Help Will Foster, Free Gift for Participation

With a constant barrage of global news surrounding us, we now have the power to know that there is always a crisis somewhere- a volcano shattering peoples lives, a tsunami or hurricane, man made disasters-mostly wars- and humans attempting to control nature.

We become desensitized to it, or else we couldn’t enjoy a fine meal, or go to a water park, or even enjoy lovemaking- so when someone shouts “fire!” unless you are in that crowded theater, chances are that you will take no action.

The further away a situation is, the more remote it becomes. To most of us, a disaster in India isn’t as significant as one in your hometown. For this reason the Will Foster case and Will Foster’s plight should alert all of us that we are possibly only an arrest away from a ruined life.

To tell his story briefly, Will Foster was a self-employed professional working in Tulsa, Oklahoma when he was arrested for a garden that measured less than 5 x 5 ft, or a total of less than 25 square feet. Since his gigantic garden could have supplied all of Tulsa and its suburbs, he was given a sentence of 93 years. This was later reduced to 20 years and then he was released on probation after serving 4.5 years behind bars. He came to live with me in California, and after 3 years of probation the state of California said “you’re a free man”. Oklahoma objected because they felt he should serve at least a double-digit of years more probation. As a result of this conflict, the two states are attempting to extradite him to Oklahoma. Both governors have signed the extradition warrant. After the girls in my office playing phone tag with the entire state of Oklahoma, we have deduced that Will’s fate is in the hands of Oklahoma Department of Corrections Director Justin Jones.

Will’s case is another proof of the injustice that marijuana users face everyday in the US. His case and his freedom are important as a symbol of our demand to be freed from these chains. Will needs your help and statistically, only about 3% of the people who are asked to do something like this, actually pick up a pen and do it. They figure, someone else will do it. Think of it this way, I am asking you, personally, to do this for Will. No checks, no money, just your good nature, your pen, a piece of paper and a stamp. So crude, but emails aren’t as effective as letters are to these bureaucrats.

Below is another letter, and yes, I have asked you to send quite a few, but the goal is to flood these people with public opinion: MARIJUANA IS NOT A CRIME!

If you do send a letter, please email [email protected] with your mailing address for a free gift as a token of our appreciation!

Please send this letter to:

ATT: Janielle Jenkins- California State Extradition Specialist
Office of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
State Capitol Building
Sacramento, CA 95814
Fax 916-558-3160

ATT: Justin Jones
Director, Oklahoma Department of Corrections
3400 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73111-4298
Fax: 405-425-2578
(Guess what! You can call him too if you want, his office number is easily searched online!! 405-425-2505)

William Joseph Foster, D.O.B. 9-12-1958
Oklahoma Incident # 687031 – 12-29-1995
Oklahoma Case # CF-96-49
Oklahoma Docket # 751133
Oklahoma Department of Corrections #252721
California DOC #252721

Dear California Extradition Specialist Janelle Jenkins and Oklahoma Department of Corrections Director Justin Jones,

I am writing to you out of extreme concern regarding the extradition of William Foster. Foster has an extradition hearing in Sonoma County, CA on August 4th at 1:30pm.

We are asking that you review this case on humanitarian grounds and cancel the extradition warrant against Will Foster. Foster suffers from degenerative arthritis and is being persecuted for choosing to grow a medical marijuana garden in Oklahoma. He was convicted after his 5’x 5’ marijuana garden was raided and originally sentenced to sentenced to 93 years in prison. Will was a first time non-violent offender and eventually re-sentenced to 20 years.

In 2001, after serving 4 ½ years of his 20 year sentence, he was released and as a condition of his parole was told to leave the state. He moved to Santa Rosa, California –with permission from Oklahoma- and kept monthly contact with his parole officer.

Due to administrative complications and miscommunication, Oklahoma issued a warrant for Foster and he was taken into custody in 2008. Oklahoma has now issued an extradition warrant for Foster, claiming he is a fugitive of justice, which was signed by both Governor Brad Henry and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

It is in the interest of justice and the taxpayers of both states I am requesting that Foster’s extradition be canceled. Limited resources would be more wisely spent containing violent offenders rather than extending the incarceration and prosecution of a non-violent crime.