British Government Plans To Ban Legal ‘Party Drugs’

Ball-and-stick model of the γ-butyrolactone (GBL) molecule.Ball-and-stick model of the γ-butyrolactone (GBL) molecule.Two “party” drugs linked to the death of young people will be banned under plans unveiled by the Home Office.

The move will make BZP – also known as herbal ecstasy – and industrial solvent GBL, sold as a “legal high”, illegal.

The parents of Hester Stewart, 21, who died after taking GBL in Brighton last month, wrote to Home Secretary Jacqui Smith asking her to change the law.

And a coroner urged BZP to be banned after mortgage broker Daniel Backhouse, 22, died after using the drug.

The proposal would categorise BZP – which Mr Backhouse had mixed with ecstasy powder – as a Class C drug.

‘Changing environment’

Ms Smith said: “I am determined that we respond to the dangers of these drugs and that is why I have committed to controlling them.

“It is absolutely right that we continue to adapt our drug policy to the changing environment of substance misuse.
“This is the next step in tackling the unregulated market of so-called ‘legal highs’.”

BZP – made illegal in the Republic of Ireland earlier this year – would carry a UK prison term of up to two years for possession and 14 years for dealing.

The drug, originally a worming treatment for cattle, can cause serious heart problems, vomiting, anxiety attacks, mood swings and seizures.

GBL is taken as a substitute for party drug GHB, which is already outlawed.

The Home Office’s consultation paper on the drugs also includes proposals to ban some anabolic steroids, which have been linked to infertility and liver problems.

– Article from BBC News.



  1. Anonymous on

    On to the next molecule then shall we. GFU

    Man has heart attack at forty , Ronald Mcdonald to be hung next week, Burger King to be impeached , the local grocery store is set for demolition this tuesday. please send in your license application for your daily brown rice ration.

    23 year old woman gets paper cut on finger , all sources of pulp to be incinerated, all books, magazines and pamphlets should be sent to your local crematorium. Stone tables will replace the menace that is paper.

  2. TILT on

    Really why do world governemnts feel prohibition is a good move?
    I cannot get my head around why we feel we need to protect everybody. People are going to use these drugs if they want to use them. Regardless of how illegal you make them. Stop punishing people because of a few idiots/unfortunates.
    I really do despair at the incompetance and stupidity of people sometimes, not just governments but parents who feel they will be doing some good by taking young timmys one off case as a reason to ban drugs.

  3. Dave on

    Wow, two more limbs added to the gangster money tree. They sure seem to have powerful friends strategically placed within governments.

  4. Anonymous on

    I bet 10 people have died worldwide from alcohol since i read this article!

    sad to hear but can we start to take some responsibility for our actions???

  5. Anonymous on

    I bet 10 people have died worldwide from alcohol since i read this article!

    sad to hear but can we start to take some responsibility for our actions???

  6. reggaesmoker on

    So I wonder if the cattle farmers and industrial companies know their solvents and deworming medicine is now illegal?

  7. Pfarthing6 on

    WTF! The reason the so called “kids” — and I don’t consider 20-somethings kids — are doing these drugs is that they are legal and the reason they are dangerous is that they are unregulated.

    Look Mom and Pops of The World, people like to get HIGH!

    We live in a high stress, fast paced, totally neurotic world where our personal empowerment is zapped and the rush to make things better is stymied at every turn.




    If life preservation and safety are the real issues, then a good first step would be to legalize cannabis. Then at least we would have a choice between the horrors of alcohol addiction and the stigma of being a pot head.

    The next step would be to decriminalize all other drugs and use the money from enforcement to treat addicts. No, not just force them to go to stupid meetings or go to jail, actually offer them something like, oh I don’t now, jobs? psychiatric evaluation? a place to live while they heal?

    One final comment: laws that criminalize certain behavior do not inspire good behavior. It’s a total falacy that, if anyone cared to ask a sociologist or anthropologist (ie a scientist), is apparent simply be looking at any society in history.

    A great society can not built on fear, but it can be broken by it.

  8. Anonymous on

    So are they going to ban gasoline and rubbing alcohol and similar chemicals as well? Hey, you can get pretty high sniffing gasoline! When are governments going to realize that banning chemicals isn’t the solution – EDUCATION IS.

    Laws are not a replacement for good parenting and education of the world’s youth, even if it makes people feel better under the false impression that law enforcement is going to “control” chemical substances. It’s terrible policy and we already know this.

    Come on, politicians, why don’t you put your money and effort into education and compassionate, helpful programs that will take care of the PROBLEM, not Band-Aid the symptom.

    Wake up, world.