NeverGetBusted Tip: Be Careful Where You Buy Paraphernalia

Beware of purchasing rolling papers and blunt wraps at small convenience stores. It could get you busted.

I just received an email about a Deputy Sheriff in Texas who is receiving tips from cashiers who report patrons purchasing rolling papers and blunt wraps. Soon after leaving the store, the citizen was pulled over for a traffic violation he didn’t commit. The auto was searched and the driver was busted with under 1oz of pot.

The driver later learned the cashier has been giving tips to the kops regularly. This is not the first time I’ve heard of this tactic used by overzealous drug kops. It’s much safer to purchase rolling papers and blunt wraps at large grocery stores where cashiers are too busy to tip off the police, or at hemp or smoke shops where they are much less likely to rat you out.

Tell your friends about this tip; it’s worth repeating.



  1. smokingmonkey on

    Honest cops don’t exist. Even if a cop tries to be a good cop, he will stick up for the bad cop, making him a bad cop. They have the power to do what they want, and use it!

  2. Anonymous on

    ok, as a clerk in a gas station/convenience store, and as a regular herb toker, i can give this insight on the matter; just because the owners of the store agree/disagree with something and decide to sell or not sell an item dependant on its usage, that doesnt mean a clerk shares the same opinion. theres been a few co-workers of mine id never buy papers or wraps from for fear that they would report me (not to the police, but to the corporate office)

    At the same time, I’ve been in situations where i knew the guy i was selling a tire gauge to was gonna go smoke crack or meth with it, but i had no basis to deny the sale. (luckily we have stopped carrying tire gauges and i now get a huge kick out of telling folks “nope, we have no guages. nor small lightbulbs and steel wool. nor do we carry those roses in the glass tubes. gonna have to go elsewhere for yer crackpipe, sir or madame”)

  3. Anonymous on

    A cop is legally allowed to bring you into the station for any violation other than speeding less than 20mph over the limit. If you deny him the right to search your car he can arrest you and have your car towed in which case it will be searched so everything can be itemized and you can’t claim something was stolen at the impound lot. If you don’t want to get arrested don’t break the law. Or at least be smart enough not to keep your pot in your car.

  4. Anonymous on

    orrrr you could just be a GOOD GOD DAMN DRIVER and not have to worry about cops stopping you at all… thats what i do and guess what?? works every time! =)

  5. Anonymous on

    Cops do a lot more than search cars without probable cause.

  6. Parker on

    Yeah, I’m calling bullshit on this one. A cop can’t just randomly search your car, even if you did commit a moving violation. And even if this story is true and he actually found the guy’s stash, this would not hold up in court. Unless the weed was in plain sight when the guy rolled the window down; in that case he’s just an idiot. But if the cop had to search the car to find it, then it doesn’t matter how much he found; the charges would be dropped on lack of probable cause. Especially if the guy didn’t even commit the initial moving violation.

  7. Anonymous on

    Or you just just not give consent for the search…

  8. Anonymous on

    You know, or you could NOT DRIVE AROUND WITH ANY QUANTITY OF HERB. Seriously. Wait till you’re home.

  9. Anonymous on

    by papers through the mail or don’t have pot in your car. Pot is best kept at home.

  10. Anonymous on

    if your mom or daughter was being raped and killed and called the cops but was forced to hang up would you want the cops searching the house or just asking the killer if everythings all right?

  11. Anonymous on

    You really think you’re safe here in Canada, don’t be naive. In Calgary a man was busted because his 3 year old called 911 playing with the phone. They state that because the phone wasn’t answered when called back it gives them the right to walk through their house and search every room. They found his grow and he got busted and in my opinion it wouldn’t take much to just lie and say the call came through. Now they can walk through anytime, I hope the guys lawyer was smart enough to check phone records, just in case.
    If that doesn’t bother you learn about Bill C-6 which would mean some parts of the government don’t even require Search Warrants to enter your home..
    We’re giving up all our rights to feel safe in our own home.

  12. ShroomGuerilla on

    Living in the US is scary….
    Talk about fuckin paranoia.

  13. Mardy on

    I can think of no other reason other than to substantiate their existence.

  14. Pulverizer on

    Why would a store even sell a product if they disagree with its use? And why are cops focusing their attention on busting users of illegal drugs? This clogs up the legal system on useless charges while eating up resources to focus their attention on more viable areas.