Dear Norm Coleman

A couple of years ago, our mutual friend, Norman Kent, who we have both known for decades sent you a letter gently suggesting that you reexamine your position regarding marijuana.

With that letter, as you will recall, he included a picture of you as a young man. The picture depicted a young law student at Hofstra University with an Afro haircut who perhaps was just coming down from a not infrequent LSD trip. Norm suggested that since you knew that marijuana was not harmful and was even a life enhancer, that you should support medical use and support changing the laws regarding recreational use as well.

You ignored sage advice and friendship of an old friend. You are so caught up in the political image you are trying to create and what people see on the outside instead of what you are inside that you ignored him. It was at your own peril.

Norm, you lost the election. Don’t be a sore loser. Remember that song you used to sing when you had such a fascination with the Weather Underground and wished that you could be one of them. What was that song? Oh yes!

“Come senators, congressmen/ Please heed the call/ Don’t stand in the doorway/ Don’t block up the hall /For he that gets hurt/ Will be he who has stalled”

That’s it! Hey Norm, you’re stalling, get out of the hallway, get out of the hall, you’re like a clot in the artery! Still I digress, but you have to forgive me because after all I am a pothead and all these stray thoughts are always flying through my brain. When I think about you and the laughable caricature that you make of yourself and the ideals and hypocrisy I must digress, for I am a pothead with stray thoughts.

You know what I mean! You used to smoke a lot of pot!! Maybe you still do! But I will get to the point because of your ADD or ADHD or whatever that you have always exhibited when dealing with an important conversation. You know what I mean! Remember that conversation we had in the plaza at Hofstra? You know the one… you never did get the point did you? It cost you a grade. Anyway.

So now I will finally get to the point. You used the drug war to get elected. It worked for a while last election, but in this election it was the potheads that defeated you, well deserved. Well I have to go now, I am rolling up a big one here in California where medical users like myself are free to smoke all they like—it will come to your state too! And then we’ll all blow smoke in your face! Anyway see you around outside the halls of congress!