Paulo’s UK Overgrow!!!

Hi Ed! I´m just another newcomer fed up with smoking shitty weed at high prices.

Because i believe that we can create new systems instead of fighting the old one i decided to do something instead of complaining.

I´ve built my own growing cabinnet with the help of a friend and your precious books and advice.

I got 12lovelly White Widows, 6 from DutchPassion the other 6 from my friend private strain ;), and they all look great.

Im 35 years old and weed is a part of my daily life for more than 20years now and honestly i cannot imagine my life without it.

Brings some kind of peace, stillness and vision to this fast&furious world we are living in.

I have millions of questions that i would love to ask you but i dont want to waste to much of your usefull time so i just ask the most important to me.

As a cronic back pain sufferer, and sure that it will become even worst with age, what is/are the best strains for me to grow?

Because i do a lot of creative work (writting, blogging, cooking) i dont like the couch potato effect. Is there any particular strains with a good painkiller effect without making my mind blank and lazy?

Its seems that were 2 questions after all. Sorry about that.

I´ve sent you some pics. Of my first plant, of a batch of space cakes and of my growing cabinnet (now with 2weeks flowering)

Sorry about the lousy quality but photos are not my best skill, feel free to use them as you will or bin them straight away. 😉

I will sent some more as things go along

I remenber another thing.By any chance do you sell/trade/give some of your private strains seeds?I would love to taste some of your favorites. I wouldnt mind paying in anywat you think is suitable, money is the easy solution :), and i can promise you that i would care for them with all my love!

Once again many thanks for all your work and advice. And keep the good fight!
I must confess that the fact that money was never your priority is what i most admire in you.

Just to finish at the moment i live in Suffolk, England so is a change from all those american pics 😉

Thanks for all your inspiring work!

Stay Strong&Creative”


Keep sending your overgrow pics to [email protected]!!!