Brave New World Alert

Gil Kerlikowske, Obama’s Drug Czar, said that he wants to eliminate the accurate name of the government program “The War on Drugs”, which people really know as a war on people since its hard to put a pound of marijuana away for a year.

He says we are not at war with people in this country, but that’s what the war on drugs is all about—putting people away!! According to the Wall Street Journal, “The administration also said federal authorities would no longer raid medical marijuana dispensaries in the 13 states where voters have made medical marijuana legal. Agents had previously done so under federal law, which doesn’t provide for any exceptions to its marijuana prohibition”.

The only problem with both Kerlikowske’s statement and Gary Field’s statement in the Wall Street Journal is that they isn’t true. At Charles Lynch’s first sentencing hearing the judge asked for a statement from the Department Of Justice, regarding the new statement not to go after medical marijuana states, the written reply came back – full speed ahead on the drug war! Kerlikowske hasn’t stopped the re-jailing of Brian Eppis to serve the rest of his sentence which has been re-imposed by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Eddy Lepp was just sentenced to ten years, when the judge inquired about changes the U.S. attorney said – full speed ahead, lets remand him today!



  1. Anonymous on

    It’s funny how Obama said the drug war was a failure and he thought about decriminalizeing marijuana back in 2004 but there has nothing been in his first 100 days about it.Now Gil Kerlikowske comes out with this “Disbanding the war on drugs” philospohie and nothing has been down with it.When the hell will politicans keep their word and stay true to their roots? This is a critical time people! 10,000 people have died in Mexico as a result of the drug war and we are destin to end up in the repetition of history in 5 to 10 years.Wake up! Legalize! Regulate! Age Restrict!

  2. Anonymous on

    Had the Nazis been as devious as these smucks we’d probably all be saluting the swastika today.

  3. Mooker on

    because they KNOW the truth… it’s not about it. It’s about power and money (well… what they print atleast to others – if you know how the monetary system works in US)

    Large corporations profit in daily basis from prohibition – they don’t want to adapt (they could, but conservative looks are what keep them from changeing)

    Contry spends over 20% of its budget to defence and military? erm… Free country? 🙂 right…
    (I woun’t even go into 9/11 and such so-called war on terror)

    USA has disease of permanent war… some article was very well writen couple of days ago:

    We need next revolution in our social evolution!

  4. Cory on

    I don’t get why when even obama says no more raids on medical marijuana dispensaries and the DEA goes at it once agian right after. They still don’t get they will never win the war on drugs because marijuana is apart of this earth naturally and there are more people smoking, dealing, trafficing, Growing then the government itself. They just need to grow up and realise the truth.