20/20’s John Stossel- THE DRUG WAR

From “10 Years Later, Medical Marijuana Grower Still Being Harassed”, by John Stossel, co-anchor of ABC News 20/20

Back in 1998, for a 20/20 special titled “Sex, Drugs and Consenting Adults,” I interviewed Will Foster, who had been sentenced to 93 years in jail for growing marijuana to treat his arthritis.

After his case got attention, Foster’s sentence was reduced to 20 years, and after several years in prison he was given parole. But now he’s being hounded again, the Drug War Chronicles reports:

Although Foster settled into a law-abiding life in Northern California, picking up a new family along the way, and successfully completed what the state of California considered an adequate parole period, that wasn’t good enough for the state of Oklahoma. Upset that California officials hadn’t kept him on parole as long as they would have, Oklahoma parole officials demanded that he return to that benighted state to finish his parole. And when he, perhaps understandably, declined, [Oklahoma] issued a warrant for his arrest.

Foster has been sitting in a California prison for the last 16 months – apparently at a cost of $100,000 to taxpayers – while governor Schwarzenegger decides whether to extradite him to Oklahoma.

Why do we persecute people for a victimless crime? [ABC News]