CNN’s Marijuana Addiction

CANNABIS CULTURE – Despite what some critics might call a long history of ‘Just Saying No!’ to discussing the drug war in honest and rational terms, CNN seems to be showing symptoms of marijuana addiction.

Over the past few weeks, America’s Cable News Network hasn’t been able to keep pot off its lips, incessantly discussing legalization, the failed drug war in Mexico, hemp laws, and medical marijuana.

CNN hosts have brought on pot-friendly guests, including Jeffrey Miron, Harvard professor and author of Drug War Crimes, and Terry Nelson of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, who both advocate legalizing marijuana.

Just this week, the network has sparked discussions of pot at least four times. On Tuesday’s American Morning, host Kiran Chetry discussed “America’s insatiable appetite for drugs” showing a CNN poll where 90% of respondends voted yes to legalizing pot.

Later on the program, she quoted a 2007 statistic showing that “an American was arrested every 38 seconds for violating marinjuana laws,” and talked about the increasingly violent drug war in Mexico.

Then she brought on Congressman and legalization advocate Ron Paul, whose recently co-sponsored a bill to legalize industrial hemp. Paul has been on numerous times in recent weeks.

Then on Wednesday, Chetry again addressed the subject in her continuing ‘Drug Nation’ segment, speaking to a marijuana user about legaliziation.

But the networks chronic obsession doesn’t stop there. Many CNN staffers are getting in on the sessions, from newbie D.L. Hugley to oldies Larry King and Jack Cafferty.

Other networks have also loosened up lately, like CNBC, which hosted lively discussions with prohibiton-reform activists, and ABC’s Al Roker highlighted the billion-dollar pot industry in “Marijuana Inc.,” but none as weed-welcoming as CNN.

Though America’s new leadership seems to be addicted to the same old hard-on-crime policies, it seems that one of the giants of Amercian mainstream media may be moving on to something softer.



  1. cutter on

    CNN realizes that there is high interest and traffic concerning cannabis. Kiran C. has always been a good person to watch in mornings as she never has a judgmental attitude. In fact she seems to be pro pot with all her smiles and really great questions. As for Dobbs he’s just a old timer hanging on and I hope he retires soon! I also like them bringing Ron Paul on every now to share why prohibition is so stupid.

    What you think Canadians? Are we still looking really dumb or is there some hope for us?

  2. philosothink on

    Wonder what they would do if the various state and US treasuries began receiving checks every month, with Voluntary Marijuana Tax written in the memo. By the millions.

    Would they hear us then? What if we sent $4.20 to our state and $4.20 to the fed, each month, for every ounce we smoked. What would they do with all the checks? Wouldn’t it be illegal to destroy them or to not cash them? Would they have to send them back I wonder?

    Just a thought

  3. Anonymous on

    Well, for my part I sent the president an email, as I do every time there is a ‘new’ one regarding my opinion in general. This time it was about pot. Clearly this week CNN is on a freakin crusade about addiction. And pot is being held up as a lynchpin to ‘hard drug’ abuse etc. If you can’t see the man behind the curtain in this one ppl look a little deeper. It’s unfortunate because the campaign seems to have come from ‘ok the mexican drug war is bad, mmmk?’ and the staple or bulk of drugs coming across the border is marijuana. So potheads, again, are being likened to terrorists and putting us$ in the hands of those who would kill whole villages and such because it’s not the heroin and speed and cocaine and x but the pot that is to blame. So what are you gonna do? Thanks for letting me share.


  4. Bradson on

    I watched a segment on Lou Dobbs last night. Kitty Pilgrim conducted an interview with three pundits about the Mexican drug violence and what to do about it. The option of legalization, or the possibility that prohibition was contributing to the situation, never came up. Lou Dobbs and his associates remain holdouts in the CNN stable when it comes to the drug war.

    A short while later, on CNBC, there was a panel discussion that included Bruce Mirken, a former deputy drug czar, and 3-4 of the financial folks. It was all too brief, but the drug warrior was rebuked by all of them for his antiquated and weird statements, like: “Legalization means that 3 and 6-year-olds will then have free access to marijuana.” He was hilarious…and he resembled Lou Dobbs, oddly enough.

  5. JackGrabit on

    Ted Turner for President!

  6. Anonymous on

    Turner owns CNN, TNT, TBS…and is a major stoner…what do you think he does with all that land out west?

  7. M on

    I guess if CNN is the only news channel that wants to cover what I want to hear , than CNN is the only news channel that I am going to watch

    we need to boycott anything that does not support us, let CNN get the higher ratings and see if the other news whores realize they’re on the wrong side