Jason is Overgrowing Canada!

“Let me start by saying, thanks for all the work you’ve done over the decades – it matters, obviously. Here are some photos I, um…found on the net someplace. I hope you enjoy them.

The strains utilized are Masterkush, Purple Kush & Green Crack in a sea-of-green style of placement, with roughly 20 plants per KW of light. Simple ‘ProMix’ soilless medium in 2 gallon pots, watered (50 Gallons, at peak) with a submersible pump and a 40′ length of 3/4″ hose, once every two days…this might take an hour. Three-part General Hydroponics liquid ‘Flora’ nutrients are used at a PH of 6.3 with a room temperature of 78 degrees, courtesy of a two-fan, water-based chiller…humidity is kept at 50-60% via a dehumidifier. The overall cycle length is about ten weeks, from start to finish. Yield is a consistent, chunky, 11lbs from 8KW’s of light (without CO2), and is always well-received!”
– Jason