Chuck’s Overgrow Part I

Dear folks, I promised you a second installment of my horticultural grow videos. But due to problems that were truly beyond my control- depending on other people- I was not able to produce the second installment yet.

It will be coming very soon, I promise you that. Then we will be able to get started because I want everybody to have a fall harvest!

Meanwhile enjoy the picturess- when you send them put in a paragraph or 2 about what you are doing, how you are doing it, why you are doing it, what you think about laws and what you are doing to change them. Send to [email protected] .

ALSO!!! We will now be putting our BUD OF THE MONTH/GARDEN OF THE MONTH ONLINE every month here on the blog! Each month’s winner will get a signed copy of MARIJUANA GARDEN SAVER from my publishing company Quick Trading. The very stoned crew here at Quick Publishing will be the judges… and they can be bribed!!(if you can find them…!)

We love you, we are all one giant international community. We are winning. Keep up the good work!! Speak with you early next week.

And now for Chucks Overgrow… PART ONE!!!