Best Medicinal Strains

a BLUEBERRY a day will keep the doctor away

List compiled by Clinton at Online Pot

ADD: Focus: Catalyst, Billiejack, Jack Herer, C99, Thai, Haze, Elvis, Dogshit…..

Insomnia, Social Awareness, Emotional Stability: Black Domina, Butterscotch Hawiian, Trainwreck, Afgani, William’s Wonder, Blueberry.

MS Neuropathic Pain / Urinary Incontinence: Trainwreck, Super Silver Haze), NYCD and Sour Diesel. For severe pain, concentrates may be required.

Digestive Disorders: Blueberry, Blackberry, Black Domina.

Nausea and Diarrhea and Cramping (including Menstrual Cramps): Blueberry.

Social Anxiety: Romulan, NL#5, Hindu Kush, OG Kush, Bubba Kush.

Stress: Heavenly Man.

Sleep and General Relaxation:Sonoma Coma, Lifesaver, Real Matanuska Thunder Fu*K, XXX, Legends Ultimate Indica, Sensi Star.

Alert, Cerebral: AK-47, Dankouver, Cambodian X Orange Peako.

Anti Depress & Anxiety, Sleep: Blue Moonshine, Jack Herrer, M-39, Herijuana.

Chronic Pain: Romulan, Shiskeberry.

Appetite Stimulant/Spasms: TY’s Northernberry x Reefermans herijuana.

Joint and Muscle Pain: Legends Ultimate Indica, UBC Chemo x Grapefruit.

Chronic pain: Blueberry, reeferman’s hashplant

Appetite stimulant: Catalyst

Joint and muscle pain: Blueberry