Schwarzenegger to Begin Dialogue on Pot Legalization

Sometimes life is so strange that if you wrote it as fiction it would be panned as unbelievable and absurd. On second thought, it is dealing with American politics and the weirdness of that which encroaches on the vagaries of calling 1-6 on a particular throw of a die.

Just look at all the twists and turns that we have experienced in the last 3 years. Bush and cronies are heroes- oh make that criminals. Hillary is unbeatable in the primaries but Romney will win the election- oh make that Hillary lost the primaries and what’s his name ran against Obama and lost. Totally unexpected.

Schwarzenegger calling for a discussion of the legalization of marijuana bemuses me. Although Schwarzenegger was seen smoking marijuana in Pumping Iron, a movie about his career as a body builder, he still vetoed hemp, equal employee rights for medical marijuana users, and has been indifferent to the plight of the few thousand people in California prisons for marijuana.

Obama promised to change the marijuana laws, and said that yes, he inhaled because wasn’t that the point? Essentially, he wanted to get high. His experimentation with marijuana went on probably about as long as he could hide it before he was in national politics. He knows what marijuana is about. Obama’s dancing steps backward in high heels regarding the marijuana issue creates an unsightly dance.

How do you figure this? There are very few times when I am left speechless. These developments have the twists and turns of a suspense novel. It looks like unexpected people are embracing the issue and while Obama does a tap dance. It feels good to be in the majority.