincing the driver to make a pot purchase from their source in exchange for leniency. The new informant and officer usually meet the next day where the officer gives the informant marked money to make the purchase. The money is usually “marked” by photo-copying each bill and during the subsequent raid, the searching officers scour for the photo-copied twenty-dollar bill to prove a clandestine purchase was made at your home.

With the marked money in hand, the informant walks into your home and scores a bag of pot. The better police film their new informant going in and out of your home but the cops do not have to be present or nearby for the purchase.

After receiving the sack of grass from the busted motorist, the narcos take about 30 minutes to complete the fill-in-the-blank search warrant for a judge’s signature. BTW: I never had a judge refuse to sign any of my warrants.

After the warrant is signed, your home is not longer protected under the 4th Amendment to the American Constitution and the police can use whatever force is necessary to arrest you and search your home.

To avoid a raid, always make money/pot transactions away from your home. If the police see you selling pot to an informant in a parking lot, they cannot raid your house. Make the transaction away from your home and NeverGetRaided!

Candi and I cover how to sell pot safely and NeverGetBusted in our second film titled, NeverGetRaided. Be sure and arm yourself with this valuable information by purchasing NeverGetRaided which supports my campaign for Texas Attorney General 2010.


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  1. Thankful in the Least on

    Just wanted to say “Thank You” to Barry. The information you provide is very informative and helpful. As I mentioned in a previous comment, I stride to read/see everything you release. Everything you have to offer is increadably valuable to ourside of the fight.

    I only hope there are more people like you with the courage to say enough is enough and this has to stop… I am curious if you have enbarked in your exit plan from the states yet?

    I believe it was on the Alex Jones Show where you said if Pot wasn’t legalized you’d be leaving the states within 2 years. Curious to see if your going to be comming to Canada. Seems like a Logical choice to continue the good fight. The timing would be most cruical as we are going to lose Marc for sometime, and who better to fill his shoes then you? I think you could help alot of people come out of the hotbox.

    After all thats what we need, we need more people coming out of the Hotbox and standing up for their beliefs. Especially with the Olympics coming. We are going to be on the world stage come 2010, the government wants to silence us and reduce our numbers and ambitions before then as much as possible. We need presence, we need stature, we need people just like you to stand up and lead the mass’s. Who better if not you?