Free Adrienne

Adrienne’s second lawyer has also rolled over and is trying to coerce her into taking the same plea the first one offered (a year and a felony strike).

We have so much exculpatory evidence but everyone (except us and Rev Odeye) seems to be terrified of Sacramento DA Jan Scully and her goon squad. I have spent over $25,000 trying to fight this case and I feel like I have been swindled, as well as broke and exhausted. Just the Sac PD press release alone would be enough to get the case thrown out in a decent court system but not here in Hog Wallow. To them the US Constitution is just a damned piece of paper. Adrienne was actually holding the copy of the US Constitution she carried around in her purse when they took her. They threw it on the floor and stepped on it.

From Adrienne’s mother, MaryAnn

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  1. Anonymous on

    What a crap Blog. I noticed at the end how it says comments will not be posted until approved by a moderator. Go figure from a blog run by the cops. Wish I could find some of that pot Pfizer had when they claim that impairment from marijuana can last from 3 to 6 days. Like how the cops plug marinol though… wonder if Pfizer makes that. Don’t know about anyone else but I have rarely been high for longer than a couple of hours after smoking a joint but while I can remember a few days where I have woke up still feeling buzzed after a night out drinking. The cops around here have even been talking about morning ride programs because of the drunk driving people do when they get up the next day and think there ok enough to drive.

    F*ck the cops. Plant a seed and overgrow The Government. Bankrupt the Cops.